Johnson Pump 22702 Pro-Line Bilge Pump

Ranking The Best Boat Bilge Pumps On The Market

If you’re a regular boater you’ll know just how persistent water can be. Even the best sealed hulls can be penetrated. Water finds a way of ending up in your hull; it can be rain water, it can be the result of a rogue wave or two, and sometimes, it can be from a leak….

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Sea Eagle PF7K Packfish Inflatable Fishing Boat

Ranking The Best Inflatable Boats

One of the best and cheapest ways to get out on the water is to invest in an inflatable boat. The word “inflatable” might not inspire much confidence, but modern inflatable boats are far more advanced than the little blow-up pool toys that you remember from your childhood. They’re tough, durable, rugged vessels that can…

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Garmin GPSMAP 78SC

Ranking The Best Boat GPS On The Market

A Marine GPS is an indispensable piece of equipment for the modern boat owner. Working out where you are on the land is hard enough, but it’s a far more difficult task when you’re out on open water. Historically, sailors would have to rely on their years of navigational experience, understanding complex sea charts and…

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Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boat Of 2023 (Review And Buying Guide)

An inflatable pontoon boat is a must-have accessory for avid anglers, waterway explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts. They’re more durable than your basic inflatable and they come without the hassle of a full-size boat. What’s more, they’re relatively inexpensive, easily portable, and incredibly versatile. But which one should you buy? Inflatable pontoon boats come in a…

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What You Need to Know About Boat Capacity Plates

A large number of deaths and injuries on the water are caused by overloading boats. There were 57 deaths in 2019 alone as a result of this. Many boaters are not aware of the capacity of their boat. They are unfamiliar with capacity plates. Some boaters do not know what their boat capacity plate states….

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How To Measure A Boat

At first glance you might think that measuring boat length is a simple process. Like everything else, you just measure from the tip to the other end, right? But there is more to it than all of that. In fact, there are different ways to measure a boat that will give you different measurements. These…

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Learn How to Sail: The Basics

Learning how to sail a sailboat can’t really be done online. Sailing is truly a hands-on skill. But you can learn the basics of sailing and apply them to your next time out at sea. From how to cut your sails to proper rigging techniques to just what the various parts of a sailboat do,…

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How to Navigate in Restricted Visibility

Operating a boat during times of restricted visibility can be dangerous. Whether at night or during mist and fog. If you can’t see you need to be cautious. For this reason, safety signals have been devised. You need to rely on light signals and sound signals. Knowing the meaning of these light signals and sound…

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The Importance of Boat Ventilation

Ventilation is rarely something most of us give a second thought to. But on a boat, it can literally be a life or death issue. How you ventilate your boat is of vital importance. It’s also something that must follow specific, legal guidelines as well. Because of that, you’re going to want to know exactly…

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How to Register Your Boat

Boat registration is required for all motorized vessels. It is a required part of boat ownership. In some states you may require the title as well. If you need to register your boat, it may not be as hard as you think. In fact, you can probably register your boat online. The process to sign…

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The 10 Best Mold and Mildew Cleaners

Mildew is the scourge of many boaters. This fungus will flourish in the conditions presented to it on many boats. It needs a dark, damp place with lots of moisture. Poor air circulation and cool temperatures also help. Your fishing boat is a prime breeding ground. Even your carpets and personal flotation devices are at…

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Heading vs Course vs Bearing

How many times have you heard someone discuss where they’re going in a boat and drop the words heading or bearing or course or track? We’re on track to the marina. We’re on a heading due south. On a course to meet a friend. Bearing north at 12 knots. Whatever it might be, they’re generally…

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How Do Hydrodynamics Affect Boating?

There is a lot of science at play in the world of boating. In particular, the effect of hydrodynamics is something most boaters don’t know about. The forces at work as it relates to water flow, wave resistance and friction are all at play. The hull shape of your boat, the weight, and the amount…

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How to Back Up a Boat Trailer

When you first get a new boat it can be very exciting. Getting out on the open water, having fun, enjoying the sun and the sea. But there is one part of boat ownership that many boaters find intimidating. Backing up your boat trailer. It’s just something many boat owners struggle with at first. When…

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What You Need to Know About Small Boats

Small boats are the best option out there for beginners. Or for seasoned boaters who just don’t want to need a big boat. But understanding what a small boat even is may be harder than you think. Likewise, learning what you need on your small boat can be a challenge. Under some definitions, a small…

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What to Do If Someone Falls Overboard

Boat safety is the most important priority any boat owner has. When someone goes overboard and ends up in the water, you need to act fast. The best bet is always to prevent a man overboard situation. But if that’s not an option, then knowing how to react quickly and calmly is key. When a…

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What are the Different Classes of Boats?

Classes of boats and types of boats are two different things. Every type of boat fits into one of four classes of boats. While a type of boat can vary significantly in appearance and function, class is easy to understand. Boat classes are all determined by the overall length of the vessel. The class of…

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Your Definitive Guide to Boat Safety Equipment

Some boat safety equipment is legally required while others are just a good idea to ensure safety. You can prevent or lessen damage and injury by making sure you have the necessary boat safety equipment before you take your next boat trip.  Boat Safety Equipment You Need on Board We’re going to break down safety…

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Your Guide to Bringing Pets on Board Your Boat

Interested in taking your cat on a boat? Do dogs on boats do well? Many boaters have managed to take their furry family members out for a trip at sea. Cats and dogs have been a part of boating for many long years. But you do need to be properly prepared. And remember, not every…

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The Basics of Boat Parts and Terms

The boating world operates on a different level than your day to day life. Boating has been a part of human history for literally thousands of years. That’s part of the reason why boating terms are so unique. Most boating terms represent a long history of the activity. There are specialized parts of a boat…

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Cigarette Boats vs Cigar Boats: What’s the Difference?

Every so often you come across the names cigar boat and cigarette boat. If you’ve seen them before, it’s hard not to be impressed. These are very cool looking speed boats that perform incredibly well. They’re built for speed and can absolutely tear up the water in a race. They’ll leave a normal power boat…

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What Does Buoyancy Mean for Boaters?

When you’re looking for life jackets and other PFDs you may run across pounds buoyancy. Floatation devices all have a buoyancy rating. Understanding what that means will allow you to choose the right PFD for you. Everyone on a boat should have access to a personal flotation device. One that fits and they know how…

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Why are Boats Referred to as “She”?

Naming vessels these days is a fun task for any boater. Head to your local marina and you’ll see dozens of clever names emblazoned on hulls. They’re often puns or little jokes. Historically, ships often bore the names of females. Think of some famous ships from books such as The African Queen. The Arabella from…

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How Do Sailboats Work?

To a casual observer, a sailboat makes perfect sense. Wind pushes the boat forward on the water. The boat goes in the direction of the wind. The true physics of sailing a boat are definitely more complicated. How do you sail against the wind? Why does the sailboat move forward if wind hits the sails…

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Best Marine Toilets for 2023

Choosing a marine toilet is not always the easiest job. You have a variety of marine head types to choose from. You need to decide if you want an electric marine toilet or a manual toilet. You may want a composting toilet as well. Does it have a piston pump? How big is the water…

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Brunton TruArc 3

The Best Compass of 2023 (Review and Buying Guide)

So you want to buy a compass? Here’s all you need to know! Having a dependable analog navigation tool on board your boat is a smart idea. Electronics can fail, and changing conditions make navigation by the sun and stars a very tricky business. But before we get into the best compasses to buy, let’s…

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Boat Hull Shape Types

Understanding The Different Types Of Boat Hulls

Just as there are many different types of boats, there are just as many different types of boat hulls. They come in different sizes, different shapes, and every single one of them is a feat of design and engineering. Despite having so many different types of boat hulls to choose from, they’re only designed to…

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Storm Cloud Formation

Identifying The Different Types Of Storm Clouds

A boat on the water is a great place to watch clouds. It’s also a pleasant way to pass the time when you are bored. It can also save you and your family from being caught in a sudden thunderstorm. A skipper knows to always check the weather forecast before leaving the dock, but sometimes…

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How Does the Moon Affect Tides?

There is a lot to understand about how weather and the sun and moon will affect the sea. In terms of tides, the moon does govern them. The moon’s gravitational pull is the main force affecting high and low tide. Understanding how the moon’s gravitational pull affects ocean tides is important. Knowing when to expect…

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A Heavy Ship Moored

How do Boats Float?

A boat, or any other object designed to float, is based on a theory by a very old guy, even older than Capt. Matt. Though he is old and, by the way, dead, he was really a cool guy and his name was Archimedes (Ark-i’-meed-eez). His principle, cleverly named the Archimedes’ Principle, explains how things…

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