Shimano SLX DC Baitcaster Reel Review

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Shimano’s SLX reel is a good reel for any anglers out there. And when they released an improved version and named it SLX DC, many anglers wanted to join the hype. But is it worth it? Is Shimano SLX DC the best choice for a baitcasting reel?

The noteworthy difference between SLX and SLX DC is the inclusion of Shimano’s Digital Control (DC) braking technology. As all SLX reels are made with the same compact, versatile, and rigid base, the improved DC braking system provides a better fishing experience. The casting performance is way better than the previous SLX models too.

Product Overview

Shimano SLX DC Baitcasting Reel

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Shimano SLX DC is an affordable choice for anglers looking for a trustworthy reel but on a tight budget. It is easy to operate that even anglers who are just starting to learn can use it without difficulty. Moreover, it is fitted with contoured grips and a long handle, allowing anglers to properly take control of their casting and fishing experience. There is also an extended handle that boosts the cranking power.

Additionally, it features four external braking options that improve the performance based on the fishing conditions and line type used. The computerized cast control system monitors the speed of the spool a thousand times per second. It applies brake pressure when needed to prevent backlash and optimize the casting distance.

Furthermore, it has a 4+1 ball bearing system that helps for easy and efficient retrieval. The maximum drag is at 11-12 lbs, courtesy of an efficient drag system that provides a better fishing experience. Meanwhile, the line capacity choices are 10/120, 12/110, and 14/90. These options give you a choice to pick what is best suited to your needs.

Different Model Options for Shimano SLX DC

Models Gear Ratio Retrieval Side Retrieve per Crank
SLXDC150 6.3:1 Right 26
SLXDC150HG 7.2:1 Right 30
SLXDC150XG 8.2:1 Right 35
SLXDC151 6.3:1 Left 26
SLXDC151HG 7.2:1 Left 30
SLXDC151XG 8.2:1 Left 35

Key Features

HAGANE Body provides the reel’s body with its much-needed rigidity that can withstand impact, eliminating body flexing. Without flexing, the cranking power becomes more powerful as there will be a smooth and balanced winding.

Super Free Spool eliminates friction on the shaft whenever you cast. In this mechanism, a ball bearing supports the pinion gear so that the alignment of the gear and the spool shaft is maintained perfectly during casting. Additionally, the zero friction on the spool shaft gives you more leeway to cast at a farther distance.

Intelligent Digital Control Braking System provides various fishing experiences for anglers regardless of the conditions and lures used. The DC braking system has four modes to choose from: Max Distance, Fluorocarbon, Braided/Monoline, and Skipping. You do not need to adjust the reel as often as you would on other reels without a DC braking system.

The intelligent digital control reads different situations from when you cast to the lure’s arrival on your target spot. Then, it automatically makes fine adjustments depending on the spool’s rotation.

S3D Spool Technology paves the way to a balanced thin wall aluminum spool that reduces spool vibration significantly. Thus, allowing you to have a smooth casting and retrieval experience.

Shimano SLX DC Review

Why Choose SLX DC?


Shimano SLX DC may not be the cheapest reel in the market for beginner anglers. But it is already considered affordable for its added features. The features offered by this reel are often found on high-end reels that are more expensive. So, if you are after quality and affordability, then this is the best pick for you.

Works Perfectly

Regardless of the lures you are using, the Shimano SLX DC works perfectly well. Some reels work best with heavier lures but would often develop some issues with lighter lures. However, when it comes to SLX DC, you can easily cast with either heavy or light lures without any problems in controlling the direction of your cast.

Comfortable Operation

A comfortable operation is an important facet when it comes to enjoying the moment while fishing. This reel provides you with a comfortable operation as it automatically adjusts depending on the situation – thanks to its Digital Control braking system.


Shimano SLX DC can withstand the test of time. The Hagane body allows it to become stiff and rigid. It is impact-resistant as well. Thus, you can be assured that this reel is made to last longer despite the fishing conditions you are in.


Another thing to love about this baitcasting reel is the fact that it is compact. It has a smaller body but can still hold a decent line capacity. Certainly, this reel is a must-have for anglers of all levels.


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