A boat mirror isn’t one of the most obvious accessories out there. Unlike cars, motorcycles, and many other vehicles, most boats aren’t required to have any side or rear-view mirrors. Just because they’re not necessary doesn’t mean that they’re not useful, and we recommend investing in an aftermarket mirror to enhance your boating experience!

If you’re planning on getting into water-sports, then you will definitely require a boat mirror. For the sake of safety, if you’re towing a water-skier or wake boarder, you need to know what’s going on behind you. And you don’t want to miss any sick stunts or epic fails, do you?

Even if water-sporting pursuits aren’t on your agenda, a boat mirror will improve your trip: you’ll be able to watch out for other marine traffic, and when it comes to mooring, you’ll have better hazard perception, mooring to the dock without any bumps and scrapes. without any bumps and scrapes.

They come in different styles, from side-view mirrors, to windscreen-mounted rear view mirrors. We’ve put together a list of our favorite units, with a handy buying guide below to ensure that you buy the best boat mirror for your needs.

CIPA 11083 COMP II Black Marine Mirror

CIPA 11083 COMP II Black Marine Mirror

This CIPA boat mirror is an idea choice for those looking for a comprehensive rear view mirror for their vessel. If you want unobstructed views and hassle-free rear viewing, this could be the mirror for you.

It’s manufactured from a strong plastic frame that houses an OE grade shatterproof mirror. The mirror face has a convex shape and is made from tough safety glass with a first surface coating that prevents multiple reflections and ghosting. The result is a crystal-clear reflection that gives a wide viewing angle. In fact, there’s 120 degrees of easy adjustment, which can really enhance your view.

This boat mirror is universal in fit, with a mounting system that can be used in a number of ways. It’s designed to be mounted above or below windshield frames, with a small clamp that can be bolt-tightened for a strong grip. The mirror is mounted to an arm which can be angled for different views. No drilling or complicated installation is required.

The CIPA Comp II marine mirror is made from non-corrosive materials which can resist the negative effects of salt water, which makes it ideal for as a ski boat mirror!


Attachment Type: Windshield mount clamp
Mirror Dimensions: Two available sizes (4 x 6 inches and 4 x 11 inches)
Weight: 1.61 lbs
Best Feature: Versatile mirror with easy installation

Attwood 13066-7 Universal Adjustable Clamp-On Rearview Mirror

Attwood 13066-7 Universal Adjustable Clamp-On Rear View Boat Mirror

The Attwood 13066-7 is a universal mirror that can be used for a wide range of purposes, and mounted to in many different ways. When you’re searching for a boat mirror, the vast majority of them will be designed to clamp onto windshield frames. This one can be mounted onto a windshield frame, but it can be mounted in a range of other ways too. That makes it an ideal choice for boat’s without screens, particularly as a pontoon boat mirror.

This boat rear view mirror is manufactured from a strong plastic with a powder coated shaft. The actual mirror is curved for a wide, unobstructed field of vision, with a crystal-clear view.

The mount is universal and features zinc plated fittings and soft mounting clamps that can attach to windows, frames, and other mounting points. All of the components can handle marine environments.

If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat rear view mirror then consider this one. There aren’t many pontoon boat mirrors that can measure up to this one.


Attachment Type: Window Mount Clamps
Mirror Dimensions: 4 x 8 inches
Weight: 5.3 ounces
Best Feature: Full articulation for easy mirror adjustment

CIPA 11050 Suction Cup Marine Mirror

CIPA 11050 Suction Cup Marine Mirror

We’ve got a another CIPA mirror here. CIPA boat mirrors are some of the best in the industry. This particular model wasn’t designed for any particular vehicle, and while it’ll work great as a replacement rearview mirror on your car’s window, it’s actually a great as a boat ski mirror. In fact, you can use it on any boat, for almost any task.

The actual mirror is made from safety glass, with a convex shape that offers wide angle viewing. It has full articulation, with a mounting arm that can be moved to help you tune your view.

The secret to this mirror’s success is the suction cup windshield mount. It has a wide cup that can easily attach to any non-porous, smooth, and clean surface. No tools are required for installation, and it’s easy to remove and relocate if necessary.

While this one doesn’t have any fancy features or sophisticated clamp mechanisms, we like it because it really can do the job, it offers improved situational awareness, and it isn’t at all expensive. In fact, even if you want something more advanced, it won’t hurt to keep one of these on standby as a spare mirror.


Attachment Type: Suction Cup
Mirror Dimensions: 4 x 8 inches
Weight: 14.4 ounces
Best Feature: Suction cup mount

The Boat Mirror Buying Guide

There are plenty of boat mirrors for sale out there. Luckily, they’re not complicated pieces of equipment with many variables, so buying one is quite a straightforward task. The important thing is to have one, whether it’s mounted to your windshield or stuck on the side of your boat. They’re excellent for helping you manage tricky moves and precision mooring, and if you’re into water sports having ski boat mirrors installed is essential.

While choosing a mirror isn’t rocket science, here are the main things you should keep in mind before committing to a purchase.


Some people struggle to park a car, so it’s no wonder that some boaters can struggle to moor their boat correctly. Luckily, with a mirror installed it makes the whole process a lot easier. Being able to have a clear view of what’s going on around you can help you execute more difficult maneuvers and get parked up without a fuss. But that’s not the main reason most have for installing a mirror on their boat.

If you plan on towing a skier, or a tuber, or anything, then you’re going to need a mirror. Not only is it a practical way to see what’s going on around you without having to crane your neck, it’s actually a legal requirement in most states. Even then, it usually has to be a wide angled mirror.

States that don’t require a ski boater to have a mirror will require a designated spotter to keep an eye on things. Usually, this person has to be a competent person aged over 12 or 14 years old. Given how varied the rules are, it’s much easier to just invest in a mirror.

Mounting Type

Most boat mirrors are convex, wide-angled units so you won’t have to worry about that. However, you will have to worry about how you mount it. Here are the most popular mounting types:

Window frame mounts

Window mounts use a clam-type clamp that attach to the outside edge of a window frame. They are held in place with bolts. They’re great for boats with glass or thin metal frames for mounting, but not suited to those without.

Suction mounts

Suction mounts have become increasingly popular recently. These suckers can be mounted on any smooth, clean, non-porous surface and most have very strong holds.

Armed with this information, finding the right mirror for your vessel should be a piece of cake. Make sure you find something that suits your purpose, with an appropriate price tag. That’s all there is to it.