Tom Brady is arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He cemented his legacy by playing for 20 years with the New England Patriots before joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. And as a Buccaneer, shouldn’t the man have a suitable yacht? Of course! Let’s take a look at the details about Tom’s yacht, a Wajer 77 model that he named Viva La Vida, to see how much it cost and what makes it so interesting. 

How Big is Tom Brady’s Yacht?

Brady’s yacht clocks in at 77-feet which does make it on the smaller end of some of the luxury yachts that other celebrities and millionaires own. Consider that Jess Bezos’s high-priced yacht Y721 cost $500 million and it is over 400 feet long. That dwarfs Brady’s clearly, but this boat is no joke. You can take a look at the yacht here in this video profile.

The vessel has a maximum capacity of 20 passengers, with sleeping space for 9, so it’s well equipped for being a party boat assuming Tom’s down for taking friends out on the water.

Is Tom Brady’s Yacht Bigger Than the Titanic?

Photo of the Titanic.
Not this big.

Yes, this is a weird question but if you know why someone might ask it, it gets a little less weird. Still weird, but less weird. 

For reasons unknown there was an online ad/clickbait post that was going around in the summer of 2022 that showed a picture of a really exotic looking yacht with the title “Tom Brady’s New Yacht is Bigger Than the Titanic.”

For the record, the Titanic was 269 meters long or just over 882 feet. There is no yacht in the world that big and, to be fair, the Titanic was no yacht. The RMS Titanic was a luxury steamship, what most people would call an ocean liner or cruise ship today. It was completely different from a yacht.

The biggest yacht in the world today is called the Azzam and it is just under 600 feet long. As you can see, Brady’s 77 foot yacht is decidedly smaller than the Titanic in pretty much every way.

The ad was just weird clickbait and Brady appeared to have never made such a silly claim. But the ad seems to have worked enough that a number of people now search for the details. In fact, if you Google “Tom Brady” plus “yacht” plus “Titanic” you get a whopping 138,000 results. So set your mind at ease, his boat is nothing like the Titanic.

Who Made Tom Brady’s Yacht?

Brady’s yacht is a Wajer 77 yacht made by Wajer yachts. Based out of the Netherlands, Wajer is known for its luxury yachts and they take an approach that is more what you’d expect from a luxury car maker like Ferrari or Lamborghini than a boatmaker. 

The company is a family owned business that started in 1992 and today they’re renowned for making some of the fastest yachts in their class, as well as some of the most luxurious. They use something called the Volvo Penta Inboard Propulsion System which is an engine system that claims to give you 20% more speed at 40% less fuel. They have won some awards as well, so they seem to be able to back up those claims.

Brady actually owned an older, smaller model, the Wajer 55S, which was about $2 million when he bought it back in the day. Word is that Brady really loved the yacht and is apparently loyal to his brand so he upgraded when the opportunity arose to get a bit bigger boat. 

How Much Did Tom Brady Pay for his Yacht?

Rumor has it that Brady spent an impressive $6 million on his yacht. At 77-feet, that makes it a very high priced craft. Compare that to something like the Lamborghini 63 yacht which is, of course, 14 feet shorter and costs about $3.5 million.

In terms of added costs, the fuel alone for Brady’s yacht is probably going to set him back around $135,000 per year though that will obviously fluctuate depending on how often he chooses to use the yacht. Of course, with a crew to keep the yacht working and other expenses it’s believed his yearly operating cost for the boat is going to be about $600,000. 

These are relatively new models, and the first Wajer 77 only hit the water in August of 2021. They had pre sold 15 models earlier in the year and Brady was one of the buyers. The 77 is the biggest yacht Wajer has ever made.

The price for a Wajer 77 starts at €5.25million which is nearly the same in US dollars so it’s possible Brady decided to add a few custom items onto his build to jack up the price by about $750,000. The upholstery, hull and color scheme are all customizable so Brady likely had a lot of options when he made his choice.

Brady is believed to have a personal fortune of about $250 million, so the $6 million he spent on the yacht was just a drop in the bucket.

How Fast is Tom Brady’s Yacht?

Wajer says the Wajer 77 yacht is able to hit an impressive 37 knots, which is pretty incredible for a yacht of this size. Definitely shows off the prowess of that Volvo Penta engines it has inside. The standard model, and it’s unclear if Brady tweaked his at all, comes with three Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13-900 HP engines. 

It also boasts a range of 400 nautical miles with a 4,800 liter fuel tank, which isn’t too bad for a yacht of this size, either. Fuel consumption is listed at 300 liters per hour at 26 knots. 

What Does Tom Brady’s Yacht Interior Look Like?

Let’s start with some general specs here since the company offers those up for the Wajer 77 right on their site. Obviously the vessel is 77 feet long but it also boasts a 19 foot beam.

In the center of the boat is a 16’5″ wide master suite. There’s also a junior suite in the bow that features a double bed and beyond that is the port-side guest cabin. This one has a queen-size and a single bed. 

Elsewhere you’ll find the crew cabin which has room for 2 and also has a separate private entrance. Each of these cabins have ensuite bathrooms that are all designed to limit sound transmission. There’s also a fully equipped galley and even a coffee bar.

The yacht is able to carry Seabobs, jet surfboards, a Williams 325 Jet Tender and it also has space for diving equipment and a Jet Ski.

What Else Does Tom Brady’s Yacht Feature?

For the price you’d expect Wajer to include some cool features and they really do. In addition to the fun and luxury stuff,  there’s a lot of features that just make the yacht itself a standout in the world of boats. For instance:

  • There’s deck cooling technology to keep you from getting scorched on a sunny day
  • An adjustable deck layout that lets you pick how you want your yacht to look rather than choosing a single design. No word on which layout Brady chose.
  • An automatic Targa roof
  • There’s even a hybrid fender system, which automatically inflates the fenders when you need them and deflates them for easy storage. Maybe not as cool as a hot tub, but still a great feature.

Does Brady’s Yacht Have Anything to do With The New England Patriots?

Despite the fact that Tom Brady rose to fame as part of the New England Patriots and he’ll likely be associated with them for the rest of his life, he actually bought this vessel when he was a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. It’s his own personal yacht and has nothing to do with the NFL or any of the teams he’s played for.

The Bottom Line

The Super Bowl champ was quoted as saying the Wajer 77 yacht he purchased was well suited for what he and his family needs. He wanted a yacht to be able to take him down to the Bahamas on weekend trips when the mood arose and the $6 million yacht definitely fit the bill. He said he wanted to spend more weekends and day trips with the family since he lives in Florida ont he east coast and can easily scoot down to the Bahamas in his yacht when he has a day or two free.

With tons of custom and luxury features as well as powerful engines that give the yacht the power to hit 37 knots it’s an amazing boat that also has a lot of fun features for Brady, his family and any guests they choose to bring along.