The Viking 92 yacht was launched by Viking in 2014 and came with three different models. There was an enclosed bridge, a convertible and a skybridge model available, each with very similar features and specs overall, with the obvious difference being in the deck layout and design.

The yacht is a powerful and sleek sport fishing boat with a lot of great features. At 93 feet it’s a formidable vessel as well that really dominates on the water and cuts an amazing profile with that huge elevated deck that lets you see and be seen from all angles. 

How Much Does a 92 Viking Cost?

You can expect to pay around $10 million for a Viking 92 yacht but there is some wiggle room there. The model was produced over several years to older versions that have been around for a spell will likely not be as expensive. And, as with any vessel, what features you want included can offer a difference in pricing.

For instance, just as 2022 was coming to a close you could pick up a 2017 Viking 92 enclosed bridge on Yacht World for $9,950,000. A 2020 Skybridge Viking 92 would set you back $11,950,000. 

Overall condition of the boat and whether it was an enclosed bridge or a skybridge are big factors that can change the overall cost by a million dollars or more. One of the biggest factors that can affect cost is the engine and there are always choices depending on how powerful you want your boat to be. 

At 92 feet this is a large boat and a crew would also likely be necessary to keep it running. Along with the crew, fuel costs would be in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. Depending on how often you were likely to take the boat out, yearly costs to maintain the Viking 92 could easily top $500,000. That said, if you have reliable friends or family to serve as the actual crew, you’d be saving yourself some cash but that’s probably not what most people with $10 million yachts are doing.

What are the Viking 92 Specs

Though the specs for some older models that date back to 2014 are slightly different in terms of fuel capacity, in general these are the specs for the more recent Viking 92 models. Older ones seemed to have a slightly lower fuel capacity though it’s likely they just upgraded engines at some point. 

  • Length Overall – 93 ft. 3 in (28.42 m) making it a larger yacht
  • Beam – 24 ft. 1 in. (7.34 m)
  • Draft – 5 ft. 11 in. (1.80 m)
  • Standard Engines (additional option available which could significantly alter the price) – CAT / C32A 1925 1925 MHP Base with MTU Series 2000 / V 16 M96L 2635 MHP Option
  • Fuel Capacity – 4,015 gals. (15,198 l)
  • Gross Weight – 205,000 lbs. (92,986 kg)
  • Water Capacity – 485 gals. (1,836 liters)
  • Cockpit Area – 238 sq. ft. (22.10 sq. m)

What’s the Viking 92 Interior Like? 

The interior of the Viking 92 is a real step up from what a lot of fishing boats can offer. But hey, for $10 million what do you expect? The sheer amount of space available is what’s stunning and it has a real vibe of almost being a hotel on the water which is very cool. If you’ve never tried fishing from a boat that cracks 90 feet, the difference is something else. Most of us are probably used to the smaller fishing boats, hell I used to fish on a 12 foot jon boat, so the Viking 92 is the difference between Salisbury steak and filet mignon. This walkthrough gives you a great look at the Viking 92 both inside and out.

The interior of these boats definitely took them above and beyond your typical fishing boat to something a little more luxurious. Some notable features of the interior include:

  • The yacht features five staterooms. Each room has its own private head and a shower. 
  • Aft full beam crew quarters with a galley and a head with shower. These quarters have access to the cockpit and feature upper and lower berths
  • The full beam master suite features hotel-like amenities. It’s furnished with a king size bed, a wardrobe, a table, and an extensive head. It even has a walk-in closet.
  • An outside galley and grilling area
  • Propulsion choices include offerings by Caterpillar and MTU
  • A two-level mezzanine and 238-square-foot tournament-ready cockpit with fighting chair
  • The mezzanine offers both rear facing lounge seating, along with a second seating area and a table for al fresco dining.

What is the 92 Viking Fuel Capacity and Range?

The Viking 92 has a fuel capacity of 4,015 gallons. This gives the vessel a range of around 1,500 nautical miles based on feedback I’ve seen from previous owners. When you’re out specifically for fishing it’s a decent range to get you where you need to go. These vessels were often used not just for sport fishing but for tournament fishing as well.

What’s the Viking 92 Top Speed?

The Viking 92, despite its size, can hit some good speeds. Cruising speed is about 30 knots while she tops out at an impressive 37 knots. This is in part due to how the hull has been designed and shaped as well as some other drag reduction innovations that can help it move more smoothly.

With the MTU Series 2000 / V16 M96L diesel engines, the 92 Viking can hit speeds of 35 knots and reach a cruise speed of 31 knots.

What are Some Other Features of the Viking 92?

Owners can add a 43-foot tuna tower. These towers are lightweight but tough and can be tailored to an individual boater’s needs then attached to the yacht without compromising balance, access or practicality.

The enclosed deck features a massive flybridge with room for sofas, cabinets and storage, a wet bar and more. The helm features three Stidd helm chairs and a console with VIPER steering, all your instrumentation and bow thruster controls. At the rear of the bridge is an open aft-deck with a set of aft-helm controls and a three-seater sofa.

The option is there for open or closed bridge depending on your likes, as well as custom choices like two-tier cockpit mezzanine or upper seating in the rear. A salon to the front takes up the entire width of the boat and features things like:

  • A U-shaped settee situated to port
  • A large cocktail table
  • Two upholstered chairs set to starboard
  • A 65-inch flat screen TV emerges from the walnut teak cabinetry
  • A galley surrounded by the L-shaped granite counter and complete with appliances, stainless steel countertops and a backsplash.
  • Four bar stools are placed at the bar. 
  • A laundry center for use by passengers and a second laundry center for crew use
  • A formal dining area accommodates 6 to 8 people and is found across from the bar with a quartz-topped table that can seat up to 6 people
  • Built-in refrigeration and freezer space
  • Large and ample storage
  • Insulated fish wells below the main cockpit sole. 
  • Rod and electronic stowage near the helm station
  • A reinforced entertainment area with another large 50-inch television

Options for a Viking 92 could cover an immense range of things from extended warranty cover to things like:

  • Seakeeper SK 35
  • Furuno Omni Sonar
  • LED backlit Lumix white Quartzite countertops
  • MTU Dynamic Positioning with joystick control
  • 2nd anchor windlass system
  • Viking skybridge with Palm Beach Towers hard top
  • Atlantic Marine Electronics
  • Extra fuel capacity- (4) tanks total

Does Viking Still Make the 92?

In 2022 Viking retired the 92 model and replaced it with the Viking 90. The reason for this is because of an international emissions mandate from the IMO or International Maritime Organization. This dates back to 2015 and, in order to align with that mandate, Viking has gone back to the drawing board to redesign a yacht that meets these IMO Tier III standards. The aim of this mandate is to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions 70% more than the Tier II standard for all vessels with a load-line length greater than 78 feet. Tier III targets the gasses that contribute to smog and acid rain, deplete the planet’s ozone layer, and aggravate asthma in humans. All yachts that fall under this category must install Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in engine rooms that scrub emissions using urea.

The new Viking 90 luxury cruising yacht is very comparable to the 92 and costs about $11.6 million brand new. Again, various options and add on can great change this overall price. 

The Bottom Line

The Viking 92 was released in 2014 and typically averages around $10 million. Available as an enclosed bridge, a convertible or a skybridge, this luxury sport fishing yacht offered some amazing features and amenities as well as great performance. From a majestic living room to walk in pantries, private facilities, numerous standard and optional accessories, Viking yachts really set the standard for what a sport fishing motor yacht could offer.

Due to changes in emissions standards, Viking stopped production of the 92 in 2022 and has replaced it with a slightly altered model known as the Viking 90.