Back in 2019, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones purchased a 357 foot yacht from Dutch firm Oceanco. Jones made news with the yacht when he made the NFL draft picks for the Cowboys on board the vessel back in 2020.  Named the Bravo Eugenia in honor of his wife Eugenia Jones, the vessel and its owner take a much different approach to boating than most owners of massive luxury yachts insofar as Jones is more than happy to show off his vessel all around the world. Since its launch it’s been spotted in London, Seattle, Miami and more places.

What Does Jerry Jones’ Yacht Interior Look Like?

Screen capture of Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones as he talks on the phone as the Cowboys make CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma the 17th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, April 23, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the NFL Draft was held virtually. (Dallas Cowboys)

Give Jones credit for having a draft room on his yacht, something probably no one else in the world has thought of before. It was from here that Jones did the 2020 NFL draft and it’s essentially just a room with a wrap around leather sofa with a wall monitor behind it.

Some of the other features that have been seen or at least recorded on Jones’ yacht including the following:

  • To helipads for bringing in guests by helicopter
  • Seven cabins capable of accommodating 14 guests for overnight stays
  • Four decks worth of space
  • 30 crew members and quarters to house them
  • A complete gym for guest workouts
  • A swimming pool/plunge pool
  • A sauna and a steam room
  • A massage room
  • A rain shower
  • A beach club
  • A Teppenyaki bar
  • A large tender garage for various water toys like jet skis, tubes and the like
  • Features and accents are made from both maple and walnut wood with ebony and pearl as well. 
  • Steel hull with an aluminum superstructure

Much of the interior of the yacht was designed alongside Jones and Jones wife Gene to allow them to use their own styling touches to make it unique. Word is that there are a lot of Swarovski crystal accents through the vessel among other fine art pieces and luxury touches to make it what the couple wanted. Jones’ wife has stated that the family enjoys cruise vacations and they had a history of chartering other boats for long trips so the Bravo Eugenia was designed to be the ultimate family vacation vessel for the Jones clan. 

That said, it seems clear that Jones also enjoys entertaining on the vessel as well, and obviously he is hapy to do his work with the Dallas Cowboys on board when the opportunity presents itself as well. 

The Features of Jerry Jones’ Yacht

Part of the design of the yacht includes what’s known as Oceanco’s LIFE design. Jones wanted to have an environmentally friendly and green yacht, so the company obliged. LIFE stands for Lengthened waterline, Innovative layout, Fuel-efficient hull design, and Eco-conscious technology. The waterline ensures a fast displacement and reduces the fuel demands on the two, 2,920 hp total engines. Unlike similar designs, the engine room is single tier instead of two. 

There is a system to recover heat and energy as well as an integrated battery system that are able to reduce overall fuel usage by around 30%. It also has a whisper mode for when it is coming in and out of port to be less intrusive to those around it. Even under normal power out at sea the noise and vibrations are reduced significantly by the unique build. 

How Much Did Jerry Jones Yacht, the Bravo Eugenia, Cost?

According to media reports, the yacht set Jones back a cool $250 million. There are some reports that say it may have cost slightly less, around $225 million, but when you’re worth $10 billion like Jones the distinction may not mean a lot. The confirmed price tag is not something that’s been made available but most reports lean towards the higher amount. The annual running costs are estimated to be somewhere around $15 to $20 million. Since this is a motor yacht and not a sailing yacht, the bulk of those costs are going to be fuel related. 

How Fast is Jerry Jones’ Yacht?

Although it’s not 100% definitive, it’s believed that the Bravo Eugenia has a top speed of around 18 knots. Cruising speed is about 14 knots, however. Definitely not a speed demon of a boat. With the MTU engines that power it, this gives the vessel a range around 4,500 nautical miles. 

The Bottom Line

Jerry Jones’s yacht is known as the Bravo Eugenia. The team owner spent an estimated $225 million to $250 million and there’s a yearly upkeep cost of about $15 million to $20 million. The vessel uses a unique green design that makes it more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Its top speed is around 18 knots which it achieves thanks to a pair of MTU engines that provide 2,920 total horsepower. The yacht features a number of luxurious amenities, some of which are fairly unique, and can handle 14 guests at a time plus a crew of 30.