Vladimir Putin’s yacht is enshrouded in mystery. As with many Russian officials, it has been hard to determine ownership and sightings of the yacht. While there are rumors that Putin owns several yachts, this is the only one confirmed to be his. Another yacht known as the Scheherazade may be his, but that’s still unconfirmed. 

One of the last times this yacht was seen was in 2022 leaving Estonia with a Russian Coast Guard escort. At that time it was believed it was heading to St. Petersburg and that the move, and the name change it seems to have undergone, may have been part of efforts to keep it out of international hands as many Russian assets, and in particular yachts, have been seized by international authorities since the war in Ukraine started. The Dilbar is one example and Sailing Yacht A is another.

The yacht was designed by English design house H2 Yacht Design both inside and out while the actual construction took place at Sevmash Shipyard in Hamburg. The yacht was built by Blohm and Voss. She has a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure.

What is the Name of Putin’s Yacht?

Putin’s yacht used to be named Graceful but the Russian President opted for a new name in 2022 when it was rechristened as the Kosatka or Killer Whale in English. Photos of Graceful were compared to those of Kosatka and most sources agree it is the same yacht.

How Big is Putin’s Yacht?

Kosatka is a 267-foot superyacht that was custom made for Putin in 2014. The vessel’s beam is 45’7”. It features a gross tonnage of 2,500 and a draft of just over 12 feet. There’s room on board for 12 guests and a crew of 25.

Interior of Putin’s Yacht

As you can imagine, the information about the interior of the Russian President’s yacht is not too specific. We can assume the yacht was built with a number of security features on board that are being kept very secret from the general public. But aside from that there are some amenities which seem common to many yachts that are still hard to imagine Vladimir Putin enjoying depending on your perspective of the man.

Features and Amenities

The yacht features two VIP cabins for guests as well as three double cabins and two pullmans which are beds that fold down from the wall and seem oddly utilitarian for a luxury yacht. There’s also a master suite as well.

A dance floor can be found on board the yacht as well as a beauty salon, a gym, and an elevator to get you where you need to go.Naturally there’s a helipad for quick access to and from land. There’s also a hot tub on deck, a bar and plenty of lounge space for entertaining guests or dignitaries. There’s also a large swimming pool for guests as well

The interior design is much like a luxury hotel. Many accent features are in soft wood tones, white and gray marble and silver as well. The deck is teak and complement the interior color and design scheme.

How Fast is Putin’s Yacht?

The Kosatka can reach a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots with a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles from her 335,000 liter fuel tanks at 12 knots. Not the fastest yacht on the sea by any means, but it’s definitely meant as more of a luxury vessel

Engine and Speed

Kosatka is powered by twin diesel MTU (16V 4000 M70) 3,154hp engines.

Did Putin’s Yacht Get Seized?

Though it’s rumored the Russian leader has more than one yacht, the Graceful/Kosatka was not one that was seized as part of international sanctions against Russia by the Italian government. Putin managed to get the boat away from Estonia and back in Russian waters, as far as the international press has been able to determine. 

The last known sighting of the Kosatka was in October 2022 so it’s hard to say where exactly it might be right now. That said, no foreign government has claimed to have seized it so it’s safe to assume it’s in Russia currently. 

How Much is Putin’s Yacht Worth?

According to Forbes, the yacht cost the Russian president about $119 million. Keep in mind, the finances of the Russian President are some of the most mysterious in the world. By his own admission he makes $140,000 per year as part of the Russian government, has 3 cars, a trailer and a Moscow apartment.

People have testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Putin has a $1.4 billion mansion, literally hundreds of cars, 35 airplanes and is likely, but secretly, the richest man in the world. As in, even more rich than Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But that’s all speculative.

Does Russian President Vladimir Putin Allow Yacht Charters?

Hopefully this goes without saying but no, Putin does not allow anyone to charter the Kosatka.

The Bottom Line

Russian President Vladimir’ Putin’s yacht used to be named Graceful but she underwent a retrofit in 2022 and that seems to have included a name change to Kosatka which means Killer Whale. The 267-foot superyacht is alleged to have cost Putin $119 million. 

While many yachts owned by Russian officials have been seized due to international sanctions over the last year, it seems as though the Kosatka escaped this fate and is safely somewhere in Russian waters.

The vessel has amenities and space to entertain as many as 12 guests with more than double that amount of crew. Though the boat is officially register to a Russian company it’s widely understood that this is Putin’s personal yacht though he may also be the owner of at least one other that was seized by the Italian Finance Ministry. That yacht has been linked to Putin and was seized in an Italian port.