You know you need to stay hydrated when you’re out for the day. Boating, fishing, hiking, you’re going to need water. But sometimes a standard water bottle takes up too much space, right? And you don’t need a full survival kit here. If you’ve decided a collapsible water bottle is what you need, check out our recommendations. These are the best collapsible water bottles on the market.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Nomader is a standout when it comes to collapsible water bottles. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better quality collapsible water bottle on the market. The only downside to Nomader is that it’s definitely a premium product, and the price reflects that. You’re not breaking the bank with it, of course. But it is a little steep compared to the rest of our recommendations.

The Nomader Collapsible water bottle is made from very durable, BPA-free silicone. It rolls up into a remarkably small and portable package when it’s no longer needed. The strap included allows you to tie it up tightly, so it doesn’t unfold. That same strap can either go around your wrist or can be used to attach it to your backpack.

One of the best features of the Nomader water bottle is just the way it feels in your hand. When it’s full, it has a very rigid water bottle feel to it. Despite that, it’s still easy to squeeze. Combine that with the grip sleeve that’s included and it’s comfortable to carry around. Once empty it’s easy to collapse and tuck away.

Nomader stands firmly behind their products. This bottle comes with a lifetime guarantee. So when they say that the cap is leak-proof, you shouldn’t have too many worries. We didn’t experience any leaks when we tried one. But it’s good to know that in 10 years the company will still guarantee that it’s not going to start dripping.

The lid can be removed, and you have a wide mouth available for filling the bottle. Once the lid is on, the drinking spout itself has a narrow to medium width. This helps reduce any spilling as it is fairly comfortable to drink from. There’s also a cap that closes over the drinking spout to keep it from getting dirty.

When you fold it down it only takes up 1/3 of the original space. That means you could slip it into a backpack pocket really easily. The silicone is BPA-free and is good from -4 Fahrenheit all the way up to 248 Fahrenheit. You can freeze it with water and let it thaw during your hike if you want. Or you could fill it with hot coffee in the morning. Just remember, it’s not insulated against heat. You will need a sleeve to handle hot liquids or only stick to colds.

When you’re looking for the best collapsible water bottle this is well worth your time and money.

Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

Another great choice in the collapsible water bottle marketplace is Hydaway. With a spout lid and the ability to fold down to an incredibly small size, this one has a lot going for it. The maximum capacity of the bottle is only 17 Oz. That makes it a little bit smaller than some of the others, but that might suit your needs perfectly fine. The fact that it weighs only 5 oz and the bottle collapses down so small means you can take it almost anywhere.

There’s a convenient handle for carrying or for hanging off of a bag when it’s full. It even fits neatly into your car cup holder if you happen to be driving, or if you’re on a boat. The shape fits well in your hand so you don’t need to worry about it feeling clumsy when you’re trying to drink out of it.

Many other collapsible water bottles need to be rolled or folded. One of the cool features about the Hydaway is that you can just squash it flat and pop it right out again. It’s a telescoping effect that is quick and pretty neat. It collapses right down into a little puck shape and you can stash it nearly anywhere. Just be careful when you do stash it. It’s so small that it’s easy to forget or lose.

Thanks to the small size, it’s remarkably easy to clean. Just take the lid off and pop it in the dishwasher. Even if you’re cleaning by hand, it has a wide mouth that makes it a fairly easy process. With everything this bottle has going for it, we highly recommend it. It’s great for anyone in the market for a collapsible water bottle. If you don’t need a huge volume of water, you probably won’t find a better one than the Hydaway bottle.

Silbyloyoe Collapsible Bottle

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to break the bank buying a collapsible bottle, this is a great choice. It still has a 26-ounce capacity like many other water bottles. And of course it’s made from BPA-free, durable silicone. The difference is that this model is as much as one-third of the price of some similar bottles.

The silicone is listed as being able to withstand temperatures as low as – 60F all the way up to 200F. That’s a great range and will likely come in handy if you like a really cold beverage. Add ice cubes in the wide mouth and you can enjoy a cool drink on the go. Be cautious if you’re looking for a hot drink, however. There is no insulated sleeve on the bottle. So even though the silicone can handle 200 degree liquid, if your hand can’t, be careful. We recommend buying a separate sleeve if you want to use this bottle for something like a hot coffee. Honestly though, you’re probably best to stick with cold liquids.

The cap has a locking mechanism on it to help keep it closed when you’re not using it. There’s also a vacuum release valve to reduce spills and mess. The trade-off here is that this kind of cap can be a bit of a hassle to clean. You’ll need to get in there and scrub it a bit with a brush. Especially if you’ve been drinking something other than water to get all the bacteria out. Like other silicon bottles, however, this is dishwasher safe.

The overall construction of this bottle is not as sturdy as some of the others. But if you’re just looking for a reliable and inexpensive way to hold a drink on the go, it more than does the job.

Platypus 2 Liter Collapsible Water Bottle

When you have a big thirst then you’re going to need a big bottle. The Platypus 2-liter light collapsible water bottle may be the best choice for you. At 2 liters, this is the biggest bottle we are recommending. That’s 70 full ounces of liquid, enough for quite a hike.

It’s made with a BPA-free and phthalates free polyethylene lining. That’s a food grade material that’s safe and non-toxic. The outer bag itself is made from plastic rather than silicone. That means it doesn’t have quite the same durable feel as some of the other water bottles do. It’s also incredibly lightweight. When this one is empty it weighs just 1.3 Oz.

When it’s full, the bottle expands and the base flattens out. That allows you to set it down like any other bottle. Just be careful as you use the water not to squeeze the shape of the bottle too much. If it’s only a third of the way full and you flatten it the wrong way, it will lose a bit of stability. It’s easy enough to get it upright and flatten the bottom again, however.

The big selling point for the Platypus collapsible water bottle is the capacity. You’re going to need to stop to fill up a bottle far less frequently. It makes it heavier to carry, but that may not be a problem depending on your needs. This is especially true if you are hiking with a friend and sharing the water. Or if you’re out with your dog and want to make sure they’re staying hydrated as well. There’s plenty to go around when you use the Platypus.

Because this is not a silicone bottle, you want to make sure you’re watching your temperatures. You definitely don’t want to put any hot liquids inside of this one. This is strictly a water bottle to keep you hydrated when you’re on-the-go.

Manly Camp Tough Gear Water Bottle

Do you need a tough water bottle to handle your regular lifestyle? Manly Camp Real Tough Gear collapsible water bottle is for you. This is especially good if you’ve had problems with clips breaking on prior water bottles. Sometimes they’re made of very lightweight aluminum or even plastic. The clip on this bottle is made from extremely tough metal. How tough? They guarantee it’s unbreakable. The bottle itself has a lifetime warranty that is all-encompassing. If there’s any reason you don’t like the bottle, they’ll fix it or replace it for free.

Obviously this bottle has been targeted towards men. There’s nothing about it that makes it specifically for men, of course. It’s just a really high quality, durable bottle that can meet the needs of any hiker, boater, or fisherman. The man-centric branding is a little odd. It seems to have something to do with the fact that it’s a veteran-owned company. They’re trying to appeal to the people that may not like the looks of some of the other colorful bottles. Honestly though, it’s just a water bottle. It’s perfectly suitable for men, women, or children. You can use it hiking in the mountains, or you can take it with you on a flight so you have water readily available. Don’t let the branding dissuade you from what is otherwise a great water bottle.

The BPA-free silicone bottle rolls up to about 1/4 of its normal size. You can use the included strap to tie it down and keep it in a compact shape. Aside from that there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles here. That may be a drawback for some, but it does mean you have fewer problems to worry about. Those squeeze tops or flip caps can sometimes be hard to clean. That’s not an issue here.

Clean up is really easy with this bottle. Either washing my hand or in the dishwasher it’s quick and easy. The company wasn’t kidding when they advertised it as durable either. Go ahead and kick this bottle around a little bit if you want just to test it out. It really is able to stand up to a lot. We recommend it if you’re the kind of person who has had experience with other bottles not being up to the task.

Our one piece of advice for this is make sure you clean it before you. There are instructions on preparing it before using it. If you don’t, you’re going to get a strange smell and taste in the bottle. But again, they do tell you what’s going to happen if you don’t clean it properly. Just make sure you follow the instructions and everything should be fine.

Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nefeeko collapsible water bottle is lightweight and leak proof. This durable and flexible silicone water bottle is BPA-free. That means you don’t need to worry about any weird chemical taste in your water. It’s rated to handle liquids from as cold as -40F all the way up to 140F.

The leak proof cap has a silicone ring to help seal it and keep it watertight. As long as the ring stays in place, you shouldn’t have any issues with it dripping. It does include an aluminum carabiner. It’s a fairly wide mouth bottle. It’s possible that if you are biking or in rough waters, you might have spillage if you get jostled. That said, it’s not like you’re trying to drink out of a bucket, so it should be manageable.

Although it’s a versatile water bottle there may be a few small issues. Unlike some collapsible water bottles, the Nefeeko doesn’t collapse down flat. It actually shrinks down to a smaller bottle. The small bottle is just over 5 in. in height. That means it doesn’t take up a ton of space, but compared to some collapsible bottles it will need more room.

The other issue is the accordion shape. Because of how the bottle is designed, there are ridges along the inside. If you put a liquid in here other than water, it may be difficult to properly clean. It is food grade silicone however, and is there for dishwasher safe. Just make sure you put it on a setting that will sanitize it properly.

Vapur Flexible Bottle

They call this little guy The Anti-Bottle. At half a liter it’s the size of a water bottle you might buy in a case at the store. That makes it perfect for a short trip. The kind where you want to have water but you don’t want to carry around a larger bottle. And you don’t want to have to worry about the waste of a disposable bottle.

These bottles are designed to go in your freezer. Fill it up with water the night before you’re going somewhere. Then when it’s time, you’ve got something ice cold when you get where you’re going. It stands up on its own when it’s full. Thanks to its small size it folds up to almost nothing when you’re done using it. It goes flat when it’s folded up and can actually fit right in your pocket.

The cap on the Vapur is what they call a super cap. They made it tough and reliable. It has a 100% leak-proof guarantee from the manufacturer. So no need to worry about spilling on yourself even when you are hiking or boating. it’s not silicone so you don’t want to put hot liquids in it. However if plastic is BPA, BPS, BPF, and Phthalate-free. So no need to worry about any weird chemicals coming into your water.

The bottle itself is very easy to clean. Pay special attention to the cap though. We’ve noticed that it’s going to look good for a while, but can start to build up grime if it’s not cleaned properly. You’ll probably want to put this one in the dishwasher just to make sure it gets cleaned properly.

The other thing to remember about the cap is that when the bottle is full, you need to keep it steady. Our advice is to make sure you’re using two hands when you open and close the bottle just to keep it secure. It can get a little sloppy and spill out if you’re not careful.

Mountop Collapsible Bottle

The Mountop collapsible water bottle offers a lot of convenience. And it comes in an affordable package. It holds up to 20 oz of water but only weighs 3.6 oz when empty. The unique rectangular-shaped makes it incredibly easy to clean when it’s empty. It also holds its shape and stays stable when it’s full. You could set it down on a flat surface just like any rigid bottle.

This one has a more narrow mouth than many other bottles. It’s not so small as to be impractical, however. For instance, you can still easily add ice cubes or use a brush to clean it out. Because it’s silicone it’s able to handle a range of temperatures. The company claims -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once again, we caution against using any hot liquids in a bottle like this. It’s not insulated against the heat so it could easily burn your hand. Plus, the shape of this bottle means that you are not likely to find an insulating sleeve that will fit over it. Your best bet is to use cold liquids only, just for the sake of safety.

If you’re not interested in trying to clean it by hand, it’s perfectly dishwasher safe as well. Even though it’s lightweight, the company stands behind its durability. You’ll get an 18 month warranty when you opt for the Mountop.

Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

The Hydrapak Stash offers all of the features you want in the best collapsible water bottle. When it’s folded down it’s about the size of a hockey puck. You could actually lose this water bottle easily if you’re not paying attention to it and where you put it. It’s very easy to overlook at the bottom of your backpack.

There is a tiny pull strap on the bottom so that you can unscrew the lid and pop it into shape. The bottle is able to stand freely on its own even when it’s empty.

It’s made of something called TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s like a merging of rubber and plastic. The result is an incredibly durable substance that you can drop, stretch and pull with no damage. It’s BPA-free and there’s no weird taste when you use it.

You can use a Back Country water filter with the Stash. It screws right into the top for easy use. This is especially helpful for hikers with suspect water supplies.

Hydrapak Offers what we think is probably the best warranty you’re going to find in the business. They call it a Beyond Lifetime warranty. If you need to free place the bottle for any reason, they’ve got you covered.

The Stash comes in two sizes. There’s a 750 ml and a 1L size. The 1L size has a much larger mouth on the bottle. For some that’s ideal. But we think these wide mouth bottles are actually kind of hard to drink from. It’s almost like drinking out of a jar. Not impossible, sure. But it can dribble and spill. Stick to the smaller size with a smaller mouth for less trouble.

Things to Look for in the Best Collapsible Water Bottles

The best collapsible water bottles have to hit a lot of points. A collapsible bottle is only as good as its materials and features. You need to decide if narrow mouth bottles are what you need. Or if wide mouth bottles work better. Should it hold hot and cold liquids?


Stainless steel water bottles are super durable. But they take up a lot of space, especially when empty. Your collapsible water bottle may not be as durable as a stainless steel bottle. But it should be able to take some abuse.

Remember, a collapsible water bottle is constantly being collapsed. Then it’s popped back into shape. That will cause stress to anything over time. It needs to be able to handle that plus unexpected abuse. Dropping, snagging, squishing. A water bottle should be able to put up to a decent amount of wear and tear.


This one is definitely a personal preference. How much water can you comfortably carry? How much do you like to drink? If you’re an avid hiker you probably have a good idea of how much water you need to stay hydrated. But if you’re a casual fisherman, maybe you have no idea. Get a water bottle that can hold at least as much water as you’d drink on any normal day. Half a liter is a good start, but bring more if you want or can manage it.

You need to stay hydrated if it’s a hot day and you’re outside working up a sweat. You may not need two gallons, but you need something. Dehydration can have serious health effects.


Water bottles can be tricky to clean at the best of times. A collapsible water bottle even more so. There are many folds and crevices where water and bacteria can rest. You’ll need to make sure you clean your bottle thoroughly after use. Also, cleaning it is easy. Dishwasher safe bottles are often best. When it’s dishwasher safe you don’t want to worry about getting a brush in there, after all.


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to how a collapsible water bottle is made. Does it have a food grade polyethylene lining? Is it durable and flexible silicone or something else? Do you need an insulated bottle for cold drinks or a hot beverage?

Most collapsible water bottles are going to be made from food grade silicone or plastic. Silicone will be more expensive but more durable. It’s also good for handling cold liquids as well as hot. Silicone is very heat resistant. Stainless steel will always have the edge when it comes to standing up to hot liquids. But you can find good quality silicone, too.

Plastic bottles are often much cheaper. You need to make sure it’s BPA-free, though. BPA-free silicone is common. BPA free plastic is also becoming very common but there is no guarantee. Always check the label. Everything we recommended today is BPA-free. That’s important. BPA stands for bisphenol A. It’s a potentially harmful chemical. Cans are coated with it on the inside, and many plastics were made with it. It’s believed that consuming products from containers made with BPA can lead to issues. Things like thyroid disorders and hormone imbalances. Cell repair and other bodily functions can suffer as a result. Best to avoid it whenever you can.


Obviously the best collapsible water bottle will be portable. But what does that mean? You want to stay hydrated without a lot of fuss. That means a collapsible water bottle that is easy to carry. It needs to be a good size and shape.


A lot of collapsible water bottles come with some convenient features. That could be something as simple as a carabiner clip. It makes it a lot easier to carry your water bottle around when you don’t need to hold it. Other things you can look for include;

  • Narrow openings. It’s just easier to drink from narrow mouth water bottles. This is especially true when you’re on the go. A wider mouth leads to more spillage. But be wary of being too narrow. Drinking from a very narrow opening becomes a chore. Your mouth creates a vacuum and you have to put more effort into getting any water out.
  • Rubber grips. This is a small feature but a welcome one. An ergonomic, slip-proof grip can make drinking much easier. This is especially true when you are fishing or boating. Wet hands have a tendency to be slippery after all. Your own concern here is how the grip is formed on the bottle. If it’s applied afterwards or textured. That can make it harder to keep clean.
  • Straws. Some bottles have built in straws or ones that are just included. Some people love them, some hate them. A reusable straw can make drinking easier, but can also be easy to lose. They can also be very hard to keep clean.
  • Clips. Something to secure your bottle to a belt or pack is always handy. Make sure you check for the quality, however. A cheap clip that can’t handle weight or snags is not very good. If it breaks and falls off and you have to carry the bottle around, it’s not so convenient anymore.
  • Caps. A removable cap can be inconvenient. Some bottles with a pop top don’t require a cap at all. Others will have caps that are attached to the neck of the bottle. That ensures they’re much harder to lose.
  • Filters. This is definitely a controversial feature in a collapsible water bottle. Because it’s collapsible, if you use a filter it will probably come separately and have to be removed. That’s an extra step and an extra item to pack. It could also be an extra item to lose or break. Some like knowing they’re having filtered water. This is especially true if you’re refilling on the go from a suspect water source. If you’re filling with filtered already, it’s not important.
  • Warranty. Some companies really stand behind their products. Because collapsible water bottles get worked so hard, they need to be durable. Some manufacturers will guarantee their product with a warranty as a result. Check to see what each company offers. This is especially important if you’ve bought some cheaper bottles in the past. They do have a tendency to fall apart if they are poorly made.


This may sound silly at first, but when you know, you know. If you try out a dozen different collapsible water bottles, you’ll get frustrated with at least one. Some are just weirdly hard to use. They have a large spout that allows a lot of water to spill out. Some collapsible water bottles have threads for the screw cap that are really large. This can make it awkward to drink from. Water pools on them and will inevitably dribble when you drink. A loop cap or spout cover can make a difference as well.

Some are so floppy they spill too easily. When you hold it in your hand, it is very unsteady. Whenever possible, give a collapsible water bottle a try before you commit. Make sure the water doesn’t squirt out at the slightest pressure. Likewise, make sure you can drink without wearing it.

Silicone is a very temperature friendly substance. They make cupcake pans out of silicone after all. It could really handle high temperatures. We don’t recommend drinking any hot liquids out of collapsible silicone water bottles. Yes, many of them could handle a hot coffee. The problem is they don’t have insulation. That means the entire bottle is going to get up to the same temperature. That could be dangerous. If you want to have a coffee, bring it in an insulated thermos. We think collapsible water bottles are best used for water only, or in a pinch another kind of cold drink.

We stand behind all the choices we told you about here. They should be problem free. But if you go your own way, make sure it’s easy to use.