SeaArk has been in the boat game since back in 1992 and they have proven themselves well over the years. They offer several lines of boats for varying lifestyles and their Easy line is one of the most popular in the SeaArk family. These models combine family fun with fishing boats to meet everyone’s needs. The Easy 200 is one of their best selling models.

This boat is definitely made with versatility in mind. This can be used as a freshwater fishing boat, and it has great fishing features, but it’s by no means just a fishing boat. Instead, SeaArk has combined the features of a fishing boat with those of a deck boat or pontoon to make a leisure craft that is also ideal for fishing, a sort of best of both worlds scenario. 

These boats are built solid from tough aluminum, not flimsy thin stuff. They look great and they come with so many options you’ll lose track of them all. The downside is that, with so many options, you can find that price tag climbing up and up, too. That said, let’s take a closer look at what SeaArk has to offer.

What Is it 

At 20 feet, the Easy 200 is a bigger boat that is really designed as a multi purpose vessel. It’s definitely got features and options that make it a great choice as a fishing boat. But it’s also been designed so that you can make good use of it if you’re a hunter, or if you’re just out on the lake with family. Not many jon boats include a swim ladder, after all. 

The overall design of the Easy 200 will bring to mind a deck boat more than a jon boat and it’s designed to be a multi functional vessel. This versatility is reflected in the price and these are not cheap boats by any means. But they are also powerfully built and have a 5-year limited warranty to back them up.

Key Features

SeaArk offers a wide range of both features and options for the SeaArk Easy 200. If you’re a fan of customizing your boat to meet your own standards in a way that will make it unique from every other jon boat on the water, this will definitely meet your needs.

The boat has a 200 hp rating and as a longer vessel with higher sides it can catch the wind a bit when you get out there at a good pace. In terms of some of the standout features you can expect to find the following:

  • 25 gallon bow livewell
  • Large fishing decks
  • A second 16 gallon aerated livewell
  • Rod storage available in the bench seating to port and starboard
  • A pair of 5.5: lounge seats that also have storage
  • Aluminum dual consoles that also feature windscreens
  • 51 gallon fuel tank in the belly
  • A pair of jump seats and a rear seat box with storage
  • 6 gauge trolling motor wiring
  • Removable LED nav lights plus an LED console light
  • Radio with Bluetooth speakers
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Bow tilt trim switch
  • 12 V accessory plug that also has a USB port for devices
  • Removable table with drink holders plus 10 drink holders otherwise
  • Stainless steel bow and stern eyes
  • Fully welded hull
  • 4 nylon cleats
  • Stainless steel swim ladder
  • Two pedestal fishing seats that fold down
  • 4 standard paint options which include beige,sharkskin, tan and olive drab.


Unlike the Tracker Grizzly line which will give you all features as standard with only a handful of options, SeaArk takes the opposite approach and has those standard features plus loads of options. Check out some of the highlights here. 

  • Custom paint options are fairly extensive. Beyond the four standards there are 5 different camo patterns and then shades like sapphire blue and bloodline red. It total you have 15 paint options
  • There are 5 standard upholstery options which include gray, mocha, neutral, olive drab and tan. After that you have three camo patterns to choose from.
  • Side safety grab rails
  • Steel or aluminum cleats
  • Accessory trays
  • Batteries
  • Bimini tops
  • Cat rack
  • Depth finder bracket
  • Double rod holders
  • Duck blind bracket
  • Horn kit
  • Hummingbird depth finders
  • Gun rack
  • Minn Kota trolling motors
  • Power poles
  • Tree grabber
  • Fuel, temp and trim guages


  • 20’1” long
  • 95” beam
  • 5052 welded aluminum hull
  • 16.75” interior depth
  • 25” transom height
  • 8 person max capacity or 1100 lbs
  • Max total capacity of 1550 lbs


  • These boats are tough as anything on the water and can definitely hold their own. For the price, you should expect no less, but this is a boat that can handle getting tossed around a bit and still offer a smooth ride. Obviously you never want to get into any accidents on the water but the SeaArk Easy200 can handle dings and scrapes like a champ. 
  • The versatility of having a boat good for fishing and for family outings is something that is hard to match. If this meets the needs for you and your family it can be a great investment, especially since they are well made enough to give you many seasons of use. 
  • The number of really convenient features and options make this boat really unlike so many of its competitors. You can have a really comfortable, relaxing ride, listen to music, enjoy drinks, swimming, tubing and fishing. 
  • This may seem silly but the number of paint options is also a real bonus. If you’ve ever gone jon boat shopping before, you know how rare it is to find so many paint options, especially in colors that are shades of green, gray or brown.


  • While the idea of a dual purpose boat is fun, it’s worth remembering you can’t often do both things together. If you’re out with the family to swim or even try tubing, then fishing is off the table both for practical reasons and because storing gear for two different things, even with all storage available, can be hard.
  • The number of options can actually be a problem insofar as trying to understand the cost of your boat. It’s easy to find 10 different SeaArk Easy 200s that are kitted out so differently that one will be about $50,000 and another will be $80,000. 
  • Further to that, if you were looking for just a quality jon boat for fishing,the price and extras that come with this may put you off the idea. 
  • Because this is a boat for fishing and for leisure, the layout is not always ideal for one or the other. The lounge seating isn’t ideal for fishing and if you’re fishing from the stern the layout can be a nuisance as well. 
  • This is a big boat and with a lot of people on board it can get pretty heavy. You may find you need a bigger trolling motor than you think you do if you want to make the most of your fishing trips.


There are so many options that come along with the SeaArk Easy 200 that there’s no definitive single price as you can add or take away a lot of options to change it up. Not to mention how much engine options might alter your end price. That said, most boats will have a starting price around $59,999 and change from there based on the options. A 2023 model with a Suzuki DF200 engine, bimini top, various other accessories and a trailer retails for about $80,000.

Is it Worth It?

It’s actually hard to come by Sea Arks in some parts (maybe not in others, but I don’t see them a lot) but, that said, the owners I did speak to absolutely love the boats. They are tough and versatile and if that is what you are looking for, then it’s definitely worth looking at.

On the flip side, if you want just a leisure boat or just a fishing boat, you may be a little frustrated overall with the SeaArk Easy 200. It’s good as either type of boat but it’s not the best fishing boat or the best leisure or ski boat and obviously it can’t be, right? So the worth here is very much based on your expectations. If you think you can use a boat equally for fish and for fun with the family, then this could be the answer you’re looking for.

What You Need to Know

The SeaArk Easy 200 is aluminum and fully welded. No worries about unreliable rivets, wood or fiberglass parts that aren’t up to some abuse. You can get these loaded to the teeth with options that make it really on par with your higher level party pontoons, deck boats and high end bass boats as well. There’s plenty of storage, great electronics options, and a good layout that make the boat easy to use and navigate. .

The boat is solid and has room for lots of people on board without the risk of anyone getting underfoot. That’s why it’s versatile enough to be both a fishing boat and a family vessel. It definitely qualifies as what some people call a “fish n ski” boat so you can jump from one use to the other. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you have a family that wants to go boating and people who want to fish as well, this is a good option to meet everyone’s needs. 

What People Are Saying

Fishermen who have been using this exclusively for fishing have told me it’s a great catfish and crappie boat. Cranks, spider rigging, whatever you’re looking to do, you can have a lot of fun and success with a SeaArk Easy 200.

The aluminum is top of the line and tough so I have heard from people with 2014 models that are still going strong with barely any scratches on them and no issues with the weld seams or anything of the sort. If you can get 10 years out of a boat without anything more than basic maintenance to keep it in the water then you have a pretty reliable boat, I’d say. 

The biggest concern that I’ve come across is what we’ve mentioned already in the review and that’s how viable this boat is as a dual purpose vessel. You’re looking at a lot of money here so is it worth it to buy this instead of a deck boat for the family or a specific fishing jon boat or bass boat to meet your fishing needs.

The funny thing is that this is a really subjective question and the answer is really specific to you as a boater. If you get a lot of use out of it as both a fishing and a leisure boat then yes, it’s worth it. Remember, you can fish and someone can even take a nap on the bench seat to make the most of your time out there on a lazy day.

The problem, I think, comes from people thinking this is a great idea, buying it, and then realizing at the end of the season that they only went out with the family twice or something like that. Then you start regretting the purchase because you feel like a dedicated fishing boat might have been money better spent.

So my advice here is just to be honest about your expectations. Do you think it would be nice to go out on the water with the family and so you definitely will? Or do you think it would be nice but you know it’ll probably never happen? 


The SeaArk Easy 200 is rated for a 200 hp engine and that will give you some power. Compared to a typical jon boat, this is pretty dramatic, in fact. Something like the Tracker Grizzly might have a 50 hp engine because, as a fishing boat, it’s very much not designed for speed.

The Easy 200 can reach speeds of around 60 mph depending on what and who you have on board, which is where the “ski” part of the fish n’ ski boat comes in. If you want power, make sure you opt for an engine that can manage it. You’ll definitely want a trolling more for when you are fishing, though.


In forums where people discuss the ins and outs of the SeaArk, this is a topic that comes up a lot. The money is something that causes a lot of people to hesitate because, like we said, these boats can get really expensive. If you’re looking for a simple jon boat for fishing this can be 3,4 even 5 times as much as you might spend on something like that.

Just keep in mind you have a ton of features and you’re basically looking at a family-style deck boat that is also good for fishing, then decide if the price meets expectations. 

Do We Recommend It for Family Fun or as a Fishing Boat?

SeaArk has a good reputation in the industry. They have a decent warranty on the boat and good, reliable customer service. The boat itself is well built, super sturdy and it’s also incredibly eye-catching. Take this out for the first time and I can almost guarantee people will be asking you questions about the layout and performance. 

It’s rare to find a boat that straddles the line between fishing and leisure like the Easy 200 does and I think it does it well. For that reason I definitely recommend it for what it is. Just remember, it’s not just a fishing boat and not just a family boat so if you judge it on those terms, it may not meet your needs. But for a boat that combines boat, few others do it as well as SeaArk.