SeaArk has a full line of “Easy” jon boats, and the Big Easy is a standout in the SeaArk family. It lives up to the name at 24’ in length with plenty of features to ensure a fun fishing trip for friends and family. These models combine family fun with fishing for the ultimate trip out on the water. The Big Easy models feature 15° all-welded V hull is one of the standout, practical features that ensures a smoother ride than you might find on some similar models if you find yourself in rough water. It’s able to cut through the waves and keep you and your passengers on the straight and narrow. Make no mistake though, while this is a fishing boat, it’s also a family boat and offers some solid features towards that end.

Why We Chose it: 

With plenty of features including two livewells, rod holders and fold down seating, large fishing decks and including rod storage lounge seats, the SeaArk Big Easy has most anything you’ll need for a fun afternoon fishing on the water. The boat is extremely well built and honestly it’s like a tank on the water. Not in a bad way, mind you, it’s just a really solid boat. It offer a smooth ride in heavy chop well enough to make you feel comfortable taking the family out though you may find the lack of bow lift a little hard to deal with at first, depending on what kind of boats you’re used to fishing from.

Because this is more than a fishing boat, you can also look forward to solid performance if you have passengers looking to have some fun. The SeaArk works well for towing inflatables and can reach a solid clip for water skiing as well. In addition, at 24 feet, it’s spacious enough that if you’re looking to just cut the engine and relax on the water with some drinks while people have lunch or go for a swim, you’ll be happy with your experience.  

Overall, the versatility and reliability of the SeaArk Big Easy has kept it at the top of a lot of boaters’ lists for over 10 years now since the model first arrived on the scene. If you want a boat you can count on with a solid range of options that is going to ensure a fun experience for not just the anglers on board but friends and family who maybe have other interests, you could do a lot worse than the SeaArk Big Easy.

Key Features

The SeaArk Big Easy has proven to be a popular model and many of the features speak to why it’s resonated so well, especially with boaters and anglers who like to head out with family. 

  • Aluminum dual consoles with windshields
  • 25 gallon livewell located at the bow
  • Two 6.5′ lounge seats with storage below
  • Rod storage located in the bench seat
  • Featuring a large livewell that clocks in at 60 gallons
  • 59 gallon aluminum belly fuel tank
  • Rear seat box with storage plus two 24″ bench seats
  • Rear fishing deck with two storage boxes
  • Covered & floored area for batteries
  • LED courtesy light located on the console
  • 6 gauge trolling motor wiring
  • Removable LED nav lights
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Bow tilt trim switch
  • 12-volt accessory plug that includes a USB port
  • Three battery trays
  • Engine specific speedometer
  • Radio with bluetooth & 4 speakers
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Removable snack tray with two drink holders
  • Oversized extruded caprail with accessory track & rub rail
  • Flotation pods
  • Stainless steel swim ladder
  • 10 drink holders
  • Two fold down fishing seats with pedestals
  • Anchor storage
  • Glove box
  • Splashwell

You can customize your Big Easy so that it’s featuring options and ton of accessories in addition to the standard features which include:

  • Bimini tops
  • Aluminum grab rails
  • Accessory tray with cup holders
  • Fold down fishing seats
  • Double rod holder
  • Dry box
  • Depth finder
  • LED light bar
  • LED nav lights
  • Trolling motors
  • Recirculating livewell pump
  • Power pole
  • Tree grabber
  • Hydraulic jackplate
  • 8” aluminum cleat
  • 8 upholstery options including camo styles
  • 14 paint options including standard, camo and urethane choices


  • Overall Length: 24′
  • Beam: 95″
  • Bottom Width: 72″
  • Side Depth: 26″
  • Gauge: .125
  • HP Rating: 250
  • Max Weight: 2530 lbs
  • Max Passengers: 12 people or 1595 lbs
  • Approx Weight: 1860
  • Transom Height: 25″


  • Tons of features and accessories mean you can really customize your boating experience above and beyond the “basic” model. That also ensures your experience can be really unique and personal compared to other boaters who have the exact same model. 
  • Really well made with an aluminum hull and ability to handle more chop than similar models designed for freshwater fishing. 
  • This boat lasts. People have been enjoying these Big Easys for years and they really hold up.
  • The seating is really comfortable which is something that’s often underappreciated or overlooked on some fishing boats, maybe considered an afterthought, but since this is that multipurpose boat they clearly put some thought and effort into making sure passengers ride in comfort.
  • Storage on the Big Easy is great and there’s plenty of room on board.There’s a live well, a bait well, dry bin, storage under both benches and two fold down seats, plus at least 4 other bins as well. There’s just a ton of room for everything. 
  • Plenty of room for people and even pets on board. The cross between a fishing boat and a family boat is really well balanced.
  • The casting deck is big with room for a cooler and then some. Two people can cast from there easily. 


  • Because this is really a multipurpose fishing boat, it may not have everything you want from a fishing boat right off the bat. That means you may see yourself sinking more money into accessories to make it the boat you want it to be, which can get frustrating if the price tag gets high enough.
  • She really is a lot of boat and it may be more than you want or need at 24 feet.
  • If you opt for a factory bimini top, be aware it only covers up to the consoles , which leaves a lot of ground uncovered leading towards the bow. 
  • You can get a cat rack as an option for holding your rods at the stern of the boat but the problem is it cuts off the rear of the boat quite a bit. You’d be better served maybe using multi bars that hold a couple of rods to maximize the space a little better. 

What You Need to Know:

If you’re looking at a new SeaArk Big Easy you can expect to be paying just shy of $75,000. That said, if you’re customizing your boat with some options you can see the price change substantially depending on what you choose to go for, so keep that in mind. As with most boats, those options can really shake up the final price. 

With something like a Suzuki 200 motor on the back you can expect a top speed of around 45 mph on the water which is likely more than enough for anything you’ll want to be doing. It speaks to the versatility of this as a true multi purpose boat that hits a lot of the points you want from a boat that serves different purposes.

Slow it down for a lazy day and you can put out the removable table for a comfortable day with the family.

What People Are Saying: SeaArk Models Combine Family Fun and Fishing 

Most boaters who have owned or used a SeaArk Big Easy that I heard from really hit the same points on the head over and over again. The boat is a real machine on the water, it’s a sturdy vessel that offers a stable, solid and safe-feeling ride. It’s ideal for boaters who want to include the family, especially kids, on trips out on the water.

This is by no means the pinnacle of fishing boats, it’s not going to be the boat of choice on the pro-fishing circuit, but it’s actually really well appointed overall and includes a lot of features to ensure the casual angler is going to enjoy their experience.When you want a fun and relaxing ride with the space and the accessories to make a whole day on the water enjoyable, this model has proven itself time and again.

Some boaters have had issues with not wanting the bench seats as they do take up a lot of space and if you don’t have a full crew on board the space is wasted. That said, removing them is fairly simple as well and entails popping out about a dozen screws or so, which shouldn’t take long at all. The extra space does make the boat seem roomier, if emptier overall. 

The factory bimini top, which you’re paying extra for, is actually pretty small and that’s been an issue with some owners. It covers up to the consoles but the bench seats heading up towards the bow are left exposed. That said, you can always do a custom bimini top but that’s definitely an extra expense you’re dealing with. 

Do We Recommend It? 

In terms of all around reliable boats, absolutely. The SeaArk Big Easy handles well on the water and is really well built. If you want to fish, ski or spend a day on the lake you really can’t beat it. It comes with a lot of standard features that are helpful and well thought out, but when you factor in all the potential accessories and options you have available as well, it really puts it over the top. 

If you’re an angler who has a family and wants a boat that’s not just stuck in one lane, this is one of the best choices out there. At 24 feet it’s a lot more boat than maybe some of us need and the biggest among the SeaArk family, but if that’s your wheelhouse and you’re looking for something of this size, definitely keep it in mind as you shop around. For family fun and fishing, this is a great choice.