The Plano 3600 tackle box is iconic. It has been the tackle box of choice for many anglers and boaters. Plano makes multiple sizes in their Stowaway utility boxes ranging from their 3400 series all the way up to their 3700 series. However, its optimal size and versatility set the 3600 series apart. Plano’s advanced molding technology guarantees uniformity and dependability in every box.

About the Plano 3600

About the Plano 3600

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  • Length: 11 inches
  • Height: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 7.25 inches

The Plano 3600 offers a few variations in size, such as the double-decker guide series, but the standard 3600 tackle box has set dimensions. These dimensions are an important part of the design. Multiple utility bags are designed to these specific dimensions to allow for easy storage and travel of multiple boxes.

Even more importantly, many boat manufacturers and custom builders design built-in tackle storage based on the 3600 series’ measurements. This just goes to show how influential the Plano 3600 is in the industry.

Beyond the Plano 3600

If you go looking, you’ll find a lot of newer versions of the standard 3600. The evolution of the brand has seen cases designed specifically for either hard or soft tackle. Others, like the Purolator, have improved latches to improve security and longevity.  No matter what you need, Plano should have you covered.

Conclusion: Why the Plano 3600 is Your Best Bet in Tackle Boxes

The 3600 series set a standard in tackle box compartments, and Plano has continually upgraded this standard over the years. This means you can spend less time searching for your important tackle and more time just getting to the work of casting out a line and having a good time on the water.