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The left side of the boat (looking forward) is called the side

Crazy Boaters

Justin’s question is “Why do people act crazy in boats while they are in them?” We have wondered the same thing, Justin! We have seen some crazy behavior on the water – often from people who are very careful drivers on the road. Perhaps it is because we think of boating as fun and forget […]


Knots! Bowline “The King of Knots!” Used to form a temporary loop in a line. (So you can throw it over a piling, for example.)

Kid’s Korner

Kid’s Korner Alex Does It Again! During the Club N�utico de San Juan, Puerto Rico Tournament held last November 4th and 5th, Alejandro Manuel Rosas-Salgado (Alex) won two first place trophies for kids and came in second among adult anglers, for a total of 3 trophies. This annual tournament is held for San Juan Club […]