How Water Pressure Works: Water Pressure Calculator Included

Most of us know that the deeper you go under water, the greater the pressure. This is why divers need to be careful as they come back up from deep dives. The nitrogen that has built up in their bodies needs time to dissipate. If this doesn’t happen, it expands too quickly. This gives rise…

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How to Use a Dive Computer

If you’re just getting into dive computers, there’s a lot to know. They can really take your scuba diving to the next level. But understanding them at first can be a little daunting. And there are a number of different kinds on the market. That makes understanding them difficult. Basically, they all provide the same…

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Dugong vs Manatee

Dugong vs Manatee – What’s the Difference?

In 1493, the explorer, Christopher Columbus, wrote in his journal that he has quite clearly seen three “mermaids” rise out of the sea. His issue was that these mermaids weren’t quite as beautiful as folklore seemed to portray them. According to his account, the mermaids he saw had some “masculine traits on their faces.” Turns…

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The 18 Best Places to Scuba Dive in 2024

The Covid-19 pandemic saw most of us missing out on the best places to scuba dive. If you’re looking to find a new dive site, or reconnect with an old dive site, we’ve got you covered. The best diving in the world doesn’t have to be on the other side of the planet. Some of…

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The 15 Best Scuba Diving Sites in Hawaii

There are more places to dive in Hawaii than you could hope to visit in one trip. Even if you live in Hawaii, you could spend years visiting the Hawaii scuba diving spots. But if you do plan a trip, there are some real standouts you may want to check out. From wreck diving to…

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Best Scuba Diving in Florida: 21 Dive Spots for 2024

There are plenty of great dive spots on the West Coast and all along the East Coast as well. But you know as well as we do that the best scuba diving is in Florida. It’s the dive capital of America. The problem is that you’re spoiled for choice. You could dive at 100 dive…

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NAUI vs PADI: What You Need to Know About SCUBA Certification

Scuba diving is one of the most exhilarating hobbies for ocean lovers. Imagine coming face to face with all that the world’s largest water bodies have to offer as opposed to just watching them on NatGeo?! That’s exactly what you get when you go SCUBA diving, a peek into a world not our own but…

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Wet Suit vs Dry Suit

Wet Suit vs Dry Suit: What is The Difference?

The ocean is a strange and fascinating place. Not only does it get darker the lower you go, but it also gets extremely cold. The temperature range is borderline insane from a comfortable 30 °C (86 °F) at the surface to a near-deadly −1 °C (30.2 °F) at the seabed. Unless you are a professional…

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Best Seiko Dive Watch

Ranking the Best Seiko Dive Watches of 2024

Seiko is one of the more reputable watch brands on the market today. It is not because they sell affordable watches, but because they have timeless designs equipped with long-lasting mechanisms. You get a high-quality watch for a slightly expensive yet still reasonable price. So, when it comes to dive watches, Seiko becomes our first…

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Mask Squeeze

What is Mask Squeeze And How to Prevent It

While it is not life-threatening, mask squeeze can cause discomfort, and you might scare people with red-shot vampire-like eyes. You may experience mask squeeze when freediving, scuba diving, or snorkeling. Below is all you need to know about mask squeeze, how to prevent it, and what to do if you get it. What Is Mask…

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Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Best Underwater Metal Detectors of 2024

An underwater treasure hunt can be fun if you have the correct hunting equipment. By that, we mean the best underwater metal detector. But with so many brands and models available, which should you pick for your scuba diving adventure? We’ve done some hunting ourselves, but not for treasures! We searched for the best underwater…

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Thermocline - Everything You Need to Know

Thermocline – Everything You Need to Know

If you hang around diver or angler forums long enough, you will come across some terminologies that will require explaining. Terminologies like “thermocline.” If you have ever wondered what the big deal is with thermoclines, how it affects fishing or diving, and what you can do about it, then wonder no more. In this handy…

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