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Chris Riley is a Lifestyle Editor and founder of, specializing in boating, outdoor sports, and hobbies. Chris heads up a team of industry research experts, curating a comprehensive platform and industry anchor. caters to professionals and passion hobbyists alike.

Chris’ experience on the water spans his life and career, with sailing, fishing, surfing, and diving as his prime passions. He’s combined digital-research with his sailing and water-sports expertise, to curate the best in gear, boats, gadgets, and nautical knowhow for his international readership.

Based in Rogers, Arkansas, Chris lives in the Ozarks and is surrounded by the Buffalo and Mulberry River, not far from Beaver Lake. When he’s not putting outdoor enthusiasts at the helm of their passions, you can find him on, under, or alongside the water.


Chris’ entrepreneur-ship sailed at age 12. Since then, he’s captained innovative projects, navigating his prime passions: sailing, water sports, and outdoor living. He received a first-hand education in boating and water sports, sailing to over 50 islands and travelling to 70 countries. He has his Advanced Open Water PADI Certification.

Articles by Chris Riley

Best Beach Shoes

Whether you’re hunting for frogs, inspecting tidal pools for crabs, playing beach games, catching a few waves, or spending some time on the fishing boat, there’s nothing quite like a day on the beach.  A day on the water is made even better, however, when nobody is complaining about sore feet. Enter the right pair…

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Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as zipping along the boardwalk, feeling the wind whip through your hair, after a long day of swimming, fishing, playing beach games, or surfing on the waves.  To experience this feeling for yourself, you’ve got to invest in a beach cruiser bike.  Riding a bike on the beach can be…

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Best Beach Games

There’s nothing quite as fun as a day at the beach. From the wave to the sand, the sun to the surf, there are plenty of ways to fill your time here.  However, if you have kids – or even a few high-energy adults! – finding ways to spend your time in the sun can…

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Best Beach Tent

Picture this – it’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and you have just finished a long swim and polished off a hot dog on the beach.  With your stomach full and your body tired, you stretch out on the beach for a long nap. When you awake, you feel well-rested – but also burned to a…

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Best Beach Sandals

If you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer – or even just want to spend a few hours out on the boat, casting for trout – then you need to invest in the appropriate attire.  After all, you can’t wear your favorite pair of sneakers to the beach. They’ll get covered in all…

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Best Beach Wagon

A day at the beach should be simple enough, right? You head to the shore, stick your toes in the water, and relax. The sad reality is that a trip to the beach often requires a lot of stuff. From all your snacks to your beach tent, your towels, and camping chair, there is all…

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Best Camping Chair

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer camping in a quiet backwoods forest or right in your own backyard – having the best camping chairs to relax in is essential.  A good set of camping chairs can even come in handy when you’re lounging on the deck, enjoying a city concert, or waiting in line for…

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Best Beach Towels

Interested in catching a few waves this summer? If so, you’re going to want to invest in the best beach towels to keep you warm and dry once you’re out of the water or off the boat.  Believe it or not, all beach towels are certainly not made alike. Sure, you could pick up a…

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Rating the Best Fishing Sunglasses of 2021

If you’re planning on heading out on the water, you need to equip yourself with the best fishing sunglasses. Not just any old pair of shades will do. While most sunglasses will do their part when it comes to protecting you from dust, sand, wind, and other elements, being on the water presents unique challenges….

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Kuuma 58173 Stow N Go 316

Best Boat Grill Of 2021 (Review And Buying Guide)

We modern humans have found tons of ways to incorporate food into our social lives. We grill for guests on the backyard deck, drop serious money on outdoor kitchens and lately we’ve taken to adding grills to our boats. And why not? What better way to enhance a leisurely boating experience than firing up the…

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Best Marine Cooler In 2019

Best Marine Cooler Of 2021 (Review And Buying Guide)

Dreaming of the next fishing trip, boating holiday or camping escape? Proper planning and investing in the right equipment may be all that you need to turn your dream into some great memories. To ensure that your drinks are cold when fighting that big fish and your catch stays fresh for as long as you…

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Castable portable fish finder

Best Portable Fish Finder of 2021 (Review And Buying Guide)

Fishing has a lot to do with patience. But there’s only so long you can wait for fish to bite, especially if you went through the trouble of driving all the way to a lake. A portable fish finder takes the guessing game out of fishing. You can spend more time fishing and less just…

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Understanding the Facts and Figures of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is a harmful side-effect of our land-based activities, and if we don’t work hard to keep our oceans clean, the future of our planet will look very bleak indeed. Since our oceans are such an important feature of the planet’s eco-system, unhealthy seas make for unhealthy residents. That’s why it’s essential for us…

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Boating Courses Online

Basic Boating Safety Certification Course – Approved by NASBLA, recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. Successful completion of this course entitles most boat owners to a discount on marine insurance premiums. Take this course on your own schedule and at your own pace. Help is available via email. Coastal Navigation – basic navigation course is a combination…

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Nautical Know How Basic Boating Safety Certification Final Exam

To take the final exam online:  This is the quickest way to receive your documents. You will also know right away whether you have passed or failed. If you cannot take the final exam online, you can print and mail this exam. This option is much slower than taking the final exam online . INSTRUCTIONS : After you have…

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The majority of recreational boats in the United States are trailered to and from the water. Your boat trailer is only one part of the entire boating package which includes the boat, trailer, hitch and towing vehicle. Neglecting the trailer’s maintenance can result in damage to your boat, your towing vehicle or both. The trailer…

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State Boating Regulations

  State Boating Regulations State Boater Education Requirements You need to know the boating laws and regulations in the states where you boat. This link will direct you to your State’s own State specific information and quiz, if available.   California Florida Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Maine Maryland Mississippi Nebraska Nevada North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania…

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Chapter IX – Special Items Section 2 – Locks Locks When traversing connected navigational areas with considerable difference in water levels you may encounter locks. These are used to move boats up or down from one level to another. Locks operate on a simple premise. You drive your boat into a chamber with gates at…

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Aids To Navigation

Chapter VI – Operations Section 3 – Aids To Navigation Aids To Navigation In order to find our way safely from place to place on the water we must depend on road signs just as we do on land. The aids to navigation are the road signs of the water. Learning to understand them requires…

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The Importance of Boat Ventilation

Ventilation is rarely something most of us give a second thought to. But on a boat, it can literally be a life or death issue. How you ventilate your boat is of vital importance. It’s also something that must follow specific, legal guidelines as well. Because of that, you’re going to want to know exactly…

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Sound Producing Devices

Chapter IV – Legal Requirements Section 2e – Required Equipment Sound Producing Devices The navigation rules require sound signals to be made under certain circumstances. Meeting, crossing and overtaking situations described in the Navigation Rules section are examples of when sound signals are required. Recreational vessels are also required to sound signals during periods of…

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Required Equipment

Chapter IV – Legal Requirements Section 2a – Required Equipment Required Equipment All boats are required to carry certain equipment. Most items must be approved by the U. S. Coast Guard and kept in good condition and used only for their designated purpose. The following table lists Federal minimums, check your state regulations for any…

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Recommended Equipment

Chapter IV – Legal Requirements Section 3 – Recommended Equipment Recommended Equipment In addition to all the equipment that the U. S. Coast Guard requires, certain equipment and supplies just make common sense to have. The following are items that should be carried aboard: VHF Radio Anchor and ground tackle Bilge Pump and or bailer…

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Pollution Regulations

Chapter IV – Legal Requirements Section 2f – Pollution Pollution Regulations Many might think that environmental regulations to protect the waters from pollution were enacted in recent years. In actuality the “Refuse Act of 1899” was designed to prohibit throwing, discharging or depositing any refuse matter of any kind (including trash, garbage, oil and other…

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Personal Watercraft

Chapter VII – Getting Underway Section 6 – Personal Watercraft Personal Watercraft A Personal Watercraft (PWC) is defined as a vessel which uses an inboard motor powering a water jet pump as the primary source of motive power, and which is designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel,…

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Undocking Plan

Chapter VII – Getting Underway Section 2 – Docking & Undocking Plans Undocking Plan Prior to getting underway, you should implement an undocking plan with the help of your passengers. You should consider the traffic in the area, the direction of wind and current and the depth of the water. Do not assume that everyone…

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boating course

  You’re operating at night when you see a white light flashing this pattern: a short flash and brief dark interval, then a longer flash and a longer interval of darkness, repeated every 8 seconds. What is it?   The answer is: the white light is sending the morse code equivalent of the letter “A”…

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Distance, Speed, Time Worksheet

Coastal Navigation Course Chapter VI Distance, Speed, Time Worksheet Remember: Convert Minutes to Decimals (and back) and Round Answers Distance: Speed: Time: 1. 15.0 nm 8.6 1 hour 45 minutes = 1.75 hours Calculation: D ÷ T = S – 15.0 nm ÷ 1.75 hours = 8.57 kts 2. 12.5 nm 7 kts 1 hour 47…

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The 10 Best Mold and Mildew Cleaners

Mildew is the scourge of many boaters. This fungus will flourish in the conditions presented to it on many boats. It needs a dark, damp place with lots of moisture. Poor air circulation and cool temperatures also help. Your fishing boat is a prime breeding ground. Even your carpets and personal flotation devices are at…

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Coastal Navigation Course

This course will prepare you for the navigation portion of the U.S.C.G. captain’s license exam. It will also prepare you for the Coastal Navigation Standard Exam (ASA 105). And, it will show you how to get your boat to your favorite waterfront restaurant, safely and on time. The navigation course is a combination of a…

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