More Tips on Running Aground

Here is an important technique that got me out of trouble in the Bahamas with a 75 ton yacht caught in a lagoon with no way out greater than the draft at highest tide. A halyard and all the weight we could find would not budge her.

But having determined our best course, considering wind direction, I hoisted the main and jib, and set them so they were across the wind and providing very little forward motion.  This heels the boat over and most sailboats have a reduced draft when heeled.  With both engines at full power we inched our way through the sand bar and got to deep water.

Another hint.  When using a dinghy to take an anchor out to kedge off, it is easier and safer to tie the anchor to a bow cleat but leave it hanging in the water. This way when you get to the drop point you can safely untie, or cut the line and let it drop. Trying to launch a boat size anchor from a dingy can be quite dangerous.

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