The Azzam was launched in 2013. She quickly became world famous for her incredible design and unheard of size. Even years later the Azzam remains the biggest yacht in the world. The designer has surpassed calling it a superyacht or even a mega yacht and has settled on the term gigayacht. 

Who is the Azzam Yacht Owner?

Azzam was owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was the second president of the United Arab Emirates until his death in 2022. He had a family fortune of $150 billion and was one of the richest people in the world. His assets were estimated by Forbes to be in the range of $830 billion which is almost unbelievable. 

Since his death it is unclear who the current owner of Azzam might be since he had eight children and a wife. The yacht may still be in the family or they may have sold it. 

How Much Did Yacht Azzam Cost?

It’s believed that the yacht came with an initial price tag, back in 2013, of $605 million. Though obviously reflecting the size of the yacht, the price is also believed to be elevated due to how it was built. After the initial design, the yacht was built in just three years which is an exceptionally short building time for a project of this size. Rumor has it that 4,000 people worked on the speed build and so some of that money went into ensuring it was built not just to standard but quickly as well. 

For a truly mind-blowing bit of trivia, someone took the time to determine the number of man hours that went into the building and did the math on how long it would have took one person by themselves to build the yacht. For it to have been delivered to the owner at the same time in 2013, the builder would have had to start making the yacht back in the year 1737 BC. That’s 3,750 years.

Can You Charter the Azzam

Interestingly enough you can probably find charter listings for the Azzam on the internet. If you can, you’ll also see that there are no available dates. The Azzam seems to have been listed as a charter yacht as something of a trick to avoid certain taxes. In Europe, charter yachts are exempt from a number of taxes so as long as it’s listed as a charter it’s cheaper to operate, even if no one is ever really allowed to charter it. 

How Big is the Azzam Yacht?

Azzam holds the title of the longest yacht in the world as of 2023, a title it has held since it was launched back in 2013. In fact, it was only surpassed in length in 2019 by a research and exploration vessel called REV Ocean which straddles the line between a yacht and something else and isn’t, strictly speaking, classified as a private yacht. 

Azzam clocks in at 180 meters in length which works out to an astounding 590 feet. The displacement is 13,136 gross tons. The beam is 68 feet but it only has a 14 feet draft. For a yacht its size, the Azzam was able to navigate some relatively shallow waters. 

How Fast is Azzam and What Engines Does it Use

The Azzam superyacht has a top speed listed at an impressive 32 knots, something you might not expect from such a large vessel. It’s powered by 2 Diesel 17,524 kW (23,500 hp) engines and 2 Gas Turbine engines with an output of 17,524 kW (23,500 hp).That’s a total of about 47,000 horsepower that was forced out through two Wartsila axial flow Modular waterjets and two boosters. It’s designed to easily travel warm and shallow waters

One source says it’s actually pulling 97,000 hp and that, at top speed, she can burn through 13 tonnes of fuel per hour. In any event, she’s able to cross an entire ocean without worrying about needing to refuel.

Inside the Azzam: Design and Features

Azzam was built by German shipyard Lurssen, builders of many of the world’s biggest superyachts. The bold and elegant exterior design is courtesy of Nauta Yachts while the interior, described as an innovative and timeless design, was handled by Christopher Leoni. It’s said he focused on luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style.

There’s a 95 footlong main salon in the yacht that has a totally open design and no pillars. This room also features a chandelier that was designed such that, even at full speed, it won’t rattle. The furniture on board features marquetry in mother of pearl. Word is it used an entire year’s production worth of it. 

There is room for 36 guests on board plus an owner’s suite. A crew of 60 maintain the yacht while it’s underway.


You have to assume a yacht of this size has a lot going for it. The sheer size of the Azzam ensured it had room for a lot of features, including stuff you’d not see on many yachts. Some of the known features of the Azzam include:

  • A helipad
  • An on-board submarine
  • An on-board golf training room
  • Fully equipped gym
  • A large tender garage
  • Swimming pool
  • An entire missile defense system that can be deployed if the yacht is attacked
  • An entirely bulletproof master suite

These are just a few of the known features. As you can imagine, a motor yacht with a bulletproof master suite and a missile defense system is one that was also built with privacy and security in mind. As such there are only limited details about what is available inside and very few photos of it as well. 

The Bottom Line

The mega yacht known as Azzam was owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan until his death in 2022. It is currently unknown who has possession of the vessel. Despite being built in 2013, the yacht remains the longest yacht in the world at an astounding 590 feet.

It was never built to be the largest on purpose and, in fact, designers had to add considerable length in the production process to make sure everything fit and functioned properly which boosted it to the size it is now. 

At a price of over $600 million, it’s also one of the most expensive yachts ever build. The details of the interior are limited but it’s known to have remarkable defensive capabilities including a missile defense system.

One of the most remarkable features of the interior layout is a 95 foot long lounge area that has no support pillars as part of a visionary modern design. The beams in the ceiling are a meter thick as a result and the large, glass windows/walls were built to handle extreme stress with 7 cm thick glass.