The yacht Solandge was built in 2013 by the German shipyard Lurssen. The exterior design of the yacht was handled by Espen Øino International and the interior design was done by Rodriguez Interiors along with Dolker and Voges.

The yacht features a steel hull over an aluminum superstructure, as well as teak decks. The yacht is designed for fun in elegant surroundings and features numerous high tech features as well as opulent luxuries.

Who Owns the Yacht Solandge

Lurssen built Solandge for Russian billionaire Alexander Girda originally. After Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz al Saud was named Crown Prince he received Solandge as a gift, though he is now second in line for the throne. As a member of the house of Saud he’s believed to have a staggeringly high family fortune that’s in the neighborhood of about $1.4 trillion.

How Big is the Solandge Yacht?

At 279 feet in length, the Solandge is a good sized yacht and certainly qualifies as what many would call a superyacht. That said, it’s still not one of those 500+ feet megayachts like the massive Azzam

The beam of the vessel is just over 45 feet while the draft is nearly 13 feet. The Solandge weighs in at an impressive 2,899 GT.

How Much Did the Solandge Yacht Cost?

When it was delivered in 2013, the Prince paid $150 million for the yacht. It’s also rumored to have an annual running cost of $15 million which covers things like fuel costs, taxes and fees, as well as salaries for the crew that it takes to keep the vessel running all year.

Some sources have boosted the price of the yacht in their reporting to $174 million and even $200 million. That said, most primary sources for yacht news have kept the $150 million figure. That makes it considerably cheaper than something like Jeff Bezos’ $500 million yacht.

Is the Solandge Available as a Yacht Charter?

Not every superyacht is available for charter but the Solandge actually is. This makes it actually one of the most luxurious charter yachts available right now. A lot of yacht owners allow their yachts to be chartered because it gives them a bit of a break on taxes in many countries. In addition, a chartered yacht goes for a lot of money and, as we saw, the annual running costs are high. The charter is able to cut those fees down considerably so the owner has a lot less to pay every year.

In the case of Solandge, her charter fees start at $1.1 million per week, not including expenses. This cost may go up depending on demand and availability over the course of the year. 

How Fast is the Motor Yacht Solandge and What Kind of Engines Does it Use?

Solandge runs on 2 Caterpillar diesel engines that put out 2,660 horsepower. She’s able to reach a top speed of 17.5 knots with a cruising speed of 15 knots. The yacht carries 222,000 liters of fuel on board which give her a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

What’s the Interior of the Solandge Like?

The interior design of the Solandge makes use of a lot of elegant and luxurious materials like marble, granite and as many as 33 exotic and decorative woods. Twelve guests can be accommodated across 8 rooms. This includes one Master suite, one VIP cabin, 3 Double cabins 2 Double/Twin cabins and one final Twin cabin. There’s also room for a crew of 29 as well.

The Master suite is found on the private owner’s deck which has been designed to take advantage of huge 180-degree panoramic views from the windows. The boat was actually designed with lowered bulwarks to ensure the best possible views of the ocean from any location. There is also a private dressing room along his and hers bathrooms for those hotel-like creature comforts. In addition, guests in the Master suite have access to a private deck with a spa pool.

Besides the Master, the VIP is a multi-functional full-beam suite. If need be, it can be converted into two separate cabins or even a further two doubles and two twin cabins if there are extra guests.

Rooms are all decorated with unique color schemes and esthetics and feature items like hand-picked Italian furniture to add to both comfort and elegance for the guests on board. 

Beyond the decorative styles and room features there are, of course, a host of amenities on board to enjoy. 

Features and Amenities

Because the Solandge is available for charter, the features and amenities on board go all out to offer a memorable, comfortable and fun experience for anyone choosing to stay on board. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable features. 

  • A jet stream swimming pool that can be found on the bridge deck
  • A chromotherapy spa which is something that uses colored light to promote health.
  • A massive elevator with room for 9 guests at a time
  • Soladge features a zero speed stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and allows for a remarkably smooth voyage.
  • A helipad for getting on or off the yacht in a hurry when it’s underway
  • A Hammam spa which includes a steam room and massage room. Several of the vessel’s numerous crew work full time in these fully equipped health spa areas.
  • The sundeck features a removable dance floor and space for a DJ set up
  • There are a pair of hot tubs on board
  • Though the vessel only has six decks, one of them is home to a large and also remarkably expensive wine cellar
  • Several bars to ensure everyone stays refreshed
  • A karaoke machine
  • A large traditional beach club on the upper deck features tons of space and even a rainforest shower
  • The tender garage features touch screen panels that let you know both water temperature and wind speed so you can pick the ideal toys when you head out on the water to have some fun
  • Several al fresco dining areas
  • There’s a well-equipped gym for those looking to start the day with a workout
  • A large indoor movie theater
  • The main salon includes a bar, a games room, and lounge areas
  • There’s a massive 50-foot lighted sculpture called the Tree of Life in the atrium. It extends from the tank deck to the upper deck and was made with a stunning 1,423 different points of light


Obviously the Solandge has a garage full of toys for charter guests to enjoy that goes well beyond what most other yachts have to offer. 

  • In addition to normal scuba gear there’s also an on-board PADI certified professionals and a dive compressor available.
  • Three 2-seat Yamaha VXR Waverunners
  • Three Seabobs
  • A pair of surfboards
  • Three inflatable kayaks
  • A stand up super Jetski
  • Five wakeboards
  • 6 stand up paddle boards
  • Tons of fishing gear
  • A wide array of inner tubes and other towable toys
  • A 36 foot Fjord Tender with a pair of 300 HP engines
  • A 33 foot Naiad Tender with the same engines
  • A 24 foot Centurion Watersport Tender
  • A 21 foot rescue boat

The Bottom Line

Solandge is a massive 279 foot yacht that is owned by Saudi Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz al Saud, though the original owner was a Russian billionaire. It was built by German shipyard Lurssen back in 2013 and came at a price of $150 million with an annual running cost of about $15 million. The vessel has a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of about 18 knots.

The Solandge is currently available for charter at a cost of around $1.1 million per week. It has room for 12 guests on board and also a stunning array of features and toys that make it stand out from most other yachts of a similar size.