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Early days of fishing and wakeboarding boats. These days a little more relaxing and sailing time, mostly on catamarans. Still too poor be a yacht man.

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Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb and other quick boating tips: Operating in Fog Hose Guards Kitty Litter Coat Hanger Tonnage Loran Paint & Varnish Winterizing Knots Estimating Distance “Pencil” Radar Navigating by Eye Flares Piloting by Echo Mooring Tilt/Trim Wake Crossing Changing oil Aground Accident Reports The Original  Rule of Thumb

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Extra Navigation Question

Print out this page and use your 1210 TR training chart to answer the following question. You may return later to take the quiz by selecting the button below. For this question use a variation of 16° W and deviation of 2° E. Plot a course from R”12″ Qk Fl R (approximately 41° 37.4′ N…

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What are your options

How are you going to learn to operate your new boat? Where can you learn advanced skills? Thinking of upgrading to a larger boat? Just want to know more? Never been on a boat before?   What are your options? 1. You can learn by trial and error. Though this is dangerous, and potentially expensive,…

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Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution – Additional Information Definitions: Plastic includes, but is not limited to; plastic bags, styrofoam cups and lids, six pack holders, stirrers, straws, milk jugs, egg cartons, synthetic nets, ropes, lines and bio or photo-degradable plastics. Garbage means paper, rags, glass, metal, crockery (generated in living spaces aboard the vessel — what we normally call trash),…

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How good was your Nautical Know How

How good was your Nautical Know How ? Answers to the contest appear in blue . The winner of the last contest, Lori Walczak , will receive a Nautical Know How T-shirt. A continuous fog signal indicates – a vessel in distress Which of the following will introduce compass error? Iron An ebbing tide is:…

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Useful Boating Information

Useful Boating Information Rescue Techniques for Sail Racing – from the Rescue Chiefs of Cork (03/25/98) Ramp Courtesy by Mark Fridl (03/17/98) Towing Tips by W.J. Laudeman Boating Accident Reporting – It’s the Law Maritime Environmental Regulations by Chief Warrant Officer Jim Krzenski, Commanding Officer, U.S.C.G. Station Fort Pierce, FL Marine Sanitation: Fact vs. Folklore…

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Boating Stories Archives

Boating Stories Archives The Great Bahamas Cruise by Jim Smith (03/25/98) Caution for Pontoon Boaters (03/25/98) Top 10 Silliest Questions Asked on Cruise Ships (03/25/98) Adventures in Galveston Bay by Jeanne Hurr (03/17/98) Capt. Matt’s Boating Adventure (In 4 parts) Nathan’s Kite Boat Port Tack to Tortola by Jim Smith Murphy’s Law at Work by…

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Boat Handling Tips

Boat Handling Tips Boat Docking in a Quartering Wind by Charles Low (04/14/98) Boat Docking – An Introduction by Charles Low Docking Broadside to Wind by Charles T. Low Close Quarters Maneuvering by Charles Low Docking Stern-to – by Charles T. Low Boat Docking – Alongside in a Headwind by Charles T. Low Maneuvering in…

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Basic Boating Safety Course

Study the material online, take the online chapter review quizzes and the practice final exam. When you are ready to take the final exam, pay the fee with a credit card and get immediate access to the exam. (Mail/fax ordering is also available.) Upon successful completion, you will receive a printable temporary certificate. Your permanent documents…

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Boating Courses Online

Basic Boating Safety Certification Course – Approved by NASBLA, recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. Successful completion of this course entitles most boat owners to a discount on marine insurance premiums. Take this course on your own schedule and at your own pace. Help is available via email. Coastal Navigation – basic navigation course is a combination…

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