Michael Jordan, aside from being a legend on the basketball court, is also an avid sport fisherman. To that end, he owns the Catch 23 sport fishing yacht, a Viking 80 model, which he’s been known to take out frequently over the years to relax on the water. Let’s take a closer look at the yacht and some of the features Jordan gets to enjoy while he’s on board. 

How Big is Catch 23?

Although it’s rumored that Jordan also owns the massive 230 foot yacht known as Joy (though it’s just a rumor) his fishing boat Catch 23 is much smaller, though still incredibly large by most people’s standards. This fishing yacht clocks in at 84 feet. That means it’s the same size as Shaq’s yacht, though they are different models. There’s room on board for 8 guests in total and it can be managed by a crew of two.

How Fast is the Motor Yacht Catch 23?

The Catch 23 is a powerhouse on the water for a boat of its size. It uses a pair of tier 3 MTU Series 2000 V16 M96L engines that offer up a top speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 30 knots. The vessel has a range of about 500 nautical miles. It’s usually docked in Jupiter, Florida but Jordan has taken it all around the US for sport fishing tournaments in the years since he’s owned it, usually up and down the east coast.

How Much Did Catch 23 Boat Cost?

Word is that Air Jordan dropped $8 million on Catch 23 back in 2018. With an estimated net worth of around $1.7 billion it’s certainly nothing he can’t afford. Which is good because the annual cost of running Catch 23 in terms of fuel, crew and general upkeep has been pegged at around $800,000.

Based on some accounts, Jordan actually significantly overpaid for his yacht but there are some reasons for that. First, the custom wrap around the boat set him back a good deal as it’s a big job. The other factor was just an issue with boat availability and the market at the time of his purchase. Boat prices were higher than usual at the time. Because of that, some sources have estimated he may have paid upwards of $2 million more than someone else might have for a nearly identical boat at another time. That said, for a 2023 model the $8 million price tag wouldn’t be unusual at all.

What’s it Like on Board Yacht Catch 23?

Because Catch 23 is a Viking 80 you can actually get on board and take tours of identical models since Jordan isn’t likely to let you come take a look at his personal yacht. His own yacht does have custom touches and, most notably, the exterior wrap has been custom designed for him and matches his private jet. Both are designed after the Air Jordan 3 sneakers.

Jordan has actually entered sport fishing tournaments with Catch 23 so it’s definitely set up for fishing and not just for show. Interestingly, the yacht has entered fishing tournaments in the past with Jordan’s crew but not Jordan himself. For instance, at the 2022 MidAtlantic Tournament, the Catch 23 crew pulled in a 73 lb White Marlin but Jordan was not on board at the time. The marlin ended up being a first place finisher. In 2020, Jordan was there himself when they pulled in a 442.3 lb Blue Marlin, though it wasn’t big enough for a win.

At the Big Rock Tournament in 2021, Jordan hauled in a 25-lb dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi on his own.

Despite being a vessel meant for function more so than luxury relaxation, Jordan still made sure his boat was comfortable. The interior decor features white leather and marble as well as hardwood surfaces. Guests can relax across a series of couches, bar stools and even booth seating when they hit the salon and galley on the main deck. 

The enclosed flybridge is massive compared to what you’d expect to find on a flybridge with seating for plenty of guests so no one needs to be separated or even downstairs rather than up by the helm if there’s a worry about the party being split up. Of course, if Jordan is keeping a crew on deck rather than operating the vessel himself then this is less of a concern. 

The massive master stateroom is full beam and features a king size bed. The VIP staterooms also feature king size beds while the crew quarters have a double berth and en suite bathrooms. 

Because Viking Yachts makes these boats custom for the owners it’s hard to say exactly what features Jordan might have included in his own interior, but similar models have even had full laundry rooms on board.

Out on the cockpit below the mezzanine there’s room to mount a fighting chair though it doesn’t look like Jordan makes use of this feature. There’s a lighted livewell with a window and tons of storage all around.  The vessel also features hydraulic bow thruster and dual freshwater pumps as well as Veem S class propellers among many other top of the line technical features.

The bow of Catch 23 is quite large and on many Viking 80s you’ll see a tender boat mounted here as it has room for a 17-foot dinghy or even two jet skis. It looks like Jordan hasn’t taken advantage of this and just keeps the bow clean and clear at all times.

The Bottom Line

Catch 23 is Michael Jordan’s custom designed Viking 80 sportfish yacht. He purchased the yacht in 2018 for $8 million and since that time has entered it in numerous sport fishing tournaments. The yacht itself has room for 10 and features a large master suit plus several VIP staterooms and crew quarters.

Because this is a sportfish vessel it’s not as decked out with luxury features as many superyachts might be. However, it does feature a lot of space and amenities to make any fishing trip a top of the line one.