How We Test Products at BoatSafe

For decades, BoatSafe has been the beacon for aquatic enthusiasts worldwide. Our foundation is built on years of deep-seated passion for everything that graces the water, from sailboats to snorkeling equipment. We understand the significance of quality gear, whether you’re braving the waves or simply enjoying a quiet fishing trip. We don’t just write about it; we live it. This experience, combined with our rigorous testing methods, ensures our reviews are rooted in both professional insights and hands-on usage.

BoatSafe has always maintained an unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency. Our reviews are not swayed by advertising or affiliations; our loyalty lies exclusively with our readers. We celebrate the high points of products but also shed light on their limitations. Our mission? To equip you with the knowledge to make the best choice.

What We Test

BoatSafe’s vast coverage spans all types of boats—sailboats, yachts, pontoons, wakeboarding boats, jon boats, and more. We also dive into kayaks, scuba and snorkeling gear, and a comprehensive range of fishing equipment. And it doesn’t stop there. Topics ranging from the best beach games to the most mesmerizing places to kayak are all within our scope. If it’s related to watersports, we’re on it.

How We Test and Review Products

  1. Product Selection: Our process begins by selecting products that are pertinent to our readers. We consider new product launches, industry trends, and feedback from our community.
  2. Anonymous Ordering: We often buy products at the store but, when necessary, order online. Like our readers, we order products without revealing our identity unless noted. This provides an unfiltered look at the purchasing experience, delivery times, and packaging standards. Our testers even gauge the responsiveness of customer service teams.
  3. Standardized Testing: At BoatSafe, standardization is paramount. Whether it’s evaluating a yacht’s speed or a snorkel’s durability, we employ consistent testing methods. We believe in giving each product an equal footing, and our bespoke testing procedures reflect this ethos.
  4. Real-World Usage: Products are tested in their natural habitats. If it’s a kayak, we paddle. If it’s a fishing rod, we fish. Our testing team consists of seasoned marine enthusiasts and professionals who use these products in varied conditions to offer a comprehensive review.
  5. Consideration of Consumer Reviews: We evaluate user reviews to find things people liked or disliked about a product so we can be sure to incorporate those features into our testing.
  6. Product Comparisons: With our rigorous and uniform testing standards, we’re uniquely positioned to offer honest product comparisons. Instead of relying on marketing claims, our comparisons are rooted in tangible results.
  7. Feedback & Finalization: Post testing, our team convenes to collate findings, share personal experiences, and debate the merits and limitations of each product. Our reviews are then crafted, blending empirical data with personal anecdotes.

Affiliate Disclosure

While BoatSafe may earn commissions from product links, this never influences our review process. Each product is chosen and evaluated based on its merit and performance, ensuring our readers receive unbiased insights. Please read our affiliate disclose policy for further details.