Abu Garcia Black Max

Abu Garcia Black Max Review

A fishing reel is one of the most important components of the fishing rod. It is the connection that brings the catch from the water to the boat or the shore. Since its invention by the Chinese years ago, it has been adopted worldwide to the extent that the modern fisherman is paralyzed without it….

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Flounder vs Halibut

Flounder vs Halibut – All You Need to Know

Avid anglers almost always have an internal competition going among the different “catch of the day” categories. This competition always goes something like this: which is better, red snapper or white snapper? How about largemouth bass vs smallmouth bass? You get the gist; the comparison is between the different types of fish that compare closely…

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How to Fish - A Beginners Checklist

How to Fish – A Beginners Guide

Have you ever wondered what the fuss is all about? Why billions of people across the globe go fishing every now and again? After all, they could just walk into the nearest fish market and buy some of the best and freshest fillets around? Why, then, would someone take the time to learn how to…

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Humminbird Helix 5

Humminbird Helix 5 Review

The Humminbird Helix 5 series has several fish finders that have been upgraded over the years. The number 5 is an indicator of the size of the screens at 5 inches. All of them have Dual Beam PLUS Sonar, SwitchFire Sonar, and a limited 1-year warranty from Humminbird. The most advanced of them all is…

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Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder Review

If you are new to fish angling, you might be wondering why people are spending so much money buying different kinds of fishing equipment and gizmos instead of just putting up a sign that says “Gone Fishing” and getting on with it. The reason behind this is simple: these gizmos make fishing that much more…

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PENN Slammer 3

PENN Slammer III Spinning Reel Review

The PENN Slammer III is a spinning fishing reel suitable for heavy-duty fishing both at the shore or from a boat.  It was first released to the market in 2016 and has since gone through several upgrades to make it even more efficient. In 2016, the PENN Slammer 3 won the iCast Awards for best…

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Best First Aid Kits of 2022

Wherever you are and whatever you might be doing, accidents can happen anytime. Being prepared when issues arise is the best way to deal with it. So,  getting the best first aid kit that you can turn to when something inevitable occurs can help save lives and prevent further injuries. The American Red Cross offers…

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Ranking the Best Rain Ponchos for 2022

Part of enjoying the great outdoors is adapting to the weather. It can be unpredictable at the best of times. If you’re planning on spending any amount of time on a boat or camping you’re going to need protection from the rain. A good rain poncho can keep you warm and dry without taking up…

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Best Braided Fishing Line – Top 8 Options for 2022

Want to catch more fish? You’ll need to get your hands on the best braided fishing line the market has to offer. Whoa… Okay, that sounded like a bad 90s commercial. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s true. If you’re a monofilament purist, listen up: You might be missing out on…

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Best Monofilament Line

You have probably interacted with a monofilament line at some point in your life consciously or subconsciously. Allow us to start from the beginning to either jog your memory or teach you something new. The goal is to get us all on the same page before we start breaking down this gem. A monofilament line…

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Best Aluminum Fishing Boats – Top 10 Picks for 2022

If you’re in the market for a new fishing boat and aren’t quite sure which one to get, have you considered buying an aluminum vessel? For one thing, they’re cheap; certainly cheaper than getting any of the ones made from fiberglass. They are also quite light – a feature you’ll soon appreciate the moment you…

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Best Waterproof Camera

Best Waterproof Camera of 2022 (Review and Buying Guide)

If you want to take quality pictures underwater or in wet conditions, you’ll want the best waterproof camera you can buy. Unlike regular cameras, these units are designed with water resistance in mind. They’re tough, shockproof, dustproof, weatherproof, and most importantly: waterproof. If you’ve ever taken your camera to the beach or on a boat,…

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Reviewing The Best Fishing Rigs of 2022

The best fishing rig is not one individual rig, but instead, it is the best fishing rig for the type of fishing you are trying to do. What may work as a great bass rig may not be good for a crappie rig, and vice versa. To know what fishing rig to use, you will…

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Reviewing The Best Electric Fillet Knives of 2022

As much fun as fishing is, cleaning your fish afterwards is not everyone’s favorite hobby. It takes time and effort and gets messy. The last time you have to spend cleaning your fish, the more times you can spend fishing. That’s why an electric fillet knife is going to be your best bet for cleaning…

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The 6 Best Crankbait Reels for the Money

There is no, or very little, question about it: if you want to catch more bass, use crankbait lures. The pros know this, the moderately experienced know it, and almost every newbie is told the same thing. That is just one half of the equation. The rest of it has to do with choosing the…

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Top 5 Best Lipless Crankbait: A Buyer’s Guide

The simple truth of the matter is this: buying yourself the best lipless crankbait will elevate your bass angling game. This type of bait has been tried and tested to the limit, and most avid anglers fishing for bass agree that using lipless crankbait is almost guaranteed to give you better results. This is mainly…

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Ranking the Best Fishing Apps of 2022

With today’s technology, there is an app for everything, so why should fishing be excluded from this list? You may wonder why you would need a fishing app, so we’re here to answer that for you, along with many other questions you may have, including, “What is the best fishing app?” We have compiled a…

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Reviewing the Best Fishing Boats of 2022

If you are going to spend any time on the water, you need a good fishing boat. A fishing boat will get you to deep water and coves that you would be unable to access any other way, and some of these spots can produce the best fishing results. Buying a fishing boat for the…

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Night Vision Binoculars for the Money

It’s no secret that human beings are inherently diurnal creatures, which means we’re active during the day. Vision is our main source of processing information, and it’s adversely compromised when nighttime rolls around. But, like everything else in life, behind every problem lies a viable solution. So, the advent of technology has ushered in night…

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Tangled Fishing Net

Best Fishing Knots That You Can’t Live Without

If you’ve ever tied a hook onto your fishing line and noticed that it came undone quickly or broke easily, you’re not alone. Tying a fishing line is a little more intricate than just tying a knot on a string. Because fishing line is made of nylon, it doesn’t tie the way normal cloth thread…

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Best Fishing Float Tube

There’s a good chance you’re here because you’re looking for a way to fish from a boat without fishing from a boat. Boats can be an expensive, complex solution to a relatively simple problem of gaining access to coves or waterways that are otherwise accessible. For this reason, you can avoid purchasing a full-size boat…

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Best Fishing Times and Days

Have you ever been watching the local news and noticed the weatherman discussing the best fishing time for today’s weather forecast? Well, he’s not just making it up. There is an entire process that goes into understanding and forecasting the best fishing times and the best fishing days. The weather, moon, and time of year…

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Olight is one of the Best Flashlight makers

Best Flashlight of 2022 (Review and Buying Guide)

There are plenty of good reasons for wanting the best flashlight that you can buy. Light is an essential tool for most tasks, and being able to quickly and efficiently illuminate a room or a space is invaluable. If there’s a power outage, you grab your flashlight. If you’re looking for something in a poorly…

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Does Leatherman Make The Best Multitool On The Market

Best Multitool of 2022 (Review and Buying Guide)

The best multitool for one person isn’t going to be the right fit for another. It’s as simple as that. Multitools, though practical and versatile, are divisive gadgets. For many, they’re the wrong tool for a million jobs, while for others, they’re an indispensable part of their every day carry. Of course, no multitool will…

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Ranking the Best Fishing Hats of 2022

If you go fishing regularly, then you absolutely need a good fishing hat. The best fishing hat will be comfortable, stylish, and protect you from the sun. You ideally want UPF 50 sun protection from your fishing hat. That will keep you protected from UV radiation. UPF 50 is the minimum you should be looking…

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Reviewing the Best Fishing Lures of 2022

We all have that one type of lure that is our go-to when the fish are biting. Yet sometimes the weather and water conditions aren’t favorable for our favorite type of lure, causing us to change what we’re comfortable with. Fishing lures can be categorized into six different classes: crankbaits, jigs, soft plastic/rubber lures, spinners,…

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8 Best Fishing Gloves for Smart Anglers

When was the last time you got a fishing hook caught in your fingers? If you are lucky, the answer would be never. However, if you are like the majority of anglers out there, it will be “just about on every trip.” Buying a pair of the best fishing gloves can help prevent that from…

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Reviewing the Best Binoculars of 2022

Picture this: You finally got around to taking that long-awaited safari to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. You are there just in time for the Wildebeest Migration spectacle, and you want to take in as much of what the National Reserve has to offer before you head back home. Unfortunately, you are not alone. There…

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Ranking the Best Fishing Rods of 2022

You may not have given it much thought before now but think about how important the rod is when you cast, hook, and reel a big fish. The rod will have to be flexible, but not so flexible that there is not enough stability to hook a fish, but not so stable that it breaks…

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Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Professional anglers often prefer a separate rod and reel so they can pair the best fishing rod with the best fishing reel to give them the best setup. For the amateur or recreational anglers, this can get expensive. Plus, you will have to make sure the fishing line you have on your reel is suitable…

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