The Lonian Yacht, with an “L”, is a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht built by world-renowned Dutch shipyard Feadship in 2018 with naval architecture by De Voogt Naval Architects. The Lonian features exterior design handled by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, who handled all the interior design alongside Richard Hallberg Interior Design, and they succeeded in making something very unique. 

Arguably the most unique thing you’ll notice about the Lonian if you ever see it docked anywhere is that it’s not alone. It has a support vessel called the Hodor, which measures a staggering 217 feet and features a crew of 22. That’s just the support ship. 

As for Lonian itself, it features a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. The exterior is a deep navy blue, and the entire yacht features liberal use of stainless steel and glass in its design elements. The yacht was also designed with unusual passages and openings that go from the inside to the outside and a dramatic bow. There are 22 openings across the ship to give the vessel a feeling of openness that’s not present on most yachts.

Who is the Lonian Yacht Owner?

Lonian was commissioned by American businessman Lorenzo Fertitta who you might recognize as the former CEO of the UFC. He’s also the former CEO of Station Casinos and a man that likes to have fun if both his work life and his yacht preferences are any indication.

How Big is the Lonian Yacht?

The Lonian is a decent-sized superyacht at a solid 285’4″ in length. Considering her support vessel is also over 200 feet, it’s safe to say a lot of space is being used for fun on board, but we’ll get to some of those details shortly. The Lonian also boasts a volume of 2,691 GT and a beam of just over 45 feet.

How Much Did the Lonian Yacht Cost?

The Lonian came with a $160 million price tag in 2018. It’s believed that the yearly operating costs for the Lonian are between $15 million and $20 million. However, because the Lonian also has the Hodor as a support vessel, that cost will likely be even higher since they’re paying double fuel, extra crew, extra taxes, fees, etc. 

Is the Lonian Available for Yacht Charter?

The Lonian has not been made available for charter. The owner has been very strict about what information he shares and doesn’t share regarding the yacht, including interior details. At the same time, some features have been very public, including a video of the entire construction process. However, the owner requested that the media allow him a year of privacy without people trying to take photos and ask questions.

The result is that we do know a lot about the vessel now, but there are other factors, as we’ll see, that remain secret. Since no one has ever been able to charter the yacht, the whole experience is only known to the owner and his guests. 

How Fast is the Lonian and What Engines Does It Use?

The Lonian is powered by Feadship’s first hybrid diesel and electric propulsion thanks to a pair of MTU 16V4000M73 2560kW engines. This gives the Lonian a cruising speed of 12 knots and a top speed of 18 knots. The yacht carries 160,000 liters of fuel on board and has a range of about 5,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.

What’s the Interior of the Lonian Like?

Several exciting design elements are on board the Lonian, but the swimming pool is one of the most visible and incredible. The pool is positioned 50 cm above deck height and surrounded by a relaxation area and deck with lounge space. But the bottom of the pool is entirely translucent and serves as the ceiling of the beach club on the deck below. The vessel’s cinema is also integrated, as the screen is part of the end of the pool. 

A fully integrated sound system is also part of the cinema and the rest of the yacht’s design. The complex system was a custom job, and designers built a lifesize mockup of the pool section to ensure it would work properly and the pool could work without flooding the vessel.

Guests can arrive via tender when the yacht is at sea and board, thanks to a boom that serves as a gangway to the guest quarters. The telescoping boom attaches from the starboard side to a tender, and guests can hop on and off as they please. Of course, as you can see in the photos, there’s also a helipad on the skydeck for guests who fly in while the boat is at sea.

The boom gangway leads to a pair of VIP staterooms that both have balconies with exterior sliding doors. Elsewhere in the yacht, there are eight more staterooms plus the owner’s deck.

The owner’s deck has a private jacuzzi with a custom heating and cooling system that can turn up the heat to 38 degrees Celsius or even cool it down to a brisk 10 degrees for those extra hot days. A flush foredeck and a skylight allow those inside to enjoy the sun without leaving the comfort of their private suite.

There is room for 12 guests in 4 sizeable double-sized staterooms and the two VIP suites. There are also 15 crew cabins and one captain’s cabin on board to handle 27 crew in total.

The Lonian features the first-ever design from Feadship as well. A transom hatch features a flush swim platform that opens and closes like a convertible car. When the teak hatch opens, the door can drop down to close, and the hatch may close again. 

Tenders can be loaded and unloaded with a crane on the helideck capable of lifting nearly 4 tons. 

Features and Amenities

We’ve already covered several of the vessel’s features, but let’s break down what’s available. The support ship Hodor is where the Lonian stores most of its toys, so we can also include what we know here.

  • The large, glass bottom pool with an integrated movie screen is a one of a kind
  • Temperature-controlled jacuzzi on the owner’s deck
  • A fully equipped bridge deck gym. The chilly jacuzzi temperatures were included with this gym in mind so it could be used as a plunge pool after a workout
  • An AW169 helicopter. The Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol got calls from concerned citizens when the yachts came into port with the aircraft on deck, as people were afraid it was a military vessel
  • Panoramic full-beam views are available from the full-beam main deck lounge
  • A glass elevator traverses all five decks for guests to move about the vessel


The list of amenities on the Hodor, which has been described as a floating toy box, is remarkable.

  • A submarine garage for a Seamagine Aurora-3 submersible
  • A helicopter hangar
  • A scuba diving platform with onboard air compressors
  • A hospital with decompression chambers
  • A 7.3-meter Novurania catamaran RIB
  • A nine-meter Metal Shark landing craft
  • A 16-meter Hydra-Sports 53 center console sports boat with quad Seven Marine 627 engines
  • A Ski Nautique
  • A 388 Skater race boat capable of a 150 mph
  • Nine jet skis
  • Four Yamaha quad bikes
  • Two Yamaha side-by-side ATVs
  • Four Yamaha TW200 trail motorcycles
  • Two Laser dinghies
  • One Hobie Cat

The Bottom Line

The motor yacht Lonian is a unique yacht owned by the former owner of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta. It was built by Feadship in 2018 and features a Sinot-exclusive yacht design and exterior styling. The vessel measures nearly 286 feet in length. The yacht costs $160 million and likely has a higher upkeep cost than most yachts since it is always accompanied by a massive support vessel called the Hodor. The Hodor acts as the tender garage and toy box for the Lonian and features a more excellent array of toys than any other yacht possibly could because of the space it provides. The Hodor alone requires a crew of 22 to maintain it. 

While many details are known about the Lonian, the owner has never allowed anyone on board to take interior photos, and Feadship has only provided scant interior design details. As a result, while we do know a lot about yachts, we have no idea what it looks like inside.