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Ed Schorr recently had to call in an overdue notice to the Coast Guard. These were the questions he was asked. Make sure to leave your completed float plan with a responsible person before leaving the dock.
Thanks, Ed!

Float Plan for Trailered Boats

Skipper’s Information:

Name of Vessel’s Operator: _________________________________
Skipper’s experience level:  _________________________________
Medical condition at launch: _________________________________
Skipper’s medical problems:_________________________________
Telephone Number:________________________________________

Name of Vessel:

Registration Number:________________________________
Length (LOA): _______ ft.  Width of Beam: _______ ft ______in
Draft of vessel:_______ Color of Hull(s): _________
Number of Hull(s):_____ Condition: ____________
Color of Sails:_______   Number of sails: _______
Color of Spinnaker:__________ Number of masts: ______
Sail Number: ______________ Bowsprit: [Y N] _____ ft.
Identifiable markings: ________________________________
Deck color: ___________ Condition: ____________________


Number: _________ Size: ____ ft. ____ in. Color: ___________


Type (VHF, UHF, handheld) ____ Frequencies Monitored ______
Cellular Phone Number ________________________________

Name(s) of Crew on Board


Physical Condition Experience

Write additional crew names or information on back of float plan.

Engine Type: Inboard Outboard    Engine Horsepower: ________ hp
Fuel Supply (in days) _______

Survival equipment onboard (check and number of each)

Life Jackets: # ________ Flares: day Color __________ EPIRB: # ______
Medical Kit: # _______ Flares: night  Color _________ Loran: GPS
Anchor: #_______ Smoke signals: ________ Paddles: # _____
Add additional safety equipment here:  

Food for _____ days                 Water for _____ days

Trip Information: (include destination latitude and longitude if known)

Date of Departure: ____/____/____ Time of departure: _____
Departure from: ___________________________________
Destination: ______________________________________
Expected Arrival Time: _______ or no later than __________
Reason for trip:____________________________________

Trailer and Vehicle information:

Trailer Description: _________________________________
Vehicle Make: _____________ Vehicle color: ____________
Model: ___________ Model Year: _________
Vehicle and trailer location: ___________________________

Reporting Party’s Information:

Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________

If vessel is overdue, how long have they been overdue? (approximate hours): ________
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