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My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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What Do Trout Eat

Throughout North America you will find many species of trout. They are a diverse and desirable fish to catch. There are also many subspecies that are popular, like steelhead. There are fish like char that are genetically similar but not true trout. For anglers who enjoy trout, there’s always something nearby no matter where you…

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Types of Trout

Trout fishing in North America is practically an art form. Trout are abundant across the continent. There are many types of trout that you’ll find from coast to coast. Some are obviously more popular than others. Many of them tend to live in the same bodies of water and look very similar to one another….

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What Do Catfish Eat?

There is a reason that so many catfish anglers argue about the best bait to use. There are numerous kinds of bait that work very well to catch catfish. Some anglers swear by stink baits and dip baits. Some believe live catfish bait like fish and night crawlers are the best. Others would prefer cut…

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How to Hold a Catfish

  Handling catfish is a unique issue among anglers. Many people are convinced handling catfish can be dangerous. There is a long-standing myth that catfish have catfish stingers. The whiskers on a catfish’s face are thought to be poisonous. The fact is, this is not true. Catfish do not have the ability to sting. But…

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How to Fish for Catfish

Fishing for catfish is not like fishing for other fish. You can use many of the same techniques, but they’re not always the best. If you are serious about catching catfish, you need to put in the time and effort. That means understanding the best techniques and using the best gear. That doesn’t mean you…

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Best Catfish Reels

Serious catfish anglers need to match the best rod to the best catfishing reel. You have a lot of reel choices when assembling your rig. Your choice in catfish reels will change depending on your needs. It also depends on your skill level and budget. With the proper reel, catching catfish could be so much…

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The 10 Best Homemade Catfish Bait Recipes

When it comes to catfish fishing, many anglers have some very intense opinions about bait. More than any other kind of fishing, catfish fishing will bring out arguments from everyone. Arguments about what’s best for catching the most or the biggest catfish. While many kinds of baits are effective, some anglers swear by homemade bait….

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Best Catfish Rigs

You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a catfish rig to catch catfish. The thing you need to know foremost is that, as important as any rigs may be, bait is essential for catching the best catfish. The catfish baits you use is always more important than the rig, but the…

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Best Catfish Rods 2020

You could use any rod to go fishing for catfish. But there are benefits to rods specifically for catfishing. You may have noticed that the handles of catfish specific rods are longer than normal rods. This is to allow for greater leverage. Many big catfish require you to wrestle them up from the bottom. You…

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Types of Catfish

North America is home to well over 30 catfish species. Many of the catfish species in North America are in isolated areas or small populations. Anglers call the most popular catfish species The Big Three. The Big Three include blue catfish, flathead catfish, and channel catfish. The Big Three are the catfish species most anglers…

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Best Hooks for Catfish

Fishing for catfish requires special gear. You could try to use any old hook to catch catfish but it may not work. Catfish have thicker, tougher mouths than most fish. This, combined with their size and strength, means you couldn’t need specialized hooks. There are several options to choose from. The best choice will depend…

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tek frontier

10 Best Tackle Boxes of 2020

A reliable tackle box is an essential piece of gear for any fishing trip. You need a spacious and efficient tackle box to carry and organize all your hardware, tools, and lures. Being organized will ensure an enjoyable fishing trip. When you’re out on the water you have to expect the unexpected. From snags to…

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chicken liver

Best Bait for Catching Catfish

Choosing the best catfish baits requires knowing what catfish you’re fishing for and what that species enjoys most. When you’re looking for one of the big three; blue catfish, channel catfish, or flathead catfish, you must tailor your catfish baits appropriately. For some anglers there are no wrong catfish baits. For others, something as weird…

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blue catfish

The Best Time to Fish for Catfish

Asking when is the best time to catch catfish can be a difficult question to answer. To start with, what kind of catfish do you mean? There are over 3,000 species of them in the world, in 40 different families. That’s a lot of fish so you need to narrow down exactly what you mean….

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Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket

Best Rain Gear for Fishing 2020 (Review and Buying Guide)

Fishing is not a hobby for people who want to stay dry. That being said, there’s no reason to get soaked if you don’t have to. There’s plenty of raingear for fishing on the market that won’t hinder your movement but will keep you dry in either a little drizzle or even the most torrential…

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Stanley Adventure Base 4X Camp Cook Set

Best Camping Cookware of 2020 (Review And Buying Guide)

Serious campers are going to build a serious hunger. When you’re roughing it you need to make sure you’re taking in adequate calories to keep going and while you could eat pre-packaged the whole time, a hot meal really hits the spot. Plus, there’s something about a meal you cooked while camping that just tastes…

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zacx fishing pliers

Ranking the Best Fishing Pliers on the Market

Anyone who’s gone fishing and forgotten their pliers at home knows firsthand just how invaluable these seemingly simple tools can be. As with any key item in your tackle box, quality is absolutely integral to a good experience. You could go with a cheap pair of pliers you found at the local dollar store, but…

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stacken essentials

Ranking the Best Boat Cookware on the Market

When you are doing duty as a galley chef you know that space is at a premium. The quality of your cookware really comes into play in ways that you might not even think of when you’re boiling a pot of water or frying up an egg on solid ground. Galley cookware needs to be…

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The 3 Best Bilge Cleaners 2020

The bilge on a boat is one of the least respected parts of the craft, despite its importance. As boat owners, we know that we need to clean it regularly, but it happens much less frequently than it should. Consider that if the bilge pump stops working you risk sinking. It makes sense to keep…

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