Barletta is a maker of top tier pontoon boats. The c22uc Barletta model is one of their more entry level models while still offering great features but at a steeper price than some comparable models. 

What Is it

The Barletta Cabrio 22UC Ultra-Lounge with Co-Captain chair is an entry level model but it has a lot going for it. The helm console is easy to read and manage, and everything is where you need it to be. This is one of the most iconic Barletta models and there are some clear reasons why. The co-captain chairs and the lounger are huge draws for most boaters and there’s plenty of room, even if you find other pontoons and their helms/consoles a little cramped sometimes.  You can board comfortably and take advantage of versatile seating positions giving lots of room for up to a dozen passengers.

Key Features

Because this is an ultra-lounge model it comes with a number of standard and optional luxury features that include:

  • Bimini dome light
  • Power bimini top with boot
  • Snapless playpen cover
  • Front bimini top struts
  • Front chaise lounges
  • Vibration isolation pad technology which makes use of a filler where crossmembers are mounted on the risers. This greatly reduces and even eliminates rattle and vibration
  • Extended swim deck
  • Flip up cleats
  • Midback reclining swivel/slide helm seat
  • Integrated pet food/water dish
  • Hook 4 Fish Finder with option to upgrade to Hook 5 GPS Fish/Depth Finder
  • Cell phone holder with charging station
  • Simrad 7″ GO7 XSE
  • Fire extinguisher
  • LED docking lights
  • Stainless steel stern ladder
  • Stowaway table and storage
  • Hertz marine stereo with 6 speakers
  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • Multiple Yeti-ready cupholders
  • Optional bow filler seat
  • Optional change room (swapped for chaise table)
  • Optional ottoman with built-in cooler
  • In-floor storage with tritoon pack
  • Optional exterior lighting pack
  • Optional RGB lighting
  • Optional ski/tube tow bar
  • Optional double bimini top
  • Optional seat covers
  • Optional metal jacket tube protectant
  • Optional full-length single stage lifting strakes
  • Optional underbelly skin
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • 10-year bow to stern warranty
  • Blackout Package offers rails, skirting, shims and more in black
  • Coastal Edition package is outfitted for saltwater use with anodes, aluminum framed chairs and more


  • 10 passenger/12 passenger space depending on bitoon vs tritoon
  • 150 hp/200 hp 
  • 150L Fourstroke Mercury engine
  • 2572 lb dry weight/2834 lb dry weight
  • 2066 lb weight/2513 lb weight capacity
  •  24 gallon/34 gallon fuel capacity
  • 22’ tube length
  • 8’6” beam
  • 23’2” deck length


  • Tons of options ensure there are a lot of comfortable features to make your time on the water more enjoyable
  • Rear lounge can be adjusted to about five different seating positions to accommodate a lot of people or needs and give a more versatile floorplan.
  • Super spacious so even if you’re taller, you won’t feel cramped in that captain’s chair.
  • Vibration isolation pad makes your ride a lot smoother than in some other brand’s models. The structure of a Barletta one of the best you’ll ever find on a pontoon.
  • Value for the price puts it ahead of some similar models
  • Higher grade and more durable construction. Ski tow bar is super sturdy
  • Great small touch features like the extra cup holders, extra USB, and a great ladder for helping people of all ages, shapes and sizes get back in the boat


  • Company has only been in business since 2017 so it hasn’t had a lot of time to build a reputation.
  • Some Barletta models have been criticized for being a little pricey. The C-Class, which is where the c22uc fits in, qualifies as their value model which has a scaled down package compared to their L-Class. It still costs quite a bit compared to almost every other manufacturer out there.
  • Some features, like the pet dish, aren’t going to be very useful if you’re not boating with your pets

What You Need to Know 

The Barletta c22uc has been around for a while now so you may find used models available at a better price, but brand new you can find them for about $50,000, depending on the options. The rear lounge turns and is very easy to modify to suit your needs from forward facing to rear facing to a fully flat lounger if you’re looking to get a tan or grab a nap while you’re on the water. 

The features are all well made and there’s a reason that Barletta is considered one of the top tier producers of pontoon boats, even after being in the business for only a short time. The small features like the tow bar and the pet food dishes really ensure this is a great family boat. 

The vibration isolation pad can’t be talked up enough. This boat is solid and that’s something other boats really should take note of. Their cross members are thicker and more durable than pretty much any pontoon I’ve seen which means, structurally, this boat is just better made from the ground up. If you’re more into the meat and potatoes of a boat rather than the frills and gimmicks, this is the reason you’re going to want to give Barletta a second look. 

What People Are Saying About Barletta Pontoon Boats

There are not a ton of reviews from other people who have tried out the c22uc online, aside from actual dealers who may have a vested interest in trying to only feature the good points while ignoring the downsides, which can be cause for concern.

Some reviews of Barletta boats have pointed out that the company is very good at hitting the fine details when it comes to boat making. Things like the ladder which features rails that are set back around 6 inches and a wider set to the rungs which allow people to get into the boat more easily, especially if they are heavier or older. If you’ve ever experienced an issue trying to help a grandparents into a boat, for instance, you will really appreciate this style of ladder. 

The customer service of Barletta has also been really highly praised by Barletta owners. They tend to deal with problems themselves rather than making you go through your dealer. Naturally, they’d like you to check with the dealer first if it’s something they can help with but if they can’t, Barletta is really responsive and tries to be helpful for dealing with problems, which is something you can’t find with a lot of companies.

Do We Recommend It? 

There are a lot of great features that Barletta brings to the table with their c22uc model. The versatility of the seating is great, and the small touches like the ladder, the cupholders and the USB accessibility are all great. But the structure and reliability of the build are what really sets Barletta on the next level. The downside is that Barletta boats cost more than those from most pontoon manufacturer out there. But the product does live up to the price so I do recommend it if you’re looking for a top of the line boat that gives you value for the money.