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What Does Trout Taste Like

Different trout species have different flavors. Rainbow trout are probably the most commonly eaten trout. Rainbow are even found in grocery stores sometimes. Other trout, like brook trout and brown trout, are rarely found in stores. If you want to sample those, you generally have to catch them yourself. As freshwater fish, they are often…

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How to Hold A Trout

Whether you’re catching trout for food or trophies or just for fun, it’s hard to resist the urge to pick one up. You haven’t really caught a trout until it’s in your hands. There’s something about holding it up and seeing what you’ve done that makes you feel good. Even if you’re going to let…

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Best Trout Rods 2020

Every trout angler has their preferred rig and bait for trout fishing. Trout are more jittery than many other kinds of fish. For that reason, you want to make sure you have the best rod. Most trout anglers will choose a spinning rod for trout. An all-purpose sort of rod will not do the trick….

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The Best Bait for Trout

Late in the season you can’t go wrong with fly fishing for catching trout. But it’s not always the right time of year for fly fishing. In the spring, for instance, they may not take to flies. If you’re interested in natural baits and not lures, it’s good to know what’s going to be best…

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What Do Trout Eat

Throughout North America you will find many species of trout. They are a diverse and desirable fish to catch. There are also many subspecies that are popular, like steelhead. There are fish like char that are genetically similar but not true trout. For anglers who enjoy trout, there’s always something nearby no matter where you…

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Types of Trout

Trout fishing in North America is practically an art form. Trout are abundant across the continent. There are many types of trout that you’ll find from coast to coast. Some are obviously more popular than others. Many of them tend to live in the same bodies of water and look very similar to one another….

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