A fishing boat should be named to reflect the fact that fishing is what it’s for. Every boat needs a name. It’s a rite of passage. But not every boat needs the same kind of name and fishing boats need good fishing boat names. You’re not calling your fishing boat Windancer or something if it’s not a sailboat, right? But finding the perfect name can be hard, and maybe you don’t always want a funny boat name, so here are some solid ideas to help you along or at least inspire you to perfecting the fishing boat of your dreams.

Funny Fishing Boat Names

How To Name A Boat

Most fishing boats are either going to have clever or funny names because they lend themselves well to that. Sailing and cruising vessels sometimes get the more serious names, but anglers know how to have a good time and that’s why they put the effort into names with more puns and wordplay. This seems especially true with sport fishing boats.

The criteria here is that it has to identify the vessel as a fishing vessel. So no puns about docks, ropes, knots, or anything that would work just as well on a sailing vessel or even a tugboat.  Instead, we’re looking at fish puns and things that may include references to rods, reels, sinkers and so on.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite funny fishing boat names, many of which rely on puns for that quick joke. They’re not all knee slappers, but they’re light and fun and show you’re just out on the water to have a good time.

  1. Laurence Fishboat
  2. Death From Above
  3. The Bassassin
  4. Beeracuda
  5. A-Fishy-Nado
  6. Artifishal
  7. A Salt and Battery
  8. Fin and Tonic
  9. TJ Hooker
  10. The Happy Hooker
  11. The Shameless Hooker
  12. Error 404: Fish Not Found
  13. Chum N’ Go
  14. Fishy Business
  15. Breaking Bass
  16. Bass, Gas or Grass
  17. Bass Kicker
  18. Bass Dismissed
  19. Bass Knuckles
  20. Bass the Dutchie
  21. You Shall Not Bass
  22. Heart of Bass
  23. The Bass Menagerie
  24. The Cod Father
  25. The Rod Father
  26. Codzilla
  27. Cods or Evens
  28. Cods in Your Favor
  29. In Cod We Trust
  30. Cod Help Us All
  31. No Diggity No Trout
  32. Trouting Thomas
  33. Twist and Trout
  34. Trout and About
  35. Perch and Rescue
  36. Perch and State
  37. Prawn Shop
  38. Prawn Star
  39. Prawn of the Dead
  40. A Shrimple Plan
  41. Shrimp My Ride
  42. Shrimp Bizkit
  43. Absolutely Crabulous
  44. Lost and Flounder
  45. Flounder Pounder
  46. Catfish Got Your Tongue
  47. Catfish in the Hat
  48. Marlin the Magician
  49. Marlin Monroe
  50. Sharks and Rec
  51. Raiders of the Lost Shark
  52. Shark of the Covenant
  53. The Surreel Life
  54. Fortuna
  55. The Tuna Wagon
  56. Tuna Helper
  57. Bait and Switch
  58. Bait Crime
  59. Baitorade
  60. Fishizzle
  61. Super Grouper
  62. Benny Fishall
  63. The Casting Couch
  64. Test Tackles
  65. Lure and Do ‘er
  66. Bait and See
  67. All Creatures Bait and Small
  68. The Bait Gatsby
  69. Heavybait Champion
  70. De-bait-able
  71. Off the Hook
  72. Angler Dangler
  73. Angler Management
  74. A Reel Lady
  75. Worms of Endearment
  76. Abercrabby and Fish
  77. Nuclear Fishin’
  78. Fishin’ Impossible
  79. Presidential Debait
  80. DeBait Club
  81. You Net Your Life
  82. Net Equity
  83. Tackle Me Elmo
  84. Small Fry
  85. The Salty Anchovy
  86. Salmon Rushdie
  87. Pickerel of the Litter
  88. I’ve Got Crabs
  89. Fish n’ Ships
  90. Codtastrophe
  91. Clam Dunk
  92. Grand Clam
  93. The Sturgeon General
  94. Carp Diem
  95. The Alleycatfish
  96. Catfish Got Your Tongue
  97. Stingraider
  98. Eel Be Right There
  99. Hooked on an Eeling
  100. Eel or no Eel

Classic Fishing Boat Names

Boat Name On A Transom

Not everyone wants a pun on the back of their boat. Maybe you like something a little more low key that still tells people it’s a fishing vessel but doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying your hand at stand up comedy. Classy boat names reflect how the boat owner feels about the sport in a more subdued way, which is just as valid as cool boat names or funny ones.

  1. The Flying Fish
  2. A Fish Tale
  3. The One That Got Away
  4. Scales and Scoundrels
  5. The Rod and Reel
  6. The Blue Fin
  7. The Black Marlin
  8. The Yellow Fin
  9. Fisherman’s Friend
  10. Fisherman’s Folly
  11. Fisherman’s Rest
  12. The Silver Sinker
  13. Bass Hunter
  14. The Fisher King
  15. Kingfisher
  16. From the Depths
  17. Big Game Hunter
  18. Spears and Sails
  19. The Hookmaster
  20. Finally Fishing
  21. The Pelican
  22. The Silver Gull
  23. Scales of Fate
  24. Net Gains
  25. Catch and Release
  26. The Bait Cutter
  27. Bait the Hook
  28. The Rock Lobster
  29. The Trawler
  30. The Fish Tank

Unique Fish Names for Your Fishing Boat

There are a handful of fish that make up the vast majority of all fish anglers tend to look for. Inland, that includes things like bass and trout. At sea the most common saltwater fish include things like blue marlin, tarpon, tuna, amberjack and so on. Many of these fish names can get worked into the names of a boat easily, but they’re also pretty common. But don’t forget that there are thousands of fish in the sea. Try focusing on less common fish, the kind you may not actually be fishing for but that still have pretty cool names when it comes to boat naming.

  1. The Amberjack
  2. The Albacore
  3. The Bandfish
  4. The Beluga
  5. The Bluegill
  6. The Blackfish
  7. Beluga
  8. The Barreleye
  9. The Bowfin
  10. The Bowhead
  11. The Candiru
  12. The Chimera
  13. The Croaker
  14. The Devil Ray
  15. The Dragonfish
  16. The Eagle Ray
  17. The Frilled Shark
  18. The Ghost Fish
  19. The Ghost Shark
  20. The Goblin Shark
  21. The Goby
  22. The Gourami
  23. The Grunion
  24. The Hagfish
  25. Hake
  26. The Hammerhead
  27. The Herring Bone
  28. John Dory
  29. The Jellyfish
  30. King of the Herrings
  31. Kingfish
  32. Koi
  33. The Lady Fish
  34. The Lamprey
  35. The Lemon Shark
  36. The Lionfish
  37. The Loach
  38. The Mako Shark
  39. The Man-o-War
  40. The Megamouth
  41. The Minke
  42. Minnow of the Deep
  43. Mola Mola
  44. The Moray
  45. The Narwhal
  46. The Orca
  47. The Parrotfish
  48. The Pilotfish
  49. The Piranha
  50. The Pufferfish
  51. The Queen Danio
  52. Th Razorfish
  53. The Remora
  54. The Roosterfish
  55. The Sablefish
  56. The Sand Tiger
  57. The Scorpionfish
  58. The Sculpin
  59. The Sea Bream
  60. The Sea Devil
  61. The Skate
  62. The Snakehead
  63. The Threadfin
  64. The Thresher Shark
  65. The Vaquita
  66. The Viperfish
  67. The Wahoo
  68. The Warmouth
  69. The Wolffish
  70. The Zebrafish

Picking a Unique Boat Name

The hardest thing about picking a unique boat name is actually getting a unique one. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 (which is also a decent boat name). If you see a name you love, you know someone else is already using it. If you come up with an awesome name all on your own, someone else is going to see it and within a year or two there will be a bunch of boats with the same name and yours will seem less unique. This is the curse of cool fishing boat names.

My best advice is to not stress over a boat name too much. If it makes you laugh and really captures your mood and feeling about fishing, go for it. Who cares if a dozen other people already used it? If anything it’s a compliment that other people think the same things are funny.

How Not to Name Fishing Boats

This is something most but not all boaters take into consideration. We all like a funny name and if you hit one out of the park people are going to take pictures of it and share your boat on social media and all that. And that’s great, but you need to be careful about pushing the envelope. Some boat names can be hilarious but are not always appropriate for where you’re going to be boating. It only takes one or two people to be really offended by a joke that goes a little too far and then you might end up dealing with angry neighbors or a harbor master who doesn’t want your boat around any more. Rare, but not impossible.

Try to keep your names clever and if they are a little dirty, just make sure they’re not too dirty. And it goes without saying you don’t want to choose anything that’s going to be too mean or offensive to anyone in particular.

That aside, there are actually some traditions when it comes to naming a boat. One of those says you should never rename a vessel, so if you got the boat with a name you should keep it or perform a proper renaming ceremony. That’s if you believe in luck, anyway. If not, feel free to take your chances.

Make sure your name isn’t too long. You want to fit it on the transom, after all. Also, in an emergency, you may need to relay the boat’s name to the Coast Guard or others so it’s best if it’s short and easy to remember.

The Bottom Line

The most important part about picking a fishing boat name is to ensure it has meaning for you. Remember, this is a name you’re going to be stuck with, so don’t rush it. Give it some thought, make sure it reflects how you feel about the boat and fishing in general, and have fun with it.