Usually a yacht gets famous because the owner is famous and in those cases it’s typically a celebrity or maybe a well-known billionaire. That’s why we know about Amazon founder Jeff Bezo’s yacht or former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. But there are occasions when luxury yachts become well known for other reasons and that’s the case with the yacht called Sirocco. This one got famous on the reality show Below Deck, much like My Seanna, and has been seen by countless people on television for years as a result. 

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the Sirocco, including what it would cost you to get on board for a week.

Who Owns the Sirocco Yacht?

Sirocco was launched in 2006 and built by Heesen. In 2013 the yacht was sold by former owners, the brokerage Cecil Wright and Partners. At that time it had an asking price of €21.5 million. The rumor is that a European millionaire ended up purchasing the yacht and kept it in waters around Europe thereafter, which does jibe with the vessel’s appearance on Below Deck. 

Initially, Sirocco was seen in the waters around Croatia and then it appeared on Below Deck later in Mediterranean waters. It received upgrading in 2013 and the most recent refit on record was in 2015. 

Who Is the Captain of the Sirocco Yacht?

On the second season of the show Below Deck Mediterranean, Sandy Yawn was the captain of the Sirocco. She returned for season 4 on the Sirocco as well, back in 2019. 

How Much Did the Sirocco Yacht Cost?

As we said, the asking price for the Sirocco in 2013, when the yacht was 7 years old, was reported to be €21.5 million. That works out to about $23.3 million today. That said, the Sirocco is a decade older these days and the current price has been estimated to be around $20 million. However, the yacht has not been listed for sale anywhere in specific as it still seems to be making the owners money as a charter vessel, in part because of its fame from the Below Deck series. For that reason, the Sirocco yacht price is just an estimate based on similar yachts.

Is the Sirocco Available for Yacht Charters? What Does it Cost Per Week?

Currently, you can charter the Sirocco for about $196,000 US per week. That price is consistent regardless of season so there’s no better time of year to try to secure it. That said, because of its high profile the availability of the Sirocco for yacht charter may be limited, part of the reason there’s no seasonal discount on pricing as there is with many other yachts.

How Big is the Sirocco Yacht?

Sirocco falls firmly in the realm of being a superyacht and measures in at a stunning 154 feet in length and features three decks. The beam is 28 feet and some features, such as the master suite, are full beam spaces.

How Fast is the Sirocco Yacht?

Powered by a pair of MTU engines, the Sirocco has a top speed of 22 knots with a cruising speed of 12 knots. It also features an advanced stabilization system which allows for less movement on deck, part of the reason it was such an ideal choice for the Below Deck show to film. 

What’s the Luxury Motor Yacht Sirocco Interior Like?

As large as it is, the Sirocco is built to handle 12 guests plus an additional 9 crew members. The interior was designed by a company called Omega Architects with the specific goal of making something incredibly luxurious and extravagant. This is a charter yacht featured on a TV show, after all. 

Accommodations are spread across one master suite with a king bed, a VIP cabin with a queen bed, two double cabins that also have queens and then two twin cabins. The master suite, located on the upper deck, even features a marble tub with mosaic tiles and a private terrace for 180 degree viewing of the ocean undisturbed.

The on board amenities are the sorts of things you’d expect on a luxury superyacht that make it seem more like a resort on the water than simply a boat. Guests can relax in the on-deck jacuzzi tub or get in a workout in a fully professional and well-equipped on-board gym.

Photos – Jerome Kelagopian

For more relaxation there’s an on board movie theater as well as a spacious al fresco dining area. There’s a sun pad on deck for those who really want to relax and just lay out to get a tan. The top deck is an ideal space that can be used for parties and also buffet style meals.

Interior design elements are meant to bring about an Asian and, in particular, Indonesian feeling. Wood and leather accents can be found throughout in neutral and natural tones. Other elements that are frequently found throughout include glass, as a number of glass table tops are scattered across the vessel and marble as well, including a marble bar top. Finally, there are gold accents through as well, such as in the his and hers sinks in the master ensuite bathroom.

In terms of toys and extras, the Sirocco delivers in full. Those on board have access first to a 20 foot, 60 hp Castoldi tender boat as well as a smaller 18 foot tender and a 13 foot Zodiac rescue boat.

Other toys on board include a SeaDoo Waverunner, jet ski, sea kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards, wakeboards, water skis, towable tubes and inflatables, a giant slide, various other floating mats and tubes, seabobs, flyjet board, and more. There’s also equipment for snorkeling as well as scuba diving which includes a Bauer dive compressor. 

The entertainment facilities include things like high speed wi-fi throughout, along with upgraded 4G communications, ample televisions, stereo surround sound in the cabins and more. Beach games, board games and even things like a minisub can be requested and added onto charter rates.

Crew can vary depending on charter but past crew has had room for an on board masseuse as well as Michelin-starred chefs. 

The Bottom Line

The Sirocco yacht has been featured on the TV show Below Deck in two different Mediterranean seasons. At 154 feet, it’s a superyacht and though it was built in 2006, it has been refit and upgraded to keep it modern and luxurious. 

The initial price of the yacht was thought to be somewhere around $20 million. These days it’s available as a charter for about $196,000 US per week. It features numerous amenities and room for 12 guests.