Garmin GPSMAP 78SC

Ranking The Best Boat GPS On The Market

A Marine GPS is an indispensable piece of equipment for the modern boat owner. Working out where you are on the land is hard enough, but it’s a far more difficult task when you’re out on open water. Historically, sailors would have to rely on their years of navigational experience, understanding complex sea charts and…

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How To Measure A Boat

  At first glance you might think that measuring boat length is a simple process. Like everything else, you just measure from the tip to the other end, right? But there is more to it than all of that. In fact, there are different ways to measure a boat that will give you different measurements….

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Learn How to Sail: The Basics

  Understanding the basics of sailing is what is going to ensure your success as a sailor. Humans have been sailing for literally thousands of years. The process involves more than harnessing the wind. For people who have no knowledge of sailing, there is a lot more to understand than they realize. But that doesn’t…

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How to Back Up a Boat Trailer

  When you first get a new boat it can be very exciting. Getting out on the open water, having fun, enjoying the sun and the sea. But there is one part of boat ownership that many boaters find intimidating. Backing up your boat trailer. It’s just something many boat owners struggle with at first….

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Why are Boats Referred to as “She”?

  Naming vessels these days is a fun task for any boater. Head to your local marina and you’ll see dozens of clever names emblazoned on hulls. They’re often puns or little jokes. Historically, ships often bore the names of females. Think of some famous ships from books such as The African Queen. The Arabella…

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Best Marine Toilets for 2021

Choosing a marine toilet is not always the easiest job. You have a variety of marine head types to choose from. You need to decide if you want an electric marine toilet or a manual toilet. You may want a composting toilet as well. Does it have a piston pump? How big is the water…

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The Basics of Boat Sound Signals

  There are several occasions on a boat when you need to use sound signals. In particular, when visibility is limited, boat sound signals are of the utmost importance. Other boaters need to be aware of where you are and what you’re doing at all times. Learning what these sound signals mean and how to…

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What You Need to Know About Day Shapes

  Communication with other vessels is essential on the water. The use of day shapes is how you can ensure that you are able to communicate what you were doing to other boats. Likewise, they can communicate with you important information. Masthead light and running lights can only be seen at night, don’t forget. What…

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Tilt and Trim: What’s the difference?

  If you’re new to boating you may have heard the terms trim and tilt in relation to how your boat’s motor operates. Oftentimes tilt and trim are referred to in odd ways. It might make you think they are actual components on your outboard motor that need to be maintained. That means things like…

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Why You Need a Float Plan

  When making plans to head out on a boat we often put a lot of effort into thinking what’s going to come with us. The important things that you need to have on your boat. You need to make sure the radio works. Also that you’ve got extra fuel, you have life jackets, all…

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The Basics of Dressing Ship

  The nautical term of dressing ship, to dress ship, or dressing overall can be confusing. This ritual is often reserved for military vessels. It can also apply to recreational vessels such as yachts. Even cruise ships may dress ship. It’s a process of decorating a ship for a celebration. You would dress a ship…

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Nautical Mnemonics: Understanding Boat Lights

  One of the most complicated things to learn about your boat are the COLREGs lights. That stands for International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea. The lights on your boat, both power boats and sail boats, help you navigate at night. They also help other boats understand how to navigate around you. We…

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ICOM IC-M93D Marine VHF Handheld Radio

Ranking The Best Handheld VHF Marine Radios On The Market

A handheld marine radio is an essential piece of equipment for boaters heading out to sea. They can be used to contact the Coast Guard in case of an emergency, for communication with other vessels, and for regular information updates and weather reports. A handheld VHF radio is what you need! VHF stands for Very…

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