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How to Clean Trout

One of the best parts about trout fishing is getting to enjoy what you catch. If you plan to eat what you catch that you need to know how to clean trout. There are two ways to approach cleaning the trout. You can clean your trout streamside or you can clean your trout at home….

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How to Fish for Trout

If you’re serious about fishing for trout, you need to understand how they react to you. Trout are very sensitive to noise and movement. They have excellent eyesight and can be very skittish fish. They are on the lookout for things like visible lures, hooks, and fishing line. It may sound like you’re giving a…

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Best Hooks for Trout Fishing

Trout are very wary of anything in the water. That means if you’re serious about trout fishing you need to be serious about your trout hook. There are many types and sizes of hooks you could use for trout fishing. Some are definitely going to be better than others. A smaller hook size is usually…

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Best Fishing Line for Trout

Choosing the best fishing line for trout is more important than some anglers think. Many amateur fishermen pay very little heed to the type of line that they use. There’s more to it than many people think. Any cheap fishing line could work, but the right fishing line will work better. Think of it this…

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The Best Homemade Trout Bait

Trout are not necessarily the most finicky eaters. They respond well to many live baits. Things like worms and salmon eggs are very appealing to trout. But they can also respond very well to homemade fishing bait. The most common kind of homemade trout bait is dough bait. Because of the flour you mix in,…

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Best Trout Rods 2020

Every trout angler has their preferred rig and bait for trout fishing. Trout are more jittery than many other kinds of fish. For that reason, you want to make sure you have the best rod. Most trout anglers will choose a spinning rod for trout. An all-purpose sort of rod will not do the trick….

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Best Trout Lures

Many anglers would consider trout their favorite fish to catch. They can be a challenge to catch, which makes them desirable. They can also make for great trophies and good food. Not to mention that their preferred habitats are some of the most beautiful places you’ll see. The thing about trout is that they’re not…

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The Best Bait for Trout

Late in the season you can’t go wrong with fly fishing for catching trout. But it’s not always the right time of year for fly fishing. In the spring, for instance, they may not take to flies. If you’re interested in natural baits and not lures, it’s good to know what’s going to be best…

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