Kisses Yacht was built by yacht shipbuilders Feadship in the year 2000. The naval architecture comes from De Voogt naval architects, and the interior design is thanks to George Larson and Robert Knack. The eStudio De Voogt handled exterior design.

While the Kisses Yacht was the launch name of the yacht, it’s undergone a couple of changes in the last few years. It had a name change to become Alfa III some years ago, but then it underwent another name change and is currently known as the Mayan Queen. This information doesn’t jive with all the photos we’ve seen. As you can imagine, this yacht is a bit hard to pin down.

Several websites dispute the vessel’s naming, but the information we have regarding the ship’s first, past, and current names comes directly from Feadship. If something is incorrect regarding the actual name, they seem like the most accurate source. Some say she was previously named Mayan Queen, and the yacht owner was Alberto Bailleres, but his Mayan Queen is a 306-foot yacht built by Blohm and Voss and is not the same vessel.

Kisses features a steel hull; the superstructure is aluminum, while the decks are teak. 

Who is the Kisses Yacht Owner?

Kisses is owned by Norman Braman, the founder of Braman Motorcars and the one-time owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Braman’s net worth is believed to be around $3 billion. He made his fortune with a vast empire of auto dealerships in Florida that sold high-end luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Cadillac, amongst many others. 

How Big is the Kisses Yacht?

The motor yacht Kisses qualifies as a superyacht at 175′ 3″ though it’s a reasonable distance from the biggest yachts in the world, like Azzam or even Jeff Bezos’ yacht Koru. Other detailed yacht specifications mention a 32′ beam and a draft of 10 feet. Regarding displacement, Kisses has a gross tonnage of 751 GT, which is pretty light overall for a vessel of this size.

How Much Did the Kisses Yacht Cost?

It’s been reported that Kisses cost about $35 million, which was what it was offered when they placed the yacht for sale back in 2012. There is also an estimated $3 million yearly operating cost for the yacht to cover expenses such as fuel and crew salaries and various taxes and fees.

Burgess Central Agency bought Kisses in 2016 when the price had dropped to $24,900,000.

Can You Charter the Kisses Yacht?

At this time, Kisses is not available for yacht charter.

How Fast is the Kisses Yacht and What Engines Does it Use?

Kisses is powered by twin Caterpillar 3512 E-DI-TA engines producing 1360 bhp at 1600 rpm. She can achieve a top speed of 15 knots with a cruising speed of 12 knots. Her range is more than 4,000nm thanks to the 77,400-liter fuel capacity. 

What’s the Interior of the Motor Yacht Kisses Like?

The yacht is designed to be manned by a crew of 12. There is some disagreement over how many guests it can accommodate, however. Many sites list ten, while Feadship says 14, and others split the difference at 12. There are five cabins, however, so it would seem off for there to be room for 14 in that space unless some are bigger than you’d expect on a vessel of this size. The information available suggests that there are four double cabins and one twin.

The interior design of the yacht is elegant and straightforward. There is no color scheme or theme across the entire yacht; each room is decorated to create a certain feeling. You’ll find soft earth tones and gold accents in one room, while another may be white offset with marble and silver. It all depends on the mood each room tries to create for guests.

Features and Amenities

There is surprisingly little information about the features available on board this luxury yacht. What can be seen in photos, however, includes large sundeck areas for sunbathing as well as a large Jacuzzi on the aft deck. This is located just beyond the indoor/outdoor bar, which offers a refreshment area for guests between the pool and a lounge area to socialize or dine casually.

Elsewhere onboard, you’ll find some more elegant gathering spaces, including another lounge area with a mirrored ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows giving the impression of almost being inside your fishbowl with all the light and glass surfaces around. 

The mirror ceilings are a theme throughout the vessel, and you’ll find the same in the formal dining area, which offers room for ten guests, and even in a salon/library area where guests can relax to socialize or read.

The yacht features sloped windows in the central and upper salon, which offer 180-degree views. The interior is art-deco inspired throughout. 

The Bottom Line

Billionaire Norman Braman originally owned the yacht known as Kisses. The ship was built by Feadship in 2000, and while it was put up for sale in 2012 at $35 million, it was purchased again by the Burgess yacht fleet in 2016 for just under $25 million.

The yacht is just over 175 feet long and offers accommodations for as many as ten guests in 5 cabins and 12 crew. Not much is known about the amenities on board the yacht or anything like water toys, but it was decorated in an art-deco style and features many sun pads on deck and a Jacuzzi tub for relaxation. Twin Caterpillar engines power her with a maximum speed of 15 knots.