SeaArk calls this boat a hybrid of two of their other popular models – the Easy and the Pro Cat. The result is a good size family freshwater fishing boat that offers some versatility and fun with a great number of accessories and options to ensure you have everything you need and then some.  Let’s check out what this SeaArk boat has to offer.

Design and Construction

The aluminum hull of the EasyCat is a sturdy and strong base for this solidly built monster of a family fishing vessel. Not everyone likes a dual purpose boat, but if you like the idea of a vessel good for fishing and for fun with the family, this is probably the best model I’ve ever tried.

At 26 feet the boat is large and that’s maybe a big part of the reason this works for its versatile nature. You never feel like you’re stepping on anyone’s toes and it’s ideal for fishing with friends or family as well as having some fun swimming, water skiing, tubing or whatever else you want to do.

Don’t let the size worry you if you’re used to smaller boats, she doesn’t handle like a beast at all and you’ll quickly forget just how big the boat really is. It’s a lot of fun to drive.

The construction is roomy but doesn’t waste the space. The rod holders, the storage space of which there is plenty, the captains chairs and everything feels like it was all thoughtfully designed and spaces in a way that ensures comfort and purpose. 

Even when you hit a good speed or some rough chop, the boat handles well and provides a pretty even and solid ride. The all-welded hull and sturdy aluminum can take most of what you throw at it with ease. 

Features and Specs

By the numbers, the EasyCat has a lot to offer you as a boater and an angler. Let’s break it down by what stands out as standard features on the boat.


  • 25 gallon bow livewell with rounded corners for safety
  • 12 V outlet with USB
  • Bow tilt trim switch
  • Dual aluminum center consoles
  • 10 drink holders
  • ProCat walk thru windshield
  • 67 gallon aluminum belly fuel tank
  • Two 5.5′ lounge seats with plenty of gear storage
  • 80 gallon livewell with recirculator and pump out switch and oxygenator
  • LED courtesy light and removable nav lights
  • Wash down pump and hose
  • 6 gauge wiring for your trolling motor
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Flotation pds
  • Radio with bluetooth and 6 speakers
  • 15° all-welded V hull
  • NMMA® certified
  • Two fold down seats
  • Stainless steel bow & stern eyes
  • All aluminum floors & deck
  • 5052 aluminum
  • .125 gauge tread plate floor
  • Stainless steel swim ladder
  • Lots more as well


  • Length: 26′
  • Beam: 95″
  • Bottom Width: 72″
  • Side Depth: 26″
  • HP Rating: 300
  • Weight Cap: 2800 lbs
  • Persons Cap: 13 people or 1801 lbs
  • Approx Weight: 2000 lbs
  • Transom Height: 25″


We’re going to get into this in performance as well, but the versatility of the EasyCat sets the bar in my opinion. I have tried out maybe 7 or 8 dual purpose boats in the last couple of years and they have been OK. A lot of them are just OK. But the EasyCat uses its size and space to its advantage much better than most. It has the speed to be used for water skiing. It has the space to allow cruising with a large group of friends and family. It has the set up to make for a great day of fishing, or swimming and having fun, or having lunch and a few drinks, or really anything you could ask for.

This is a good choice for people who love that cottage life on the lake and want a boat they can get a lot of use out of. For the price, you definitely want to ensure you crave and appreciate that versatility though. If you don’t think you really need an aluminum fishing boat, or you really need a family fun boat, I’d recommend looking elsewhere just because this might be too much boat for you if that’s the case. 


Because it’s a large boat you want to make sure you have the proper outboard engine running with it. SeaArk sells their boats with Suzuki engines and if you go with a Suzuki 300, which is what the manufacturer recommends, you won’t be disappointed with the performance on the water. I took one on a test drive with four people on board and some assorted gear and we were cruising along at around 50 mph with no problems. We probably could have pushed it a little more as well but the weather started working against us so we called it a day. Suffice it to say that this will get you where you want to go and, if you want to get in some time having fun with tow sports it will be no problem. 

Maneuvering is pretty smooth and better than some boats I’ve been in of this size. It remains stable even at higher speeds and there’s no sense that the boat is uneven or unreliable. Keep in mind you’ll want to keep the load balanced as it’s tempting to backload this boat just because of how it’s laid out.

In terms of how it performs as a fishing vessel, I have to say I was impressed. Not all dual purpose boats hit the mark. In fact, for a lot of them, instead of having a boat that does two things really well, you end up with a boat that does two things just sort of ok. But that’s not the case here.

The SeaArk EasyCat may not be the best fishing boat ever, but it did not disappoint. For a casual angler, or even a semi-serious fisherman, this works really well. The prep station, the storage, the rod holders, the live wells and all the room meant I was never feeling like too much was lacking from the boat. It doesn’t feel like you have to settle, if that makes sense. This is a fishing boat and it’s also a family boat, it’s not just a family boat you can fish from. 

Now, again, if you’re a serious angler doing sport fishing tournaments every week then this won’t be your first choice, but if you truly see the value in a boat that will make everyone in the family happy for what it can be provide on a number of fronts, this performs really well and I think you’ll want to try it for yourself.

Comfort and Convenience

You’re going to have a pretty comfortable ride in the Easy Cat whether you choose those bench seats or opt for the captains chairs. There is room for pedestal seating and fold down chairs but I didn’t try those on my trip. I imagine they’re the same as they would be on any other boat, however, and the comfort of any removable pedestal seat often depends on the quality of the seat you buy.

The bench seats are well cushioned and not the most plush I have ever experienced but they aren’t uncomfortable, either. The captains chairs are pretty comfortable though and you shouldn’t end up feeling like you have a sore back or butt after an hour or two on the water by any means.

The ride itself is also pretty smooth so long as the weather cooperates. Even when things do get choppy I’ve experienced worse rides so it handles pretty well.

The storage spaces and drink holders everywhere are all very convenient and you shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t just relax and set something down or put it away.

You can get one or two bimini tops for the EasyCat and, for a boat this big, it’s a good thing to have that kind of shade from the sun. it’s nice having a reprieve on a really bright, cloudless day and that’s makes the whole experience even better.

Safety and Reliability

The hull and deck are all aluminum and there’s a tread plate floor that gives you solid footing when you need to get up and move around. The hand rails and side depth also give you a sense of security so that you never feel like you’re at risk of tumbling about or falling overboard. Plus, with all that storage, you have lots of room to ensure everyone has a life jacket when you’re on board as well. 

Customization Options for SeaArk Boats

Where to begin? SeaArk offers 40+ accessories on top of the various paint and upholstery customization options, so let’s go through some of the standouts to give you an idea of what’s in store.


You have 15 paint options from the manufacturer when it comes to a SeaArk EasyCat. The standard paints include:

  • Kilim beige
  • Olive drab
  • Sharksin
  • Tan

You can boost the price a little by opting for a camo paint job instead and if that sounds good you can choose from:

  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
  • Natural Gear
  • New Mossy Oak Break Up
  • Old Mossy Oak Break Up
  • SeaArk Water Oak

There’s also a range of urethane paints to stand up to wear and tear a little better and also add some more brightness if you’re into that. Urethane paints include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Sea green
  • Smoky quartz


Moving from the outside to the inside of the boat, SeaArk has 5 standard and 3 camo upholstery options.  Standard includes:

  • Grey
  • Mocha
  • Neutral
  • Olive drab
  • Tan

Camo options are:

  • Mossy Oak Break Up
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
  • SeaArk Water Oak


This is where SeaArk shines for those who really like to customize all the bells and whistles in a boat. A Tracker Grizzly will give you a whole packaged boat with little options, but SeaArk does the opposite. Check out some of these choices, which don’t even cover all the options:

  • Stainless steel cleats
  • Aluminum cleats
  • Bimini tops
  • Captains chairs
  • Cat rack
  • Accessory tray and cupholders
  • Safety grab rails
  • Full enclosure drop front
  • Double full enclosure
  • Fold down seats
  • Double rod holders
  • Depth gauge mount
  • Minn Kota trolling motors
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel steering wheel
  • Tree grabber
  • Volt meter
  • Various battery options
  • Lots more

Pricing for EasyCat Fishing Boats

Because of the sheer number of options available with an EasyCat it’s hard to pin down a final price and call it definitive. You can customize this thing very extensively. As you’ve seen, the paint options,engine options and multiple accessories mean you potentially have a wide range. That said, you can get a very well built model with a good deal of accessories and a Suzuki 250SS engine for about $75,000. A Suzuki 300 can bump you up another $6,000 or more.

Pros vs Cons

There’s a lot to take in here so let’s break it down a little more simply with what I think are the major pros and cons for the EasyCat.


  • Amazing versatility and performance make this stand out compared to similar boats
  • Tons of great storage
  • Truly lives up to the idea of a dual performance boat
  • Handles really well, even in choppy water. Not quite what their Bay series is able to do, but still very good
  • Seats are comfortable
  • The overall layout of the vessel is well down, spacious, and comfortable
  • Tough, well built hull and interior


  • This is a lot of boat and, as tempting as it is, unless you have a lot of people heading out on the water with you regularly, it can be more than a lot of boaters need. 
  • May be a little more expensive than some boaters are looking to pay for a family/fishing boat
  • The sheer number of accessories and options can get a little overwhelming
  • By that same token, as you start adding options, the price can skyrocket
  • Not recommended for saltwater fishing so you may have to look to other SeaArk models for that.

The Bottom Line

I really enjoyed taking the SeaArk EasyCat out for a spin and it’s a standout among boats in its class in my opinion. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who seriously wants a multi-purpose boat that can be enjoyed by fishermen as well as those who want to get out on the lake for watersports, swimming and just having a good time. The EasyCat does a better job than most other boats that try to merge those two worlds.

If its in your budget and you really intend to make the most of a boat for you and for your whole clan, I highly recommend the SeaArk EasyCat.