Fishing in sun hat

5 Best Sun Hats for Men in 2022

Spending time outdoors is important, but it exposes you to dangerous rays from the sun that can cause cancer, damage the skin, or lead to premature aging. Statistics from the Skin Cancer Foundation indicates that no fewer than two people die of skin cancer in the United States per hour. Thankfully, wearing a hat is…

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Best Solar Watches of 2022

A fashionable watch has been a well-loved accessory for decades upon decades. Advances in technology have seen some interesting evolutions in watches, allowing for both new looks and new technologies to power them. Though most watches are traditionally powered by a battery that needs replacing, evolutions in solar technology have seen a rise in watch…

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How Set Up a Beach Umbrella in the Sand

Getting a beach umbrella in the sand is easy, right? That’s what everyone thinks before they have to do it. But don’t kid yourself, setting up a beach umbrella is not a simple one and done. And don’t feel embarrassed if you have trouble with it, either. This is a major problem for a lot…

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Reviewing The 8 Best Beach Umbrellas

A beach trip can take a lot of preparation. If you’re already hauling a beach cooler and some beach chairs, you want an easy to use umbrella. You don’t want a big, hard to move and heavy thing causing trouble. Or, even worse, flying away in the breeze. Let’s take a look at the best…

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How to Paddle Board: SUP Beginners Guide

So you want to try stand up paddle boarding. It’s a lot of fun and once you get into it you’re going to love it. But it can seem intimidating at first. And, if you tried it once and things didn’t go well, that can be a turn off. But no doubt you’ve seen a…

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8 Best Swim Trunks for Men

Finding a good pair of swim trunks can be harder than it seems. At first, you just want something to wear in the water. Say you want to hop in for a dip off the bass boat. But you want them to not be too heavy, right? No one likes their shorts dragged down in…

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Reviewing The 8 Best Sandals For Men

When it comes to comfort and versatility in the warm weather, it’s hard to beat sandals. You can have the option of simple slides or flip flops but they’re not really the same. The support and comfort of a sandal is what makes them a standout. The best men’s sandals are going to look good…

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Reviewing The Best Beach Chairs of 2022

Choosing the right beach chair involves a little homework. It depends a lot on what you like to do at the beach. If you want to stretch out and catch a nap under the sun. If you need a place to store a ton of gear, Or if you just want a place to catch…

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15 Best Sunscreens for 2022

In this day and age you need to wear sunscreen. Harmful UV rays are a danger to us all, with sensitive skin or otherwise. You need a solid sun protection factor to help block harmful UVA rays and UVB rays. Otherwise you risk sunburn and skin cancer. There are many types of sunscreen available to…

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What Size Paddle Board Do I Need?

If you’ve finally come around to paddle boarding you’ll need to pick the right board. Like any sport, the right gear goes a long way to making it more fun for you. Or maybe you’re just into it for the great workout. Whatever it is, if you’ve tried a few boards you may have noticed…

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Ranking The Best Tanning Oils of 2022

Tanning oils have come a long way. Once upon a time people might run some sunflower seed oil or baby oil on their skin and head to the beach. Once we learned about the harmful effects of UV rays, the industry changed. That didn’t make tanning oils go away, though. Choosing the best tanning oil…

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13 Best Beach Tents and Canopies of 2022 Reviewed

You’re at the beach, you need coverage. You need a beach tent or a beach canopy. Nothing can spoil a good time faster than a brutal sunburn. Likewise, an unexpected wind is a problem worth avoiding. And sometimes you just want privacy without other people eyeballing you. Let’s check out the best beach tents and…

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Ranking The Best Collapsible Water Bottles of 2022

You know you need to stay hydrated when you’re out for the day. Boating, fishing, hiking, you’re going to need water. But sometimes a standard water bottle takes up too much space, right? And you don’t need a full survival kit here. If you’ve decided a collapsible water bottle is what you need, check out…

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10 Best Swim Goggles of 2022 Reviewed

Whether you’re using an indoor pool for a swimming workout or prepping for the next triathlon season and heading to open water, the one thing you can’t do without is your swim goggles. Swim goggles not only protect your eyes from irritants like saltwater and chlorine but also allow you to have enhanced vision under…

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5 Best Water Socks

Rating The 5 Best Water Socks of 2022

Whether you engage in aquatic activities for recreation, fishing, hobbies, or sports, safety and comfort should always be on top of your priority list. Reliable gear and equipment are some of the things you should look into when you plan your upcoming water activities. With that being said, having the right footwear is just as…

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Best Shampoo for Swimmers in 2021

Rating The 7 Best Shampoos for Swimmers

Swimming is a great way to get a workout. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational swimmer, the pool is a great place to relax. However, staying in the swimming pool for long durations can leave your hair dry and brittle. Your hair may even have a weird smell and damage easily after…

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Turtle Town

Best Snorkeling in Maui: Can’t Miss Snorkeling Spots

You’ve never known snorkeling until you’ve been to Maui. From the world-famous lava rock at the northern end of Kaanapali Beach to Molokini’s little islet, there are no words to describe how breathtaking these snorkeling sites are. Being able to experience these beautiful, crystal-clear, blue waters is reason enough to hop on the next flight…

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Best Pop up Canopy Tents

Reviewing The Best Pop-Up Canopies of 2022

Going up into the mountains or driving to the beach for a day picnic? Having a pop up canopy tent is the best thing as it protects against unpredictable weather elements like wind and rain. These portable protectors are available in various sizes and offer different features like sidewalls, mosquito nets, and wheels for added…

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RTIC vs YETI Coolers Comparison

RTIC vs YETI: Battle Of The Coolers

Outdoor activities during the weekend are fun. Whether it’s a camping trip, tailgating, a day at the beach, or just fishing, prior preparations are necessary. If it’s hot and sunny, you’ll need to carry a cooler to keep your drinks cool. You wouldn’t want a warm drink in the scorching sun during summer, would you?…

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Best Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask vs Yeti: Battle of The Insulated Water Bottles

If you are an outdoor fan, you know the importance of owning and carrying a water bottle. Whether you’ll carry water in it or your favorite beverage, it’s up to you. Some years ago, the bottles available were not as convenient as many outdoor enthusiasts would have liked. Coffee got cold and cold drinks got…

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Best Waterproof Headphones

Best Waterproof Headphones of 2022

If you’re one to swim laps on the open water, you probably know that one of the biggest downfalls to being alone out there can be swimmers’ boredom. Many people love to listen to music during exercise, pumping the jams as they run on the treadmill or lift weights. The same can’t always apply for…

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Coleman Lounger Can Insulator

Best Beer Koozies in 2022: Review and Buying Guide

What beats a relaxing summer afternoon as you sip a cold beer? The killjoy for most people is that the high summer temperature makes beer go warm too fast. The solution to this challenge is using a fully insulated beer koozie. They are available in different sizes to fit the most common beer bottle and…

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The Best Swim Cap

Best Swim Cap in 2022

Whether you’re a professional speed swimmer or a casual visitor of your local pool, a swim cap can be a worthwhile investment for a wide variety of reasons. Purchasing a swim cap can be confusing, though, with so many different brands and materials on the market today. That’s why we’ve written this guide to help…

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How to Clean Flip Flops

If you need to clean your flip flops, you may be wondering what the best approach is. Should you use some baking soda and an old toothbrush? Should you toss them in the washing machine? Soak them in some warm water and dish soap? There are a lot of potential answers, and some are better…

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How to Tell If Sunglasses Are Polarized

When you’re heading out on the water, you want to make sure you have a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Wearing polarized glasses on the water, either while boating or fish, is important. They’re more than just a cool lying pair of shades. A good pair of polarized sunglasses offers UV protection. They reduce the…

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Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers of 2022 Reviewed

If you’re anything like us, then it’s no secret you take pleasure in boosting your fitness in the great outdoors. Indoor gym equipment constantly tracks each workout session. Courtesy of machines, distance traveled, calories burned, and everything in between is effortlessly tracked. Upon taking your workout to the beauty of the outdoors, it would be…

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Best Wetsuits Buying Advice

Ranking the Best Wetsuits for Watersports in 2022

Why would anyone get into watersports or any recreational activity involving water and want to stay dry? Doesn’t make sense, right? Not quite. Getting wet when you spend a considerable amount of time in the water is inevitable, but you want to protect yourself from dangerously cold temperatures. Even the best wetsuits do not protect…

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Yeti 110 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 110 Cooler Review

Yeti creates some of the most innovative cooler products. From the usual coolers made of cheap plastics, they were able to make high-quality cooler models. Their products are also proved to be durable. It is ideal for any type of outdoor activity like camping, hunting, and fishing. Recently, they launched another product in their ice…

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Best Waterproof Smartwatch

Best Waterproof Smartwatch of 2022: Review and Buying Guide

Smartwatches are relatively new in the consumer electronics industry compared to digital wristwatches. But these smart devices are skyrocketing in popularity. An estimated 20.1 million units were sold in the US in 2019 alone. The thing is, almost every piece of these smart timepieces are waterproof to some extent. Unfortunately, you can’t wear just any…

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7 Best Cooler Bags for Every Occasion

7 Best Soft Coolers of 2022

Whether you plan to spend the day at the beachside, pool, or park, or you want to go fishing on a sunny weekend, a cooler bag can keep your food and drinks chilled throughout your outdoor event. You don’t have to worry about dragging hard-plastic coolers for one-day trips, and you shouldn’t have to endure…

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