Best Two-Way Radios of 2024 Reviewed

Two-way radios or walkie talkies have come a long way. When you were a kid, they were just goofy toys. But modern walkie talkies have a lot to offer. With compact design and easy voice controls, walkie talkies are incredibly useful. So what’s going to be the best way to stay connected when you’re hiking…

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The Best Survival Kit

9 Best Survival Kits of 2024

Most people don’t plan on being caught in survival situations. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us to decide if, where, and when emergencies happen. Because of this, it’s always best to be ready for such an emergency. You can prepare yourself mentally, but there are also physical steps that you can take to prepare for…

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Best Rain Suits of 2024: Review and Buying Guide

A rainy day is not a sentence to stay indoors. You can still do your favorite outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, cycling, fishing, running, gardening, or hiking as long as you have a good rain suit. There is a wide range available on the market. While some are versatile and can be used for…

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Best Underwater Scooter

Best Underwater Scooters of 2024

In this article, we’re checking out one of the coolest aqua gadgets in the world – the underwater scooter. Have you ever dreamed of jetting around underwater like a dolphin? Well, that’s a very specific dream, but it’s possible! An underwater scooter is a handheld tool that helps you propel you through the water with…

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Is the Olight Warrior The Best Tactical Flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight of 2024 (Review and Buying Guide)

Military, law enforcement, and first responders will use nothing less than the best tactical flashlight available. A substandard light source can put lives at risk or compromise an operation, and that’s why you should always buy the best tool for the job. Unlike regular flashlights, tactical models are designed for use in serious situations, and…

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Top 6 Best Night Vision Monocular for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are night vision goggles, night vision driving glasses, and then there is the night vision monocular. While opinions are divided as to which one is best, the most practical course of action would be to listen to people whose profession calls for the use of all three and find out which they think is…

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The Best Boat Engine Degreasers

Any engine is going to build up grease over time. Whether it’s a car, a truck, or a boat. Too much of a greasy buildup can be a danger. With an engine operating at high temperatures, there is a potential risk for fire and smoke. These are incredibly dangerous to experience on a boat. For…

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The Best Trolling Motor Battery: Our Top Picks and Ultimate Guide

Let’s face it. Nothing ruins a day of exhilarating fishing faster than a dead trolling motor battery. After all, fishing gear revolves around performance. So, gear that doesn’t thrive in its designated role needs replacement. A trolling motor battery is no exception. While finding an excellent product isn’t rocket science, there are a few details…

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The 10 Best Dive Computers Every Underwater Junkie Should Own

Exploring the underwater world is exhilarating, and those who have tried it once typically go back for more. It, therefore, comes as no surprise, then, that scuba dive is soaring in popularity each year. While it’s a thrilling experience, it’s in an unknown area. So, it’s essential to take safety precautions, such as investing in…

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Best Inflatable Dinghies of 2024 Reviewed

A traditional boat is priceless to anglers and boaters, but it comes with the problem of finding suitable storage and trailer. This translates to increased costs that might not be too appealing for some intending boaters. Thankfully, an inflatable dinghy offers all the functions of a traditional boat plus convenience, high performance, ease of use,…

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PRG Defense Apache NVG

Best Night Vision Goggles of 2024 (Review and Buying Guide)

Selecting the best night vision goggles on the market is no easy task. Prices range from $150 right the up to over $10,000! These devices have very different capabilities and depending on your expectations, they all have the ability to impress you or disappoint you. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of…

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Choosing the Optimal Kayak Length – Height Chart Included

Does size matter? The age-old question indeed. Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding hobbies you can take up. It is borderline addictive, whether you want to do it for leisure, fishing, or touring, relaxing weekends with family and friends spent out on the lake, or to get your adrenaline pumping when battling…

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How to Choose a Kayak – Buying Guide

Kayaking is a great sport. It is a low impact activity with a wide range of benefits for your cardiovascular health, fitness level, muscle strength – particularly in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back – and your overall flexibility. It is not only great for your physical health; it works wonders for your mental and…

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The 10 Best Kayaks of 2024 – Your Complete Guide

Before you go off and buy the next kayak you come across, the two questions you first need to ask are: What do I envision myself doing in the kayak? And how much am I willing to spend on it? Here’s why. If you’re looking for something to use a couple of times during the…

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How to Choose a Kayak Paddle – Pro Tips

To get the most out of your kayaking experience, ensure that you have the right paddle for the job. It doesn’t matter how great of a kayak you have. If you’re using the wrong paddle with it, then performance will be affected either way. If it’s too short, your hands will keep hitting the sides…

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10 Best Kayak Roof Racks for Travel

If you own a kayak – the non-inflatable variety – then you need a way to get it from your home to the water and back. Now, unless you have a kayak trailer to tow your boat, the next best option is to get a roof rack for your vehicle. It’s the only logical alternative…

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Types of Kayaks – Recommendations and Buying Guide

There’s no better feeling in the world than spending a fun day kayaking with family and friends. But, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need convincing. So, let’s cut to the chase and talk about why you’re here. You’ve decided to join the elite community of kayak owners, but aren’t quite sure which one…

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The Best Pirate Movies Of All Time

The 24 Best Pirate Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Pirate movies have been a staple of film since the silent era. Alongside Westerns, pirate movies were one of the most popular genres through the Golden Age of Hollywood, and then they fell by the wayside. Though the genre never truly died, it wasn’t until Pirates of the Caribbean that it was invigorated again, and…

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Navis Marine Coastal Sailing Jacket

Best Rain Gear for Fishing 2024 (Review and Buying Guide)

Fishing is not a hobby for people who want to stay dry. That being said, there’s no reason to get soaked if you don’t have to. There’s plenty of raingear for fishing on the market that won’t hinder your movement but will keep you dry in either a little drizzle or even the most torrential…

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Best Dry Sacks

Best Dry Bag of 2024 (Review and Buying Guide)

A dry bag is an essential piece of equipment for boaters, kayakers, fishermen, and other water sports enthusiasts. These handy packs can keep your gear dry, even if your bag goes overboard. Since they’re completely waterproof, many outdoors enthusiasts use dry bags to keep their important belongings safe and secure. If you’re traveling with sensitive…

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stacken essentials

Ranking the Best Boat Cookware on the Market

When you are doing duty as a galley chef you know that space is at a premium. The quality of your cookware really comes into play in ways that you might not even think of when you’re boiling a pot of water or frying up an egg on solid ground. Galley cookware needs to be…

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Lowrance Elite-7X Chirp Fishfinder

Best Fish Finder of 2024 (Review and Buying Guide)

If you’re having trouble getting fish to bite then you might benefit from using a fish finder. While the idea of using technology to help land a catch might not be as romantic as the traditional image of a lone angler testing their patience in a battle of wits against an underwater foe, it certainly…

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Atach Boat Speedometer

Ranking The Best Boat Speedometer On The Market

A boat speedometer should be an essential feature of any vessel’s dashboard. There are plenty of reasons to have one installed, but the most obvious one is to accurately gauge and display your speed. Knowing how fast you’re traveling can help you plan a journey, estimate the length of time a trip will take, help…

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Ranking The Best Marine Oil On The Market

If you want your boat’s engine to enjoy a long and productive life, you need to treat it with nothing less than the best marine oil that you can buy. Since your boat’s engine is the most important part of the vessel (aside from the hull, of course), it needs to be well taken care…

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Manual Boat Winch

Ranking The Best Boat Trailer Winch On The Market

A boat winch might not be the most advanced or complicated marine device that you own, but it’s easily one of the most important. Getting your boat in and out of the water and loaded onto a trailer is no easy task, but with a properly installed boat trailer winch, the task becomes quicker, and…

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Marine Amplifier

Ranking The Best Marine Amplifier On The Market

If you’re serious about music and want a real sound system on board, then you’re going to need a marine amplifier. A good sound system on a boat needs the power to be played loud, and it needs to be able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, and that’s why you’ll want noting…

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Brown Boat Shoes

Ranking The Best Boat Shoes On The Market

Owning a boat doesn’t require you to wear boat shoes, but if you’re going to get into the spirit of things, you might as well dive in head—or foot—first. Boat shoes have become an essential fashion accessory over the last few years, and for good reason. They’re stylish, comfortable, and incredibly practical, and those are…

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Boss Marine Speakers

Ranking The Best Marine Speakers On The Market

The right set of marine speakers can really enhance your boating experience. A good sound system will make your day out on the water even more enjoyable. Whether you’re driving a car, or piloting a boat, everything is better with music. And while most modern boats come equipped with a marine sound system as standard,…

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Ranking The Best Boat Cleaning Products On The Market

If you want to keep your boat in ship shape condition then you should invest in a dedicated boat cleaner product. These cleaning products are specially formulated to thoroughly clean your boat’s hull and other exposed sections, without causing any damage, and removing potentially harmful dirt and debris at the same time. Since boat hulls…

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Boat Mirror

Ranking The Best Boat Mirrors On The Market

A boat mirror isn’t one of the most obvious accessories out there. Unlike cars, motorcycles, and many other vehicles, most boats aren’t required to have any side or rear-view mirrors. Just because they’re not necessary doesn’t mean that they’re not useful, and we recommend investing in an aftermarket mirror to enhance your boating experience! If…

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