You may be familiar with the jet setting lifestyle of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea football club, who has an estimated net worth of over $8 billion. He’s not just rich, he’s a man who loves yachts and loves them a lot. Not only does he own the Eclipse, the most expensive yacht in the world, he owns 15 other yachts that we know of. Clearly this is a man who enjoys ship life. Other Russian oligarchs like private jets, Abramovich likes private boats.

Up until 2023 it was believed Abramovich owned a mere 6 vessels, but new information bumps that number up significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable examples of the vessels in the fleet and what we know about them.

The Eclipse Yacht

Roman Abramovich has the distinction of owning the most expensive yacht in the world, the Eclipse. It was built in Hamburg by Blohm and Voss in 2010 and was recently seen in Turkey where it is likely avoiding international sanctions against Russian billionaires which would confiscate the vessel.

How Expensive is the Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse?

The superyacht Eclipse is obviously the flagship of Abramovich’s fleet and it’s believed the initial construction price was $427 million. Though that’s obviously very expensive it wouldn’t technically make this the most expensive yacht in the world. However, rumor has it that Abramovich had custom additions put on the yacht including a security system fit for a small army, which boosted the total cost to $1.5 billion.

How Big is the Eclipse Yacht

For some years, the Eclipse was the world’s largest yacht at 533-feet. Other yachts have since surpassed that length but obviously it’s still an absolutely enormous vessel. It has a gross tonnage of 13,000 GT and a beam of just over 72 feet. It is the largest vessel Abramovich owns.

How Fast is the Eclipse Yacht?

It’s believed the Eclipse has a top speed of about 22 knots. This is provided by four MTU 20V 1163 TB93 diesel engines.

What is the Eclipse Like on the Inside?

The interior of the Eclipse is well guarded and not many people have been on board. That said, there are some things we do know about the vessel and what Abramovich has had installed. To start with, the yacht has not one but two helicopter landing pads. It also has its own mini submersible and previously it had been reported that there were 3 landing boats but now we know that he has 8 support vessels of various kinds for the yacht.

There are quarters to house as many as 70 crew members making this yacht essentially a private cruise ship in terms of staffing and amenities. There is room for 36 guests as well.

It is rumored that the yacht has two swimming pools on board including one that is nearly 50 feet long, plus several hot tubs scattered throughout. The large pool has a retractable glass sunroof. The 18 guest rooms are said to contain full home 6-foot cinema screens for private viewings. For a group experience, the bow of the ship is also a cinema with a massive screen. Each guest room, of which there are 24, has its own jacuzzi and private security system.

There are spas on board and a disco as well, and unusual amenities like a full size pantry and gullwing doors that pull up to reveal a barbecue and pizza oven. The yacht’s guests can also enjoy an 830 square foot gym, massage room, beauty salon, beach club, sauna and portholes that offer a view inside the large pool. There’s even a wood-burning fire pit on the main deck for campfires. 

The ceiling in the 5,000 square foot master suite opens like a retractable dome in a sports stadium to give passengers a view of the night sky if they so desire.

The security on Eclipse is one of the things that gets talked about a lot and what is known about it is impressive. To start, the glass is all bulletproof. The hull is armor plated to prevent damage from direct attacks. There is an anti-paparazzi system installed which prevents digital cameras from taking photos when they’re aimed at the vessel, which is why you’ll see so few photos of it when it’s in use. Finally, there’s a sophisticated missile detection system that is able to detect missile attacks and launch its own counter attacks. So, yes, this yacht apparently has missile launchers on board, something usually reserved for military vessels.

What Other Yachts or Launch Boats Does Abramovich Own?

Journalists recently discovered that the Russian billionaire owns 16 yachts, about 10 more than previously known. Eight of these vessels are support ships for the Eclipse which was previously thought to just have three launch boats as support. These are the remaining 7.


The second most expensive yacht in Abramovich’s fleet, Solaris is 458 feet long, 11,011 tons and had a reported price tag of $475 million. Other sources say this is actually a $600 million vessel. It has room for 36 passengers in 18 cabins as well as crew quarters to handle up to 60 crew members at a time. These are just estimates based on the size and design of the yacht, however, as Abramovich is notoriously private when it comes to secure matters like these. This large yacht may have swimming pools inside and other amenities but little has been published in any yacht report about those features.

The top speed of the yacht is listed at 18 to 20 knots with a cruising speed of 14 knots and it features not just a pool but a helicopter landing pad on deck. Propulsion is provided by the largest ABB Azipod propulsion package ever used in a private yacht.

It’s said to contain over 2,000 square meters of glass including the largest panes ever used in a superyacht. 

The yacht, at last report, was moored in Turkey where it is not subject to international sanctions that have been levied against the Russian oligarch.


This would be Abramovich’s third most expensive yacht coming in at $38 million and 180 feet long. Designed by Amels, it is sometimes available for charter and can house 12 guests and 13 crew in its quarters. The yacht has a top speed of 15.5 knots and a range of 4,500 nautical miles The cruising speed is 13 knots.


The Garcon is actually larger than the Halo but costs less. It reportedly had a $20 million price tag but clocked in at 220 feet. Made by Damen Yachting, this is sometimes used as a support vessel as it was by its previous owner. It has space for 21 people in total.

The Garcon is a much faster yacht than some of its size, powered by 4 Caterpillar engines, that can reach 25 knots at full throttle. Normal cruising speed is 18 knots.

Umbra A

This is a $1 million Bluegame yacht that measures just a fraction of his larger boats, coming in at 40 feet.


Little is known about this particular yacht other than it measures 80 feet and was reported to have cost Abramovich $3 million.


This 162-foot, $11 million yacht has been moored in La Ciotat on the French Riviera since 2022. It was built in 1998 and features a 27.5 foot beam.  The vessel is powered by Paxman + Textron engines which produce 3442 hp each giving Sussurro a maximum speed of 46 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots making it one of the fastest yachts of its size in the world.


Moored in the Netherlands, this yacht measures 164-foot and reportedly cost $30 million. Powered by MTU diesel engines the vessel has a top speed of 23 knots. There is room on board for 12 guests in 5 staterooms, as well as a crew of 9.

The Bottom Line

Roman Abramovich owns the world’s most expensive yacht, the Eclipse, as well as many other yachts that, until recently, were hidden assets. Because of international sanctions against Russian oligarchs due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many of his yachts are subject to seizure in various countries so ownership of them was hard to determine. Even now it’s speculated he may own many others.