Castable portable fish finder

Best Portable Fish Finder of 2019: Review and Buying Guide

Fishing has a lot to do with patience. But there’s only so long you can wait for fish to bite, especially if you went through the trouble of driving all the way to a lake. A portable fish finder takes the guessing game out of fishing. You can spend more time fishing and less just…

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Conversion for meters, feet and fathoms

Conversion for meters, feet and fathoms – Given Meters, Compute Feet and Fathoms Meters: Results: Feet: Fathoms: Given Feet, Compute Meters and Fathoms: Feet: Meters: Fathoms: Given Fathoms, Compute the Meters and Feet: Fathoms: Meters: Feet:

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Convert Nautical Miles to Statute Miles: Nautical Miles: Statute Miles: Convert Statute Miles to Nautical Miles: Statute Miles: Nautical Miles:

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Speed, Time, Distance Calculations

Time Conversion Enter Time (24 hour=2230) Hr Min Enter End Time: Enter Start Time: Converting to Decimal: Elapsed Time: Speed, Time and Distance Given Two Values, Compute the Third: Speed in knots: Elapsed time (decimal): Distance in nautical miles:

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Given the Scale, Compute Nautical Miles, Statute Miles and Feet Scale: 1: Results: Nautical Miles Per Inch: Statute Miles Per Inch: Inches Per Nautical Mile: Inches Per Statute Mile: Feet Per Inch:

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Distance to the Horizon

Given the Height of Eye, Compute the Distance to the Horizon Height of eye (specify units): (Decimal) feet meters Distance to the Horizon: (Nautical Miles) (Statute Miles)

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