The first thing you need to know about the luxury yacht called My Seanna, made famous on the show Below Deck, is that it’s no longer called My Seanna. Delta Marine built this yacht back in the year 2000 but it received a major update in 2021 when it was sold and the new owner decided to rename it Starship. The new name obviously hasn’t caught on yet and, since it’s famous from Below Deck, it likely will always be remembered as My Seanna.

Who Owns the My Seanna Yacht?

When it was still My Seanna, the yacht was owned by Apollo Yachts but in 2021 Sean Meagher sold it to Robert Stotler from Worth Avenue Yachts and, as Starship, it’s now available for charter.

How Much Did My Seanna Cost?

For the recent sale that took place in 2021, My Seanna was on the market for $21.9 million making it expensive but nowhere near the priciest yacht in the world. If you’re interested in taking it out for a chartered week of fun on the sea it’s actually more affordable than some other yacht charters of its size that were never made famous by a TV show. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap, of course, just cheaper. Summer or winter, the price is the same and you can enjoy a yacht charter of the Starship for $275,000 per week plus expenses.

How Big is the My Seanna Yacht?

Classified as a superyacht, My Seanna measures a full 56.4 meters in length, or about 185 feet. With a beam of 29.5 feet and a gross tonnage of 703, she’s definitely a good sized vessel. Is it the biggest yacht in the world? No, but it’s still pretty large.

It is currently run by a crew of 11 and it also has room for 12 guests.

How Fast is the My Seanna Yacht?

My Seanna was definitely a yacht built for cruising along on a reality show as opposed to tearing up the waves on the ocean. It boasts Twin 1,100hp Caterpillar diesel engines which provide a cruising speed of 13 knots. Max speed is listed as 15 knots, so it’s not out there to race, but offer a smooth and relaxing ride. The yacht has a range of 4,000 nautical miles at cruising speed. That’s thanks to the 72,580 liter fuel tanks.

What is the Interior of the Motor Yacht Starship Like?

As you can imagine, a yacht that made headlines specifically for being the setting of a reality show has to have a lot going on for it to make it attractive and desirable. The Starship has accommodation for up to 12 guests in six cabins. That includes a main deck owner’s suite and a VIP suite located on the bridge deck. The remaining 4 guest cabins are still very large and well appointed as well with queen-sized beds in two and king-sized in the other two. 

The VIP suite features a king size bed and en-suite bathroom facilities. The master suite comes with a king size bed and also en-suite bathroom facilities located at the bow.

What do the 11 crew members do? Well, there’s obviously a captain and some crew to do the literal boat operations, but you can also find a mixologist, a personal trainer, a tea sommelier, and divemaster on board.

There is a main saloon on the bridge deck located on the upper aft deck. It features a massive 61-inch flatscreen television set and a large and expansive lounge area. There’s even a Gran Tour player piano. You can also fully black the windows and turn the space into a movie theater. The bridge deck boasts an outdoor cinema option as well, if you’d rather relax under the stars watching Jaws. If you’re in more of a party mood there’s also a dance floor for cutting loose. 

In terms of those subtle touches you’ll find a lot of gold and cream tones throughout the yacht. Natural wood is complemented by gilding, glass chandeliers, marble accents and, of course, gold. It has a real “penthouse on the sea” vibe which is obviously very intentional.

Outdoor dining, al fresco dining spaces and a lot of open deck space is meant to encourage spending more time outside than in. This fits with the image fostered on Below Deck and the fact that My Seanna has spent most of her time at sea in tropical and exotic locations where passengers can enjoy beautiful weather at all times. 

A popular feature among charter guests seems to be the sundeck Jacuzzi for obvious reasons. It’s surrounded by a cocktail bar to keep the party going. Below you’ll find a beach club with a shaded  lounge space There’s also a sauna and a fairly well equipped gym space for working out. There’s also a galley available for simple snacks and drinks when you’re in the mood.

Because the the luxury motor yacht Starship is synonymous with fun and good times it’s no surprise to learn that it’s got more toys than you can shake a stick at, even compared to some larger yachts out there. We’re looking at some towable inflatables as well as other tow sports like water skiing and wakeboarding. There are sea kayaks, trampolines, fishing gear, and a beach party set up which includes a waterslide.

The yacht got a retrofit to go along with its 2021 sale and that means the toy box got one too. The new Starship includes four jet skis, four sea bobs, dive gear including a dive master and a 12-meter Intrepid tender outfitted for fishing and diving. Plus there’s a helipad!

Was There An Accident on This Luxury Charter Yacht?

Because My Seanna was on a reality show, people have seen a lot more of yacht life on this vessel in specific than many others. One thing that made headlines was a serious incident that could have turned out much worse. 

In 2018, as the yacht was leaving dock somewhere, a deckhand got tangled in one of the lines just after the engines started. As the boat started moving, the man was yanked by his ankle into the water behind the boat.

The man ended up being fine, but it was very close to a potentially deadly accident. In fact, it’s been speculated that the unique design of the My Seanna is the only reason the man didn’t suffer serious injuries. The boat was designed to be 150 feet long. However, at some point, the owners decided on an extra 30 feet so the design had to be adapted. The result is that the props are more recessed than they would have been if the boat was designed as a 180 foot vessel from the start. 

If the props were where they should have been, the man very likely would have been caught in them and perhaps been badly wounded or even died. And had there not been a quick-thinking cameraman close by the remove the ropes, the man might have drowned as well.