Italian automaker Lamborghini has actually been making marine engines for a well in addition to the work they do with their Lamborghini supersport cars, so it seems perhaps natural that they would get into the boating world eventually with their own model. The Lamborghini 63 yacht is their first, limited run venture and the end result is very much designed for Lamborghini fans with features and a price tag that make it a fun option for current Lamborghini customers and those who can afford to spend a lot on a luxury speed yacht. 

What is the Interior of the Lamborghini 63 Yacht Like?

Automobili Lamborghini partnered with Tecnomar, part of the Italian Sea Group known for their luxury speed boats, to produce the Lamborghini 63 motor yacht project. It borrows a lot of its styling from the world of automobiles that they’re known for. The outside of the vessel has a lot of the same kind of sleek lines that make you think of a sports car from the future.

Inside the yacht, this theme continues. Leather pilot seats are adapted from the Lamborghini Huracan Evo and even have racing seatbelts. The helm has an Aventador steering wheel while the dash and the buttons are all modeled after what you’d find in the driver’s seat of various Lamborghini models. Even the paint job is borrowed from the Siàn FKP 37, the company’s first hybrid super sports car.

In terms of features you’ll find a galley with a dinette inside, a sunpad in the rear, a popup television for all your movie-watching needs. Because of its size it doesn’t have room for things like a jet ski or other toys, but you could tear up the water water skiing or tubing, for sure.

Below deck you’ll find the master suite at the bow along with a guest suite that features twin single berths. Even the upholstery in the rooms is borrowed from the cars to give you that same look and feel of luxury and speed on the road. Remember, despite the price this is still a 63 foot boat so there’s not a ton of room for extra people on board.

What Does the Lamborghini 63 Yacht Cost?

The Lamborghini yacht was initially going with a $3.5 million price tag meaning it was no joke as far as yachts go. But would you expect any less from a yacht made by Lamborghini. But here’s the thing – they only made 63 of them which is, in part, why the name is 63. And because there’s such a limited number of them the resale market has seen a significant rise in prices for the vessels, even though they were only released in 2022.  You can buy very gently used yachts for $5 million 

How Fast Does the Lamborghini Yacht Go?

The advertised top speed of the Lamborghini 63 yacht is 60 knots which works out to an impressive speed of around 69 miles per hour. In the world of yachts, that’s definitely a fast vessel.  It goes through about 100 gallons of fuel an hour at cruising speed which gives it a range of about 360 nautical miles.

I’ve never had the pleasure myself but reports from those who have gone out on a test run point out that one of the most remarkable features of the yacht is how it handles that speed. This thing was designed to be as sleek and fast as their cars so when you get up to speed you barely notice it on the boat. The vibration is barely there and even when hitting some chop the boat glides through the waves like a knife through butter, smooth and easy with barely any bumps along the way. It’s the least you’d expect from a Lamborghini. 

Lamborghini Yacht Specs from the Italian Sea Group

The name 63 refers to several aspects of the yacht. In addition to the fact only 63 were made, it also refers to the company’s 1963 Foundation and, finally, the length of the yacht which is 63 feet. It qualifies for the range of ultralight boats and is made with carbon fiber. Other specs from Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 include:

  • twin 24.2-liter MAN V-12 diesel engines
  • 4,000 horsepower 
  • 4794 lb-ft of torque
  • 60 to 63 knot top speed
  • 47 mph cruising speed
  • 6.17 foot draft
  • 18 foot beam
  • Maximum weight of 24 tons

The Bottom Line

The Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 yacht was released in 2022 with an initial price of $3.5 million. Used models are already being resold for a higher price and it’s safe to say Lamborghini sold out of their entire run of 63 boats. 

The motor yacht is able to reach speeds of 60 knots and has a range of 360 nautical miles. There’s room on board for a couple of guests to spend a night or two on the water but the chief purpose of the design was as a very fast, very fun boat for the owners of Lamborghini cars who want the same rush on the water that they get with their cars on the land.