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There’s a good chance that when you envision a tackle box compartment, you likely see the Plano 3600 tackle box. It is the go to storage box for anglers and boaters alike, which is why it continues to be successful today.

Plano makes multiple sizes in their Stowaway utility boxes ranging from their 3400 series all the way up to their 3700 series. What makes the 3600 series great is its size and various uses. Plano’s technology for molding these boxes ensures that each one has the same measurements.

About the Plano 3600

About the Plano 3600

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The Plano 3600 series all measure in with a length of 10.75 inches and a height of 1.75 inches for the standard box. A few variations of this box include a double-decker guide series and others with slightly different measurements for their unique purpose; however, the standard 3600 tackle box has set dimensions. These dimensions are important as there are a plethora of utility bags to transport multiple boxes.

Additionally, many boat manufacturers and custom boat builders make built-in tackle storage based on the 3600 series measurement.

Conclusion: Why Choose the Plano 3600?

The 3600 series set a standard in tackle box compartments, and Plano has upgraded this standard over the years.

The new models of the 3600 series, such as the Purolator, have improved latches to ensure years of successful storage. This means you can spend less time searching for your important tackle and hoping it lasts and invest that time opening your tackle and casting out a line.



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