If you’re serious about boating, a deck chair is a must. While your grandpa’s fishing boat may have had bench seats, things have changed. There’s no reason not to enjoy comfort when out on the water. Whether a fishing trip or just fun with friends. A good deck chair can be the difference between an uncomfortable outing and a fun afternoon. They’re also designed for safety as well. Seated passengers are always safer than those standing and walking around.

A good boat deck chair has to meet your needs. It needs to handle harsher environments than a beach chair. Or any other chair used on land. You want a strong and sturdy chair. One that won’t tip or fall on rough water. Likewise, you want a deck chair that can handle getting wet. It should be easy to clean and easy to store. And, of course, it needs to be comfortable.

Let’s take a look at some of the best boat deck chairs.

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat

The Millennium Marine B-100 boat seat is compact and comfortable. It’s designed to mount on just about any boat pedestal. Despite its small appearance, it’s a remarkably sturdy and tough seat. You can easily handle 400 lbs in the Millennium Marine.

The seat itself is easy to install. It can take the place of a pedestal seat or a helm seat. It features a 3-year warranty so you can count on it being able to handle your needs. Featuring a contoured sling back, you won’t find yourself growing uncomfortable after a long period of time. It’s designed with back support in mind. You can take a load off and fish with ease.

The seat features optional armrests and can be folded away. Millenium Marine has designed it with what they call Comfort Max seating. The fabric will stay dry and cool no matter what the weather. Even if you head out early in the morning, the seat isn’t going to hold dew. Water will drain away fast, even in a direct downpour. It is UV resistant so you can expect it to outlast many other similar fabrics.

In addition, the fabric will resist mold and mildew. Millennium really covered all the bases with this seat.

When folded up, the seat takes up very little space. It’s just a few inches thick. The frame is highly durable aluminum. It’s built to endure all weather conditions. That means it’s going to resist corrosion. At 21 inches wide, it’s also one of the larger seats available. If you find other deck chairs too narrow and confining, this is a great choice.

WisePro Casting Deck Seat

Looking for a deck chair with no frills? The WisePro Casting Deck Seat is your best bet. This is arguably the most affordable option on the market. And with hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, it’s proven that the low price is not the only benefit.

The high compression foam padding is great for comfort and support. The high impact plastic frame can withstand a lot of abuse. It features an embossed, 26 oz marine vinyl surface. It’s treated to resist both UV rays and mildew. This is the same treatment you’ll find on deck chairs that cost five times as much.

The design is simple and minimal. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your boat. The stool-like design is preferred by many boaters for use at the helm. It offers greater visibility when piloting the boat.

You can mount the seat on all standard 4-bolt pedestals. It’s a quick and easy process. The mounting screws are included as well.

When all you want is a bare bones seat that is comfortable enough to get you off your feet, this is a good choice.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Chair

The KingCamp heavy duty compact folding mesh chair with side table and handle is tough and durable. Made with 600D Oxford fabric, it can handle some abuse. It has a classy director’s chair look. It even features a side table for your drink. The mesh material doesn’t get too hot. It allows good airflow to keep you cool in the sun. It’s also easy to clean up. It can easily handle up to 300 lbs as well.

The steel frame is very sturdy. It’s well balanced so you don’t need to worry about wobbling. When folded up, it takes up very little space. Plus, the added handle makes carrying it very easy. It weighs just under 12 lbs. KingCamp also offers a lifetime warranty on their chairs. Backed by that, this is a standout.

Leader Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat

When you’re looking for a good deal on a comfortable deck chair, this is your answer. The Leader plastic shell folding boat seat is affordable but still high quality. Compression foam padding is firm and supportive. You won’t be finding any lumpy or hard spots in the seat.

The compact size makes it ideal for smaller boats. Mounted on a pedestal, it takes up very little space. Several color options, including basic white, ensure it will look good on any boat. The frame is impact-resistant plastic. It can handle a decent amount of abuse. The mounting frame is a standard 5 x 5. It’s easy to bolt in place in just minutes.

In terms of durability, you’re looking at a molded plastic shell. This is covered by a 600 Denier polyester cover. It has a polyurethane coating plus UV resistance. That means brutal sun and rain are no problem. Cleaning up is as simple as wiping it down.

The frame is covered by a solid 5-year warranty. The upholstery even has a 3-year warranty. Combined with the affordable price, this is one of the best on the market.

Seamander Captain Bucket Seat

If you feel like you need the ultimate in comfort as the captain, look no further. The Seamander Captain Bucket Seat blows most other chairs out of the water. The marine-grade vinyl is treated to resist UV rays. It’s also designed to resist mold and mildew, which can grow in damp conditions.

The high density foam padding is some of the most comfortable of any deck chair on the market. It may be as close to a comfy chair at home that you will find. The design allows a degree of customization. You can flip up a bolster to add height. The back rest is then higher or lower, depending on what you like. The back is curved for maximum comfort. Unlike other chairs which are designed upright, this keeps you in a supported, comfortable position.

The backrest is made of strong plastic. All fasteners and supports are stainless steel to resist rust. It even includes mounting crews, also stainless, for easy set up.

The overall look is unique and a real standout. It has a retro vibe that many deck chairs do not have. With a variety of colors available, you can choose what looks best with the design of your boat.

CGI Outdoor Sitbacker

Not everyone is looking for a deck chair on a yacht or sailboat. If you have a canoe and want a comfortable seat, look no further than the CGI Outdoor Sitbacker. This compact seat is incredibly comfortable and portable.

Able to support 250 lbs, this seat only weighs 2.9 lbs. It’s very compact and unobtrusive. It features a portage lock to keep it in place when travelling with your canoe. It folds up easily and also features ComfortBack technology. That means it offers customized reclining so you can find the perfect fit. The dual buckles allow you to pick any reclining angle you like.

The seat is designed to attach easily to any canoe seat or bench. Essentially, you’re getting a deck chair where none are supposed to be. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time canoeing, you know just how uncomfortable some of those seats can normally be.

The seat has a lumbar cushion for lower back support. The seat is padded for extra comfort. There’s even a storage pocket for small items you need to keep close at hand.

FORMA Marine High Back Deck Chair

If style is as important to you as comfort and quality, check out the Forma Marine deck chair. Few other chairs look the part of a marine accessory like these do. Forma is the standard in boat deck chairs and has been producing them for over 40 years.

The durable polyfor fabric is mold and mildew resistant. The entire chair is designed for life on the water and can withstand whatever nature throws at it. The tubes are anodized aluminum. Corrosion and rust are not an issue here. The leg tips are anti-skid. They’ll stay put and not scratch up your deck.

The armrests are rounded teak wood or Iroko.. The extra high back ensures comfort and support. The strength of both the metal frame and fabric is noteworthy. Many boaters with back issues swear by Forma. They don’t have the same give that many deck chairs do. They are also able to handle up to 260 lbs of weight.

The chairs only weigh 8 lbs. That makes moving and storage a breeze.

Leader Portal Folding Deck Chair

The Leader portable folding deck chair offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. To begin, the marine-grade vinyl is treated for life on the water. It is both UV and mildew treated. That will keep it looking like new in the harshest conditions. The design is simple, clean and elegant. There are few boats where this chair would not look at home. Combine that with various color options, and there is sure to be one for you.

The frame of the chair is made from high impact plastic. A safety lock prevents them from accidentally folding. The armrests and back are both padded for extra comfort. The feet are also rubber tipped. This ensures traction even on a wet deck. Plus if it does get bumped, it won’t scratch the surface.

The chairs weigh just over 23 lbs each. That makes them heavier than many, but they are sturdy. Fold up is easy and they are not awkward to move.

Bonnlo Zero Gravity Deck Chair

Bonnlo Zero Gravity Deck chairs offer ultra comfort with the ability to recline. Best of all, they come in two packs when you buy them. An accessory tray has too, for drinks, snacks, books and more.

The support tubes are thicker than standard chairs. This ensures more stability and support. They are able to handle up to 350 lbs of weight.

The headrest is removable. It is made of the same Textilene fabric as the body. This material is durable and water resistant. They are designed for use in all weather. The fabric is UV resistant to prevent sun bleaching. They also resist heat transfer so no burning your back on a sunny day. An upgraded locking system ensures that the chair stays in whatever position you want it in. Bungee cords also help to ensure maximum comfort.

These chairs are heavier than some. They weigh about 16 lbs a piece. That said, they fold up easily. Their compact shape is not awkward to move. That makes them easier to deal with than other large recliner chairs. The company also offers a 1-year warranty if you are not satisfied.

Wise Deluxe High Back Seat

Wise is one of the most well known names in boat seating. They make quality products at a price nearly everyone can afford. The Wise Deluxe high back seat is no exception. Available in a wide range of colors, this seat fits any boat. The plastic is injection molded and high impact. The foam padding is high compression and resists moisture. It’s also a 14-inch deep pad. That means you don’t need to worry about it getting flat and uncomfortable on a long trip.

Like any good deck chair, the cover is 28 oz marine vinyl. It’s coated for both UV and mildew resistance. The aluminum base and hinges will resist corrosion. Even better, the hinges are pinch resistant. No need to worry about accidentally getting fingers stuck.

It mounts on a standard four-bolt pedestal. Four mounting screws come with it to make the job easier. You can also mount it on a swivel if you like. That means you should be able to swap this seat for any other pedestal seat on the market.

Garelick EEZ-In Padded Deck Chair

When you don’t want a lot of hassle from your deck chair, look to the Garelick Eez-In. This simple padded chair features a one-piece canvas back. There is foam padded back and thigh support. If you have a lumbar issue, consider giving it a try.

The frame is anodized and corrosion resistant. The armrests are varnished hardwood. That makes them able to stand up to harsh conditions on the water while still looking great. Coated tips on the legs make them skid resistant. They’ll also keep your deck free from scratches.

One of the big selling points here is ease of use. If you have ever struggled to fold and unfold a deck chair, this one’s for you. The folding mechanism is incredibly simple and easy. If you have issues with grip or arm strength, you’ll find this very helpful.

At just under 7 lbs, the chairs are easy to transport and stow almost anywhere.

Seateak Windrift 6-Position Folding Deck Chair

You’ll be hard pressed to find a deck chair with a more elegant, classical look. The Seateak Windrift 6-position deck chair is one of the most eye-catching. Made from solid teak, it’s one of the only all-wood chairs you can find. The legs are made with 304 stainless steel. That means you can expect durability and strength. As well, they can handle wet weather conditions.

Because the bulk of the chair is teak wood, it is built to last. Mold, water, sun and humidity are no problem. Teak wood is prized for its ability to withstand all of them. It will be strong and elegant for a long time to come. Plus, because it’s wood, it really fits in with any boat. You likely won’t have to worry about these chairs looking out of place on your deck.

The wooden parts are machined to precision size. That means you won’t have any issues with awkward shapes or slats that don’t quite fit right.

As the name suggests, the back is adjustable. There are 6 positions you can set it to from a straight back to a recliner. However you like to relax, the Seateak is a great option.

The chair weighs 10 lbs so it’s sturdy but not overly bulk. The folding mechanism is easy to manage. Storage is pretty easy as well.

GoPlus Zero Gravity Deck Chairs

Fully relaxing on a boat is not always easy. If you have the space and want to enjoy the weather, a GoPlus Zero Gravity Deck Chair is perfect. With a 300 lb capacity and UV coated fabric, these chairs are built to last. They fold up into one third of their size for storage as well.

The seat posts are aluminum while the legs are steel. They are well ventilated to ensure a cool and comfortable experience in all weather. There’s also a detachable headrest. Amazon offers them in packs of two, so you’ll have one for you and a friend. They also come fully assembled and ear easy to fold and unfold.

Things to Remember

There are many options for picking deck chairs on a boat. Sometimes even a non-marine deck chair can offer a lot of benefits. But you should look for a few key aspects when making your choice.

Size: This can be a balancing act. You want a chair that is comfortable. But you also need room on your boat. How the chair is mounted can have a big influence here. If it is pedestal mounted, there will be less space taken up. If it is portable, you can fold it up and put it away. Always test things out before committing to anything. So how easily you can maneuver on your boat with the deck chair in place.

Materials: The materials of a deck chair are important for several reasons. You want a durable material for the cushion. Something that will offer comfort and support. But it also needs to be able to stand up to water. If you fish or sail on the ocean, it needs to resist stains from salt.

Likewise, the legs or support of the boat need to be sturdy. Something like anodized steel can resist corrosion. Nearly every chair has to include metal parts somewhere. These can be weak spots on cheaper chairs. Bolts, joints, and legs are often metal and can rust if cheaply made. Too much metal can make the chair heavy and awkward, however.

Wooden chairs have a very attractive appearance. They’re also typically light weight and can float. However, exposure to harsh conditions may damage cheaper wooden chairs. The planks can swell and crack. Make sure wooden parts are treated and water safe.

Cleaning: Maintaining a deck chair is always important. Spills plus wear and tear can take their toll. Make sure you keep your chairs wiped down and clean. Store them when not in use to protect from sun and weather.

Endurance: This is important whether or not you store the chairs. During use they will be exposed to bright sun and water. UV radiation causes more than just sunburns. Potentially things like fish guts and spilled drinks, too. You want a chair built to handle this without falling apart. Make sure it’s built to last.

Appearance: They say looks aren’t everything. That may be true, but coordination is never bad on a boat. You want a deck chair that will compliment the appearance of your vessel. If it stands out as awkward and ugly, it’s just going to look weird. This is about enjoying your boat. There’s no need to settle for the first deck chairs you find.

Comfort: All of these aspects mix together to achieve comfort. Think of how you’ll be sitting and what you’ll be doing. Some chairs do not offer back support. Some recline. Can you operate your boat and fish in this seat? Will your back become too sore?

Consider what it means if a seat is too comfortable. That sounds silly, but have you ever gotten stuck in a chair? If it reclines too far back or has too much cushioning, for instance. It can actually be a struggle to get up. Not only is that embarrassing, it can be a danger on a boat.

Costs: Someone once said buy the best you can afford at the time. This is a good rule for deck chairs as well. Find what meets your needs and fits your boat. Buy the best you can get without overextending. No need to go broke for a chair. But if you don’t need to cut corners, don’t do that either. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more for quality. Especially if this deck chair is going to get a lot of use. A $30 deck chair that wears out after one season is not going to be a better deal than a $100 chair that lasts 10 seasons. That said, you know your budget best. Choose what meets all of your needs in the best way.

Not every lower priced chair is cheaply made. Just make sure you’re comparison shopping to find the best deal.

Portability: If the deck chair is not a permanent fixture on your boat, it needs to be portable. Some deck chairs fold up easily for transport. Some even include handles or carrying cases. With all the gear you need on a boat, this can be a key factor. Likewise, if it folds away, that makes it easy to store. Always remember space is at a premium on a boat. A deck chair that is comfortable but bulky and hard to move may be a bad idea.