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Aids to Navigation

What are all those red and green things?

1. 1. Preferred Channel Marker , Red and Green Nun labeled with the letter “C” in this example . Because top color is red you would treat the marker as a red nun if you want to take the preferred channel.
2. 2. Lighted MOA (morse code alpha) fairway or safe water marker labeled with the letter G in this example. This marks center of channel and can be passed on either side. Light will flash morse code alpha one short and one long (di dah)
3. 3. USWMS regulatory buoy . In a danger area the danger would be printed in the diamond.
4. 4. Lighted green ” Can Buoy “, port side channel marker returning from the sea. Flashing Green light every 4 seconds. Labeled with the number 1 in this example.
5. 5. Unlighted ” Nun Buoy ” starboard channel marker when returning from the sea. Labeled with the number 2 in this example.
6. 6. Unlighted Can Buoy marks the left side of the channel returning from sea. Labeled with the number 3 in this example.

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