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Linda Goes to The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Even though I am not so fond of big plastic boats, we make the trek every year to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. It is billed as the world’s largest in-water boat show and, after spending the day walking, walking and more walking, you’ll probably agree.

The first thing you’ll do is pay $10 so you can go in and buy stuff. Very expensive stuff. However, you also get to see the Ginsu guy. Actually, the Ginsu guy sells pots and pans, not knives, but wait-there’s more! It’s probably worth $10 to see a man cheerfully prepare an entire meal and then clean up after himself. After we say hello to him, since we see him at every boat show we go to, we head out to the docks (all ten + miles of them) to check out the boats.
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This year I did see a rather nice classic motorboat that would make a perfect holiday present for Capt. Matt. The sign said “Will Trade for Jet”. Hmmmm. Perhaps that’s out of my price range.

Ever onward!

Boats and more boats. Very few sailboats, though. Even fewer in my price range. We decide to check out the convention center for some smaller gift items.

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You don’t get much for a million dollars
these days

telescope.jpg (5209 bytes)
Now, the Seaview Telescope would make a lovely gift. Solid brass with a mahogany tripod for only $3,795.

Or what about this! Musical airhorns – play at the touch of a button – with an audible range of 4 miles. Certainly you know a boater who’d love these. All for a mere $30,680. (Yes, that’s thirty thousand!)
horns.jpg (5091 bytes)
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Want a really impressive gift?
No, it’s not a waffle iron, it’s a boat. The Arc 2000 Mega Yacht can be “easily and effortlessly transformed into a beautiful sea-side villa”. (In case you’re on a budget, I guess.)

Already have a boat? How about a little accessory? A helicopter can be had for as little
as $750,000 to around $5,000,000.
helicopter.jpg (4682 bytes)

what.jpg (2628 bytes)
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If a helicopter is not original enough, how about the WingShip? Combines the benefits of a catamaran, hovercraft and a seaplane. What a toy! And only $250,000. We didn’t get to see a working version, but the scale model was cute.
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I have to tell you, I was getting very discouraged. The six dollar Margarita on the floating cocktail barge seemed like the best bargain of the day. But then I spotted it. Perfect!
A beautiful, little wooden rowboat. Talk about personal watercraft! It even doubles as a coffee table. Now this makes sense to me.

I hope you got some good ideas for your holiday gift list!  Be sure to check out our Ship’s Store for more (affordable) gift ideas.


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