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Play Life Jacket Tic-Tac-Toe!

Maps and charts are flat. Our planet is round.
How’d they do that? The “Limejuice Sailor” tells us!
Kid’s Korner: Did you ever catch a fish bigger than you are? Alex did!
Jeremy asks: What does ‘pounds of buoyancy’ mean when referring to life jackets?
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qs.gif (1367 bytes) Ron wants to know why the bathroom on a boat is called a head and not a bathroom?
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Stuart wants to know: On the compass we use 360 degrees, why 360 and not 100 or 200? Who first used it and why?
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Corey Asks: Why is having a fire extinguisher on your boat a rule when there is alot of water around the boat to put out the fire?
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Nathan Asks: Please explain the term waterline length. Does this length of a boat affect how fast a boat can go ?
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Lauren Asks: How do you save someone who falls overboard in a boat that is moving quite fast?  If you don’t know how drive.

questions.gif (7751 bytes) qs.gif (1367 bytes) Leagues, water pressure, knots and MPH
Homework Helpers!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why do some sailboats have more than one sail and how can a sailboat sail faster than the wind?
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Good question from Bramp!
How was the nautical mile arrived at and why is qs.gif (1367 bytes) the speed at sea called knots?
Good question from Rodger!
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Where does the term “figure head” come from ?
Good question from Joshua!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) What is the history of marlinespike ?
Good question from Willy!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why is the Bedford Buoy red and white?
Good question from

qs.gif (1367 bytes) Where did the Word “Port” Come From?
Good question from Joshua!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) What are the Top 5 Boating Safety Tips
Good question from Ashley!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why are Boats Referred to as “She”?
Good question from Connie!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why is it So Hard to Back a Trailer
Good question from Daniel
qs.gif (1367 bytes) How Many People Can Fit in a Boat?

Good question from Vicki!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) How Does a Sailboat Sail?
Good question from Madison!

qs.gif (1367 bytes) What is “Hydrodynamic effect?”
Good question from Arman!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) How Does the Moon Affect the Tide?
Good question from Ashley !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why Do People Act Crazy in Boats?
Good question from Justin!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Can Cats (and Dogs) Go Boating?
Good question from Ellie!

qs.gif (1367 bytes) Do I have to Wear a PFD All the Time?
Good question from Christa!
qs.gif (1367 bytes) What Equipment Do I Need on a Small Boat?

cameleon.gif (5614 bytes) ex.gif (398 bytes) A Visit to the Ni�a
ex.gif (398 bytes) Giggles’ Report on the Mariner Scout Ship Swift
ex.gif (398 bytes) Word Puzzle!
howto.gif (8233 bytes) smglass.gif (501 bytes) The History of Navigation
smglass.gif (501 bytes) How to be a Storm Spotter!
smglass.gif (501 bytes) How to Tie Some Useful Knots!
smglass.gif (501 bytes) How to Calculate Distance to the Horizon!
whydo.gif (6998 bytes) qs.gif (1367 bytes) How Do Life Jackets Work?
Good question from Emily !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why are Life Jackets Orange?
Good question from Cindy !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why Do Cigarette Boats Have a Closed Bow?
Good question from Bryce !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) How Do Boats Float?
Good question from Steve !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Why Does a Boat Ride Higher in the Water When You Are Going Fast ? Good question from Bruce !
qs.gif (1367 bytes) Boat Terms What does “abeam” mean? Good Question from Jennifer !
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boatstuff2.gif (6773 bytes) smglass.gif (501 bytes) Stuff You Need to Have Onboard
smglass.gif (501 bytes) Print a list of all required equipment
smglass.gif (501 bytes) All About PFDs (Life Jackets)
smglass.gif (501 bytes) All About Distress Signals
smglass.gif (501 bytes) Boat Hulls
smglass.gif (501 bytes) Classes of Boats

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