Caution is the name of the game on the water. The deck of your boat can be dangerous if you’re not careful. It may also not be as comfortable as it could be. Bare wood or fiberglass can leave a lot to be desired. The answer you need is carpeting. Choosing the best boat carpet is more work than it may seem, however. There is a lot to take into account. Whether you need it for a fishing boat or a yacht, there’s a carpet out there for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the best boat carpets on the market. Afterwards, we’ll cover everything you need for choosing the right boat carpet. That includes getting the right feel, to finding a way to match your deck chairs.


Do It Yourself Boat Carpet

The Do-It-Yourself boat carpet offers a 20 oz pile weight. That makes it thick enough to be substantial, but not overly so. It won’t be a hassle to clean. It’s one of the best looking marine carpets on the market as well. It comes in a wide variety of colors to match many styles.

Made from UV-resistant polypropylene, it is highly durable. It will resist mold and mildew as well. That means you don’t have any worry about odor. It will also resist stains.

Installing the boat carpet is easy. They don’t call it “do it yourself” for nothing. It’s a simple glue down process to affix the carpet in place. It even comes with a carpet knife and extra blades. Just make sure you swap out a fresh blade when needed. Sharp cuts will prevent any fraying at the edges.

As an added bonus, Marine Carpeting is known for having a great installation manual. As weird as it sounds, it’s actually a fun read. And it’s also informative. This may be the best boat carpet you’ll find.

House, Home and More Carpet

The House, Home and More is an indoor/outdoor carpet. It’s all weather and not specifically for marine use. If you’re budget conscious about your boat, this is a good choice. The carpet is thin. It features a ¼ inch pile. The fibers are not likely to fray easily, either. The backing is rubber and the fibers are polyester. That means it is highly resistant to mold and mildew.

The carpet is extremely lightweight. If you’re not interested in anything plush or bulky, it does the job. Installation is extremely easy as well. The material is thin and light enough to cut to any size. Because it’s designed for outdoor use, it will not easily fade in the sun.

The carpeting lays flat and is easy to glue in place. That makes it easy to install, even if you have never done it before.

Industrial Supply HQ Deluxe Carpet

Industrial Supply has made a high quality carpet. The look and feel should work on any boat. With a 20 oz pile weight, it’s not too thin and not too thick. It’s also highly resistant to all kinds of stains. Not just mold and mildew, but others as well. Oil, food and even gas. Because it’s designed for outdoor use, it’s also highly resistant to UV rays. Cleaning is simple enough with just a vacuum. If there’s a spill, you can wipe it up.

This carpet also has a low water retention. That means it won’t stay wet for long. The backing is synthetic latex. It prevents fibers from falling out and fraying.

The carpet feels like it’s heavy duty, even at 20 oz. You can cut it down to size but be careful when doing so. The edges of this carpet may fray with cutting. Installation is very simple. Glue it down and set it in place.

There is a three-year warranty on this marine carpet as well. Just remember that it won’t cover fraying if you cut it yourself.

Bascar 32-oz Boat Carpet

When you want a lush, comfortable marine carpet, Bascar has you covered. At 32 oz pile weight, this is thick and luxurious. This is the kind of marine carpet you want to walk around on in your bare feet. The durable rubber backing ensures it stays put when you glue it down. The company provides a knife and blades to allow you to cut it to size. Installation is fairly easy as well. The company provides a thorough installation guide.

Water won’t penetrate the backing. It’s also easy to clean, despite the weight. You’d think this marine carpet would be expensive given the weight. It’s actually fairly affordable, however.

The 8.5 feet width is larger than many boat carpets. That makes it ideal as a pontoon boat carpet, however. It comes in several colors to choose from as well. You can go bright with something like burgundy if you want. Or more subdued, like sand.

BoatCarpetSales 16 Oz Cut Pile Boat Carpet

If you want a thinner marine carpet that works well on any boat, try this 16 oz cut pile carpet. It comes in over a dozen different colors to choose from. It’s made from polypropylene and that ensures mold and mildew resistance. It also resists stains as well. The cut pile is short and feels smooth underfoot. That makes it comfortable and enjoyable. Not to mention easy to clean.

Because of the thin size, it’s easy to install. At six feet wide, this carpet is thinner than some. But that also makes it more usable in certain areas on certain boats. The carpet is also fire-retardant as well. That adds an extra layer of safety.

HappyBuy Marine Carpet

The HappyBuy Marine carpet comes in several colors that look good on most boats. The pile is short and easy to clean up. You can sweep or vacuum most messes away. It’s stain resistant and easy enough to wipe up spills as well.

The backing of the carpet is made of something called TPR. It provides the ultimate in waterproofing. That ensures the deck of your boat won’t get wet at all. The polyester fiber resists mold and mildew. It also has a ribbed texture to it as well. That offers better traction.

It’s more affordable than many other boat carpets. It can also be cut easily with a knife or even scissors. The pile will not fray as easily as some others. There’s no leftover fuzz around the edges, either. It comes in sections that are six feet wide. Lengths range from 13 feet all the way to 29.5 feet.

BasCar 28 oz Pontoon Boat Carpet

At 28 oz this pontoon boat carpet is plush and comfortable. It comes with a carpet knife and extra blades. There’s also a guide for helping you cut it to size properly. It can be installed with a glue down application.

The back of the carpet is marine grade rubber to resist water. The durability of the fabric can stand up to a lot. It’s polypropylene, which means mold and mildew are not things you’ll need to worry about with proper care.

The carpet comes in lengths from 10 feet to 30 feet. Clean up is fairly easy. The look and style lends itself nicely to any boat.

CPR Marine Upholstery Carpet

The CPR marine upholstery carpet comes in mini rolls. It’s ideal for use as trim. The rolls are cut to 72 x 36 inches. The material is also flexible. It can be used around curved areas and to upholstery vertical surfaces as well.

Because of the size and ease of cutting, it fits almost anymore. You can use it to carpet narrow floors or even inside lockers. The fabric is sturdy despite its small size. Even when you cut it, the edges won’t fray. Even when you cut it, the edges hold together.

This carpet does not have a rubber backing. That means you’ll need padding under it. Because there is no rubber backing, it may crease as well. Because it has no backing, it is much more flexible than some, however. This is what allows it to adapt to odd shapes and angles.

Churershining Boat Decking Sheet

This floor covering from Churershining isn’t exactly a carpet at all. Instead, it’s an EVA foam floor covering. It offers a stylish design, and it’s exceptionally easy to clean. This can save you a lot of time in the long run. Spills just wipe up. Anything else you can just sweep away. Even fish blood won’t soak in. That makes it ideal for bass boats. Or any fishing boats, really.

The surface is textured for excellent traction. Even when wet, you won’t be slipping anywhere. The foam is also heat resistant. So under the sun you won’t have to worry about hot feet. It offers a diamond appearance that is stylish and understated.

Installation is very easy. The backing is self-adhesive. Just be careful that it sticks properly. You may need some extra glue to hold it down. Trimming to size can be done easily with a blade or a pair of scissors. When you need a bass boat carpet, try these foam floors instead.

Yuanjiasheng EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet

This boat flooring is made from environmentally friendly EVA foam. It comes in a variety of colors to match the look of your boat. It’s a faux teak appearance for added stylishness. The foam is resistant to stains. Clean up is done easily with a broom or a mop. You can hose it down or pressure wash it as well.

The foam surface is textured to add traction. Wet or dry, it prevents slippage. It is resistant to both mold and mildew, but also much more. Whatever you spill, this flooring can probably endure. Oil, grease, and more will not absorb. It’s even corrosion resistant. Because it can’t absorb water, you never need to worry about smells.

The foam provides a comfortable cushioning. It makes for one of the nicest looking and feeling floor coverings for your boat. Cutting is extremely easy. You can use a blade or scissors to cut to size. The back is also self adhesive. That makes installation a breeze.

Value Carpets Marine Grade Boat Carpet

Value Carpets marine grade boat carpets are UV proof stabilized polypropylene. It resists moisture, fading, and fuzz. The fade-resistance is even backed by a guarantee. The company offers a two year warranty against it. They will also offer you samples if you ask for them ahead of ordering as well. There are 10 different colors you can choose from.

The pile is 20 oz which means it has a nice amount of padding. It’s not so thick that you can’t cut through it either, though. The back is marine grade rubber. That offers superior water resistance. It lies flat and stays in place well. Installation is not hard at all and can be done by first timers as easily as pros.

Things to Consider

The best marine carpet has more than one job. It’s about the way your boat looks and functions. You need it to provide traction and a good visual style. There are other factors to consider as well. The best boat carpet features a lot of different qualities.

Pile Type

There are a couple of pile types used in boat carpets. The pile refers to the density and style of the fibers.

Cut Pile Boat Carpet: The looped fibers of these boat carpets are cut in half. The fibers are long and loose. They connect under the back of the carpet. This is a comfortable style of boat carpet. You’d want this on a fishing boat. Also, any other kind of boat where you might be standing around a lot.

Loop Pile Boat Carpet: The loops in this pile are not cut. That means the fibers are more tightly packed. These boat carpets are more durable and can stand up to a lot. The downside is they are prone to snags. If a loop gets pulled, it will be noticeable.

You can use some non-marine carpets on boats. There are indoor/outdoor carpets that will work well on a boat. They are all-weather and can handle moisture well. However, you need to make sure the features meet your needs. They need to be fully waterproof and weatherproof to get the job done. You want them to be fade resistant and UV protected also.

Pile Weight

Pile weight is typically given in ounces per square yard. The higher the weight, the more fibers in a given area. The boat carpet will be denser and more plush. This generally means a higher quality carpet as well.

In terms of numbers, you’ll want at least a 16 ounce carpet. At 16 oz your boat carpet will be very thin. This is not a lush carpet by any means. It’s closer to a mat. At double the weight, 32 oz is far superior. This is more comfortable and lush. The trade off is that it is much harder to keep clean.

In between 16 oz and 32 oz you can find many additional options. Even something as light as 20 oz will be suitable for many boats. The best marine carpet is in the middle somewhere.

Boat Carpet Size

Obviously you have the option to cut boat carpet to size. However, it looks much better when you don’t. If you can buy carpet at the right size, you should. Use cut pieces only to fit into smaller gaps and spaces. Ideally, these are out of the way as well.

Carpet sizes vary depending on type and seller. You can often buy carpeting in lengths of 5, 6 or 8 feet. Obviously you will need to measure your boat to see what works best.


How the boat carpet sticks is another issue. Some floor coverings have an adhesive backing. This is typically a covering that is textured, rather than carpet. As for true carpeting, you still have a few options.

Non-skid: These types of boat carpets are not typically marine exclusive. You might use these on polished wood floors at home as well. The back is textured, so it is less likely to move when it’s laid down. But there is nothing that secures it firmly in place. It can slip. You may also have to worry about water caught under it.

Glue-Down Carpeting: This type of boat carpet is affixed to the boat deck with boat carpet glue. It offers a permanent solution. It’s also exceptionally secure. It can be difficult to use this over a large area. You may want to stick to smaller boats with the glue down option. On the other hand, it offers great traction and security. You need to use a good quality marine glue for this job. Remember, the boat carpet will be exposed to a lot of water. It may remain saturated for a long time. Marine glue is designed to handle this kind of wetness.

Snap-in Carpeting: Snap-in carpeting is secure but not as permanent as glue-down. Snaps are screwed into the deck and the carpeting is snapped into place. This can offer a secure solution with less worry. Glue breaking down is not a concern here. The price and time involved in this can be increased.

Self-Adhesive: Some boat carpets and floorings are self-adhesive. They have peel and stick backs, just like band-aids. This can make installation very easy. They are usually easy to lay out and line up the way you want them. The downside to these is that it may not stick well. Sometimes your best bet is to use glue along with the adhesive.


How you stick the boat carpet also depends on the backing. The most common backing materials are rubber and vinyl. These are both waterproof, which is what you want. They add padding to increase comfort as well.

Thick backings will offer a more comfortable base. The trade off is that it is harder to cut and install. If the backing is too thin the boat carpet will be less comfortable. It can feel more like walking on a bare floor.


Everything that is going to work or not work about a carpet is based on material. The best material for boat carpets is polypropylene. It’s durable, but soft enough to be comfortable. Any common carpet problems tend to be overcome by polypropylene. It resists both mold and mildew. It can also stand up to a lot of foot traffic. It resists sun bleaching and stains.

Polyester yarn may be an alternative choice. It tends to cost more money, however. It also has issues with shedding. In general, polypropylene is preferable.

Natural fibers are not a good idea for marine carpeting. The water can lead to mold and mildew build up. This will end up smelling bad and causing stains.


Boat carpeting tends to take more abuse than indoor carpeting. People are often wearing shoes on it. It’s exposed to things like dirt and oil. Water is the biggest concern as well. If you boat on the ocean, you may end up with salt stains. You need a tough carpet to handle this.

UV resistance is another concern when it comes to durability. If your carpet is outside in the sun, it can wear out. The color will fade over time if it’s not UV treated. Often this happens unevenly as well, so it will look unattractive.

Make sure you get a well-constructed carpet. Cheaper carpet comes apart when cut. The edges may fray and fibers will begin to fall out.

Cutting Boat Carpets

Obviously you’d want to buy a carpet that’s the right size from the factory. But that can’t always work. Some boat carpets are too long. Some aren’t long enough. You may need small corners and spaces filled in. That means cutting to size.

Cutting is typically done with a carpet knife. Some can even be cut with scissors. You need to check the installation guide to find the best way to cut your carpet. Some boat carpets will fray terribly when they are cut. You can get fuzz and stray fibers. The edges can look exceptionally ugly as well.

You need to use a very sharp blade to cut your boat carpet. Some boat carpets can only be cut on certain angles or along certain lines. Be sure you’re following the installation manual. That way you’re less likely to have any difficulties. In general, you want to cut the carpet as little as possible.


In the most bare bones situation, style isn’t a concern. But everyone wants their boat to look good. So when you can get a stylish carpet, why not? This can add to the overall look of your boat. There are hundreds of colors and patterns available. There’s sure to be something to complement any boat.


Texture is an aspect of carpeting many people overlook. The texture may feel good on your hand at first. But consider what it will be like to stand on all the time. Or sit on, depending on your boat.

Many cheaper marine carpets have an unpleasant texture. They can feel like rough, bristling plastic. This kind of carpet may be cheaper, but it will become less comfortable over time. You need to find a carpet that is soft and pliant. It doesn’t need to be luxurious like your bedroom carpet by any means.


It seems like installing one carpet is the same as installing another. That’s not always the case. You want to make sure your carpet comes with a clear installation guide. There may be things you need to do to prepare the carpet beforehand. You may also need to know a proper style for cutting it. It can also feature information about the best way to affix the carpet to the boat.


You’ll need to keep your carpet clean and maintained. The more well maintained the carpet, the longer it will last. The installation manual will offer directions for proper cleaning and care. You want to remember to remove stains as soon as you notice them. Even with a polymer fiber, some stains can set in and be very hard to remove. This is especially true if the sun bakes them in.

You likely need to avoid bleach and harsh chemicals. You don’t want to cause more problems just trying to clean a carpet.

UV Protection

A good quality boat carpet has to deal with the sun. Day in and day out with no shade can be brutal. A good carpet needs to be UV protected. That will prevent the color from fading. UV rays can cause more damage over time than many people realize. Not only does it cause color fading, it can break down material as well. In time it can make carpet brittle and dried out.