RescueStreamer – What a Great Idea!

We recently received email notifying us of a new boating product on the market. We get these often, but this time we all agreed that this is a safety item our readers might like to know about.

streamer.jpg (7670 bytes) You may want to let your readers know about the new military-approved RescueStreamer™ for persons lost at sea. RescueStreamer (licensed by SEE/RESCUE) is a patented, bright orange, strut-reinforced streamer that marks your position without the need for chemicals, batteries, or electronics!

The Navy calls it the only “passive” and “indefinite” signaling device and spotted the new “holster” unit from 1.3 miles away from 1500 feet of altitude during their certification tests.

In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard has also now approved the RescueStreamer for use on their own Boat Crew Survival Vests.

The RescueStreamer is now available to the boating public.

RescueStreamer™ is an excellent signaling technology for water-based environments, whether you are boating, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, or ditching your aircraft!

The RescueStreamer™ Holster unit clips to your belt or life jacket or fits into your fannypack and provides you with the only “passive and continuous” signaling device in case you become lost or injured.

The 5-ounce Holster unit unfurls to a 6 inch wide by 25 foot long bright orange streamer that clearly stands out relative to the natural water colors found in lakes or oceans, thereby continuously announcing your position to rescue parties.

With RescueStreamer™, there is no need to rely on batteries, chemicals, or electronics – all which can fail in corrosive water-based environments.

Larger RescueStreamer™ units can used for life rafts, kayaks, or boats to provide search parties with an enhanced signal target (up to 40 feet long) that works continuously, even if you are injured or asleep.

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“..One of the simplest, yet most effective devices you can use to ensure that you and your family can be found.”


Early days of fishing and wakeboarding boats. These days a little more relaxing and sailing time, mostly on catamarans. Still too poor be a yacht man.

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