Many millionaires and billionaires like to straddle the fence between being in the public eye but also being very secretive about their public lives and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. In 2017 there were numerous articles published about him purchasing a yacht called Ulysses that were soon followed by denials that he had purchased the yacht. So did he purchase the yacht? And if not, who does own the Ulysses? Let’s take a look!

History of the Yacht Ulysses

The yacht Ulysses was built by Kleven Shipyard out of Norway in 2015 and was the largest expedition yacht they’d ever built. It was launched in 2016. It was first owned by New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart and then rumor has it that Zuckerberg purchased it in September 2017. However, a spokesman for Zuckerberg posted on Facebook shortly thereafter saying Zuckerberg didn’t buy Ulysses and didn’t own any yacht at all.

The story originally came from a Turkish newspaper and, since its publication in September 2017, has spread to numerous other websites that essentially rehash the original details about the explorer yacht in general with Mark Zuckerberg’s name attached. 

However, other sources indicate that the yacht was indeed sold in 2017 but not to Zuckerberg. Instead, the buyer was listed as Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. After purchasing the yacht he renamed it Andromeda.

Milner has also denied ownership but the difference between his claims and those of Zuckerberg is that Milner has reportedly been seen on the yacht and the address registered for the company that owns the yacht is the same address as one of Milner’s companies. So it seems likely that Milner is the owner, and certainly much more likely than Zuckerberg.

So Who Is the Ulysses Yacht Owner?

Based on that, it seems very likely that this is not Mark Zuckerberg’s yacht, but Yuri Milner’s. That said, there are so many results that come up when you Google this yacht or Mark Zuckerberg’s yacht, it’s good to have something to clarify the issue. The idea of billionaire yachts has been big news for some time with stories about the yachts belonging to people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and even Michael Jordan making headlines.

And with that, we can still dive into what we know about the yacht aside from who owns it.

Features of the Andromeda

Like any superyacht, there are some remarkable features onboard Ulysses/Andromeda that make it a real standout. Part of the confusion over getting to the bottom of this comes from the name change from Ulysses to Andromeda. There are actually several yachts bearing these names and Graeme Hart has named at least 3 different yachts Ulysses over the years as well. That aside, let’s take a tour of what we know about the yacht Andromeda/Ulysses features, even if it’s hard to pinpoint who is enjoying all these amenities.

There’s a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. The deck is teak. Because it’s a yacht designed for exploration it’s a lot more rugged and durable than the average pleasure boat. It’s able to handle extreme weather and is ice-classed to allow for arctic travel. 

Length and Dimensions of the Andromeda

To start with some technical specs, let’s look at the yacht by the numbers.

  • 107.4 meters in length or 352’4”
  • 18 meter beam or 59’1”
  • 5.01 meter draft or 16’5”
  • 5,937 gross tonnage
  • Crew capacity of 43
  • Passenger capacity of 30

Interior of the Andromeda

To start with, the most noticeable features across the 6 decks of the Andromeda is both a helipad and a helicopter hangar for when you need to get back to shore double quick. There’s a large swimming pool on board for those not into salt water and for those who are, a tender garage that is loaded with all kinds of water toys. This includes a nearly 70 foot tender and also a pair of custom cranes to help launch and store it on board. This tender is actually a two-deck vessel in its own right so, essentially, the Andromeda has its own small yacht. 

There are surf boards, seabobs, flyboards and more available and that’s just for the water. If you want to go to shore the garage also holds motorcycles and even SUVs for travel on land. 

You can find a jacuzzi tub on deck as well, and tons of sun pads for lounging.

The interior was designed by British design house H2 Yacht Design. The look is said to be clean and modern but also luxurious. Rumor has it that the space inside cost about €20,000 per square meter. There is a cinema located on board with a Sony 300ES projector. The system comes with full surround sound and 3D projection.

Elsewhere there’s a luxurious full dining room, a wine cellar, a spacious lounge area for socializing, pool and parties. Guests can relax with a plunge pool, sauna, steam room, massage room and gym located to the aft of the main deck.

One deck of the yacht is reserved as a private owner’s deck and features not just luxury quarters but also a full-width lounge and a private balcony. 

Quarters on the Andromeda

There is room for 30 passengers on board and this is said to be split among 15 guest rooms.The crew is also purported to have 15 rooms to split though obviously less spaciously if it can handle 43. 

Guest cabins have floor to ceiling windows allowing for incredible ocean views. The master cabin, with its full beam width, has a panoramic view to the aft of the boat.

How Fast is the Andromeda?

Powered by a total of 6 Caterpillar DE 3516 engines, the Andromeda packs a punch. She has a total listed power of 6660 kw which works out to close to 10,000 horsepower. Despite that, she’s certainly not a speed demon. The top speed has been recorded as 17 knots. Her cruising speed is 15 knots. Her range is 8,500 nautical miles.

How Much Did the Andromeda Cost?

This one is a bit of a tough nut to crack. Initial stories about Zuckerberg buying the motor yacht quoted the price as $150 million sometimes and $195 million other times. But how reliable can either of those be if they didn’t even get the buyer right? Others stated the yacht was worth $195 million but Zuckerberg purchased it for $150 million. 

In 2022, Forbes reported on the yacht in the Caymans and at that time they said the yacht was valued at $129 million. So, with some depreciation, the $150 million figure could have been correct? Or it could have just been speculation much the same as the idea that Zuckerberg bought it. But, in any event, the $129 million valuation seems to be as accurate a number as we can currently get. 

To further confuse you, more recent articles about the Andromeda, which still acknowledge it as being formerly owned by Graeme Hart and having all the same features, list it as being a $250 million vessel.

The annual cost of keeping the yacht running has been estimated at anywhere from $15 million to $25 million.

Can You Charter the Andromeda?

The Andromeda is currently anchored in the Seychelles but it’s not available for charter and Milner, or whoever may own the yacht, is not very open about letting others on board as you can imagine with all this confusion and secrecy. 

The Bottom Line

The yacht once known as Ulysses is now called Andromeda. It is one of the largest and most impressive luxury yachts in the water. Though there is a persistent rumor that it was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 it does not seem to be true and, in fact, Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to own a yacht at all. Instead, the vessel seems to have been purchased by Russian-Israeli tech billionaire Yuri Milner though he too has denied ownership. That said, some evidence does suggest it really is his.

The yacht, which cost anywhere from $150 million to $250 million features a helipad, luxury accommodations, room for 30 guests and a number of toys for those on board to use. It is not available for charter.