If you are an outdoor fan, you know the importance of owning and carrying a water bottle. Whether you’ll carry water in it or your favorite beverage, it’s up to you. Some years ago, the bottles available were not as convenient as many outdoor enthusiasts would have liked.

Coffee got cold and cold drinks got warm. Honestly, that kind of sucked. Well, until someone came up with the idea of insulated water bottles. They come in all sizes and shapes and are designed to keep drinks at the temperature you want.

Vacuum flasks are reusable, and that’s one of their main advantages compared to plastic bottles. They help keep our environment clean-another reason you should consider getting one, or several.

Among the most famous brands are Hydro Flask and Yeti. You probably have heard the debate before…

Hydro Flask vs Yeti, which brand is the best?

Both are incredible, but they have differences that might make you pick one over the other.

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Best Insulated Water Bottle

What Are Insulated Water Bottles?

Vacuum insulated water bottles have a wall on the inside—something like a bottle inside another bottle. So there’s an inner wall and an outer one.

There is space between the two walls, and the air in that space is vacuumed out. Since the vacuum is a poor heat conductor, the drink inside remains hot or cold.

In contrast, non-vacuum insulated bottles, also called single-walled bottles, have no vacuum. This means the heat will leave your hot beverage in the bottle to the environment leaving it cold.

Your cold drink in a single-walled bottle will also absorb heat from the environment leaving it warm. If you need your drink to remain at a certain temperature for a longer time, an insulated bottle is the way to go.

Why Use Reusable Water Bottles?

As mentioned before, reusable water bottles are more environmentally-friendly than plastic water bottles. The use of reusable water bottles has hit an all-time high as people realize the importance of environmental preservation. Here’s why you should also pick a reusable bottle over a plastic bottle.

  • Disposable plastic water bottles are widely used. In America, people consume water from at least 50 billion plastic bottles every year! Plastic is non-biodegradable, and 8 million bottles end up in the ocean every year. This harms the environment and water animals. Reusable bottles can be used for years, thus reducing the plastic menace.
  • A standard one-liter water bottle requires two liters of water to produce. This beats the logic of why you’d use two liters of water to make a bottle that will hold one liter of water for a day or even a few hours, then end up in a landfill where it will release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Almost half of the bottled water is just filtered water. That means there’s not much difference between bottled water and tap water. You can put your water in a reusable water bottle and save money as you save the planet.

There are many reasons you should go the reusable way, but all sums up conserving the environment and saving the planet.

Luckily, if you cannot decide which one to buy between Hydro Flask and Yeti, we are here to help. We’ll compare the two brands, their features, advantages, and disadvantages, and then you can pick the one that tickles your fancy.

Yeti Rambler Bottle

Yeti Rambler Bottle

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Yeti Rambler is a double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottle. It keeps ice for around 24 hours and hot beverages for about five hours.

It has a no-sweat exterior, meaning that no matter how hot your beverage inside the bottle is, the surface outside the bottle remains unchanged. Even if it contains ice-chilled water, there will be no condensation on the outside.

The stainless steel interior ensures the contents do not get a metallic taste regardless of the time you keep them there.

Additionally, when you drop the Yeti bottles, they don’t sustain severe dents and are less likely to have their insulation tampered with by the drop, unlike Hydro Flask.

Do you prefer a handle over a strap? Yeti Rambler comes with a handle, unlike Hydro flask, which features a strap. However, this is a matter of personal preference.


  • Wide mouth makes it easy to clean
  • Solid handle for easy carrying
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Leak-proof
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Durable
  • No-sweat exterior


  • A bit expensive

Hydro Flask Bottle

Hydro Flask Bottle

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Hydro Flasks are quite popular among reusable bottle users. They are more affordable compared to their Yeti counterparts.

They also come in a wide range of sizes, lids, neck sizes, straws, and other accessories. Hydro Flask consumers have more options to choose from, such as the Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

Additionally, the bottles come with a lifetime warranty, and customer service is unmatched.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wide range of sizes and accessories
  • Durable
  • Great design


  • Not dishwasher safe

Similarities Between Yeti Rambler and Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottles

  • Both are made from premium quality 18/8 stainless steel, meaning they will serve you for years.
  • Both are also on the higher side when it comes to price. Hydro Flask might be cheaper than Yeti, but that does not mean it’s not pricey. But considering they will last for a long time, they are worth the money.
  • They both have a double-wall feature. This guarantees you proper insulation.
  • Both have a no-sweat exterior. You don’t have to worry about the bottle slipping from your hand. The exterior remains dry and ensures a comfortable grip.
  • The stainless steel material is resistant to odors and bacteria. You will not experience a metallic aftertaste, and it won’t allow the growth of bacteria. Additionally, even if it comes into contact with liquids very often, the bottle won’t rust.
  • The two bottles are also virtually indestructible. They may sustain dents or scratches but be assured punctures or rust won’t be an issue. They can withstand abuse.

Differences Between Yeti Rambler and Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottles

  • Hydro Flask is more affordable compared to Yeti.
  • Yeti comes in 11 colors and three sizes only, while Hydro Flask is available in 20 colors and several sizes.
  • While both are durable, Yeti sustains fewer dents when dropped compared to Hydro Flask. Therefore, Yeti is superior when it comes to durability.
  • Hydro Flask offers a lifetime warranty compared to Yeti’s 5-year warranty. However, this does not mean hydro Flask is more durable.
  • Yeti is also dishwasher safe. Hydro Flask, on the other hand, is not. However, Yeti’s older models are not dishwasher safe, so be careful when purchasing one.
  • Yeti comes with a solid handle, while Hydro Flask features a strap-style handle.
  • Yeti’s TripleHaul cap is firm and has a 3-finger grasp technology. Hydro Flask is a bit flimsy and provides a less firm grip.

Things to Consider When Picking an Insulated Water Bottle

Because there are so many reusable water bottle options on the market today, you should have a game plan when shopping for one. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying an insulated water bottle:


This determines how well the bottle will retain the temperature of its contents and for how long. To test performance, you can carry out hot water and cold water tests, leak tests, and drinkability to determine whether the bottle is prone to splashing or spilling when drinking from it.


How long can the bottle last? Is it prone to rust, dents, and scratches? A durability test is carried out to determine if the bottle will last for a long time or it’s just a waste of your money.

In the drop test, the bottle is dropped from a certain height to see how prone it is to dents. You can also conduct a cleanliness test using a sponge and a bottle brush to see how easy it is to clean it.


For something you’ll be taking with you during your outdoor escapades, portability is essential. This includes the weight of the bottle, grip, and carrying options. A portable bottle is lightweight, with a comfortable handle, and offers a firm grip.

Which One Wins? Yeti or Hydro Flask?

Of the two, Hydro Flask is the most popular brand. However, Yeti performs better in essential areas such as insulation, durability, and cleaning. But it’s slightly better than Hydro Flask.

Hydro Flask also outshines Yeti in several areas like versatility. It will serve you in almost the same capacity as Yeti. If you are considering sheer size, Hydro Flask is the ideal option.

It will retain a suitable temperature and won’t spoil when dropped. But, if you need premium insulation, resistance to dents, and an easy-to-clean insulated bottle, get yourself a Yeti.

Reusable water bottle

There are numerous vacuum insulated and single-walled water bottles from which to choose. However, it all narrows down to quality. Some brands won’t retain temperature for only a few minutes, and their durability is almost non-existent.

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Yeti and Hydro Flask have emerged as the industry winners. However, Yeti out-performs Hydro Flask in multiple comparisons and thus emerges as the best. So, if you want your chilling cold drinks to remain cold for longer, your hot beverages to stay hot, and your bottle to withstand any abuse, Yeti is the best vacuum insulated bottle.

However, it’s not a mistake to buy a Hydro Flask insulated bottle. Ensure you weigh the pros and cons and pick the one that fits your needs.