Conversion for meters, feet and fathoms


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Nautical And Statute Mile Calculator And Conversions

Statute Miles vs. Nautical Miles How to convert nautical miles to miles and miles to nautical miles: A statute mile is 5,280 feet in length. A nautical mile is 6,076.11549… feet in length.   To convert from statute to nautical miles a factor of 1.15 is generally used, even though it is not precise. (5,280…

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Speed, Time, Distance Calculations

Time Conversion Enter Time (24 hour=2230) Hr Min Enter End Time: Enter Start Time: Converting to Decimal: Elapsed Time: Speed, Time and Distance Given Two Values, Compute the Third: Speed in knots: Elapsed time (decimal): Distance in nautical miles:

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A nautical chart is far more in depth than a standard map. Nautical charts contain a lot of useful information. A typical map may just show you the distance from one place to another. Nautical maps and charts use NOAA data to show much more than distance. Whether they’re paper charts or electronic, they offer…

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