Few yachts have had such a whirlwind of an existence as the Valor, which had been around the block once or twice, so to speak. The yacht was built back in 1990 by Feadship yacht builders and was designed by De Voogt Naval Architecture. She has a steel hull over an aluminum superstructure.

The interior design was handled by McMillen Design. Since its launch in 1990 it has gone through name changes, owner changes, and a fairly prolific run as one of the yachts featured on the popular series Below Deck where it appeared in season 4, 5 and 7.

After the 2015 refit the yacht got a Hampton Beach House-themed interior, styled by Taylor Hannah Architect. However, the 2021 refit made further changes to the interior as well. 

Who Owns the Valor Yacht?

Originally the yacht known as Valor was owned by Microsoft Paul Allen, who is no stranger to yachts and also owned the yacht known as Octopus. However, Allen would later gift the Valor to his sister Jodi Allen. From Allen it changed hands again to its current owner Bobby Genovese, the founder and CEO of BG Capital Group. 

Genovese bought the yacht back in 2014 and had her refitted in 2015. It looks as though she may have undergone a second refit in 2021 as well.

How Many Names Had the Valor Yacht Had?

So here’s the weird thing about the Valor. It’s not called the Valor and technically never was. Confusing, right? When the yacht was commissioned back in 1990 it was known as the Charade. That seems to be the name it held when Jodi Allen took over ownership from ber brother.

Fast forward to 2014 and Bobby Genovese takes ownership. What did he name it? BG. So where did Valor come from? It’s an alias. On the show Below Deck, they often make up fake names for the yachts that appear. Like an actor taking a role, a real yacht plays a fake one on the show, possibly to hide any identifying features about the vessel in case people are trying to track it and interfere with filming. Other yachts like My Seanna did the same thing (that one was really called Starship).

So, technically, it was never the Valor but that is still how fans of the show would recognize it. In real life it changed from Charade to its current name, BG.

How Big is the Valor Yacht/Yacht BG?

The BG measures in at 153 ’10”, which makes her a large yacht for sure but quite a ways away from the largest yachts in the world. In terms of width, she has a beam of 28’ 11” and a draft of 9’ 6”. Her gross tonnage is just 515 GT.

How Much Did Motor Yacht BG Cost?

Details on what Paul Allen may have spent back in 1990 are pretty hard to come by so it’s hard to say what the yacht cost when it was built initially. Her current value has been estimated at between $15 million and $16 million. It’s also believed that the yacht has an annual running cost of around $2 million. 

Can You Charter Yacht BG?

The yacht Valor/BG is available for charter for those who want a taste of the luxury yacht life one week at a time. Charter prices vary based on the time of year and winter prices are always a little cheaper than summer ones. A week on the BG in the winter will set you back about $155,000 US plus expenses. In the summer months that will go up to $168,000 per week. This difference is pretty standard for most charter yachts. Yacht owners need to make their money back for operating costs and the more in demand a yacht is during charter season, the more crew members expect to get paid and so on.

How Fast is the Yacht BG and What Engines Does It Use?

Powered by twin 905 hp Caterpillar 3508 DITA d diesel engines, the BG is able to cruise at a speed of 13 knots and reach a top speed of 15 knots. That means with her 70,000 liter fuel tank she has a range of about 5,000 nautical miles at cruising speed. 

What’s the Interior of the Valor Yacht/BG Yacht Like?

Because the Valor/BG was so heavily featured on Below Deck and is now a charter yacht, there have been lots of looks inside the yacht to show it off over the years. 

In terms of accommodations for charter guests, the Valor has room for 12 guests in 6 suites. This includes a master suite on the main deck, one VIP cabin, two double cabins and two cabins that can operate as twins or doubles. There are a total of 8 beds including 2 kings and 2 queens. There’s also room on board for a crew of 10.

The master suite is a full beam suite with walk-in closets and an ensuite bathroom. The bathroom even features a two-person shower.

Outside of rooms there are lots of other features and amenities to enjoy. After the 2021 refit, owner Bobby Genovese was quoted as saying “everything that could have been done to the boat, has been done.” That included new paint, new toys, and upgraded technology throughout.

The new look includes a lot of soft and clean design touches. White is used extensively throughout as well as light gray tones. This is contrasted with darker wood to give a clean and modern look. Overall, the aesthetic throughout the cabins and living spaces is a bit minimalist without too many overt touches of any particular style that some may find off putting. It really has the look of a modern hotel in a lot of ways which provides that feeling of a luxury getaway from the normal, everyday feeling of being at home, for instance.

Symmetry was also a big part of the interior design. Clear and easily navigated angles and layouts were used to make getting around the yacht easy for guests and crew alike. This includes the layout of fixtures and furniture so that everything is streamlined with no surprises and a natural, intuitive layout. 

Where Can I Find the Valor Yacht’s Deck Plan?

If you want to get an up close and personal view at the deck plan you can check it out here with a detailed view of the yacht’s four decks. 

Features and Amenities

Like any good yacht, and especially a yacht charter, the Valor has toys and amenities to entice people to spend those big bucks and enjoy a week at sea. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting features you’ll find on board.

  • The BG has a large gym with a wide array of the latest equipment to enhance a workout routine
  • For something more relaxing, there’s a large deck Jacuzzi as well
  • A hydraulic swim platform
  • A massive wine selection in the main salon
  • Tons of upgraded tech amenities include satellite TV, sat phones and the latest gaming systems
  • A deck theater for movie nights located on the sprawling aft deck that is also suitable for al fresco dining, parties and just lounging


The BG has a lot of water toys for a yacht of its size to ensure that guests are having fun on the water.

  • A massive, inflatable water slide 
  • For those who don’t want to stay wet, there’s also an inflatable climbing wall
  • Equipment for snorkeling
  • A pair of 2 seat Yamaha Jet-Skis
  • A pair of 2-person kayaks
  • Four F5 Seabobs
  • A kneeboard
  • Water skis
  • A wakeboard and other towables
  • A pair of stand up paddle boards
  • The Valor also has a pair of tenders for land excursions which include:
    • A 32′ 2”  Intrepid Tender
    • An 18’1” Novurania Tender 

The Bottom Line

The yacht known as Valor was actually only known by that name on the Show Below Deck. In real life it started as the Charade after it was built in 1990 and was renamed BG, a name which it still holds as a charter yacht. 

The BG is owned by Bobby Genovese and measures 153 ’10”. It can accommodate 12 guests and features many amenities including a large inflatable water slide, a deck jacuzzi and an aft deck cinema. The yacht is believed to be worth around $15 million and a charter will cost you between $155,000 per week and $162,000 depending on season and availability.