USCG Recall Database

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The USCG Recall Database is not a searchable one, even though you may think so from the title. It may, however, be worth the effort to page through the table to see if you find anything unusual that could apply to a boat you’re about to purchase or one you already own. When you click on the link to the database you will receive a page that looks similar to the partial list below:

Boats & Buoys US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety

Recreational Boating Product Assurance Division
Data Base Index / Search Page

The Recreational Boating Product Assurance Division databases contains information on manufacturer recalls of recreational boats and associated equipment administered by the U. S. Coast Guard. These recalls were for safety defects and non-compliance only, and do not include any other recalls the manufacturer may have conducted for other purposes such as manufacturer warranty recalls. Safety defects are those items that can occur substantially without warning and create a substantial risk of personal injury.

Campaigns Only Query

MIC Number Company Other Company Name Severity Problem 1 Problem 2
AFQ 951411S Action Craft H Failed Level Flotation Safe Load/
Max Wt
AFQ 920410S Action Craft L Safe Loading Max Per & Wt Horsepower

You can scroll through each entry or click inside the database frame and use your browser’s “Find” command to search for “Sea Ray”, for instance. That will take you to the first entry for “Sea Ray”. You can then “Find Next” to find the next instance and continue until you don’t find any more instances.




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