As yachts range in size from about 33 feet at the very low end to as much as 400 feet and more, the average yacht price is not typically a good indicator of what most owners are going to pay. Based on data collected in the Boat Group market index, the average cost of a yacht in the 56′-79′ range for 2021 was $1.1 million in the US. We’ve compiled some examples below with prices gleaned from sites like Boat Trader and YachtWorld to provide a frame of reference for just how much you can expect to pay for a range of yachts based on length.

Average 40+ Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

Not everyone thinks a boat qualifies as a yacht at this size. Some people believe a yacht isn’t a yacht until it is over 60 feet but others are willing to go down as far as 33 feet. These vessels are often called cruisers rather than yachts. Yacht owners themselves even disagree here.

What you might consider a small yacht of under 40 feet would likely cost at least $200,000 to $500,000. The average price in 2021 for yachts that cut this through the middle, meaning yachts that ranged from 46 feet to 55 feet was just over $424,000. These are also considered entry level yachts for those interested in getting into the world of yachting. The average price for yachts that ranged from 36 feet to 45 feet was $213,436.

  • In terms of examples, a 2005 Cruisers Yachts 420 Express that clocks in at 42 feet was going for $219,000 in 2022. 
  • At the same time, a brand new 46 foot 2023 Cruisers Yacht 46 Cantius would cost $1,785,000.

As you can see, a newer yacht is definitely going to cost a lot more than an older yacht, but some older vessels do manage to hold onto their value if they have been kept in good condition over the years. Retrofits to keep up with technology and also repair or upgrade and features on the yacht can ensure the value stays competitive. 

Average 50 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

Yachts from 50 to 60 feet may cost $500,000 to over $1 million. These larger yachts are typically not just day cruisers so a vessel of this size will have the features and capacity to keep you comfortably at sea for a few days. You should have a good sized cabin on a boat of this size and adequate features for cruising, sport fishing or more. 

  • A 1993 50 foot Columbia Cutter sailing yacht came with a $129,000 price tag in 2022 which is a good deal below average but it’s also nearly 30 years old. 
  • At the same time, a 55 foot 2021 Hinckley Talaria 55 MKII Flybridge had a price tag of $6,750,000 thanks to upgraded MAN 12V-1400 hp engines. So, at this size, the engines and features really can make all the difference to the tune of millions of dollars. 

Average 60 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

At 60 feet and above we’re dealing with boats that meet nearly everyone’s definition of a yacht. By the same token, these are getting to the far end of what a typical individual owner could handle alone without a dedicated crew. Boats of this size typically have cabins to allow several guests to join you at sea, and more features to make the stay more comfortable, but the prices can start broaching the $5 million mark and higher.

  • A 60 foot 2020 Cruisers Yachts Cantius went for $1.5 million in 2022 which, all things being equal, was a really good deal for a vessel that only had 380 hours of time at sea. 
  • At the same time a 2019 68 foot 2019 Gunboat Highland Fling was going for $7,264,000. 

Average 70 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

When you reach 70 feet it’s all but impossible to manage such a vessel without a crew and would probably be unsafe to try. For the cost, it’s also unlikely anyone would try. When you can afford a boat of this size, you can certainly afford to ensure she’s crewed properly. Yachts of this size will have cabins and crew quarters, likely for several guests. You may also find larger areas on the deck to entertain and relax. It’s not unreasonable for yachts of this size to reach $10 million. 

  • A 77 foot 2019 Paul Mann convertible could set you back $9.6 million
  • Far at the other end of the spectrum, a 1989 Maxi Maxi 72 foot Ocean Racer sailing yacht could be snagged for just shy of $130,000.

Average 80 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

Once you reach 80 feet you absolutely must have a crewed vessel. You will likely have cabins for a good half dozen guests at this point or more. Prices for yachts of this size can easily top $10 million. The average price for yachts 80 feet and above in 2021 was $5.3 million.

  • An 83 foot Versil Craft 26 yacht from 1984 can still set you back just under $250,000 at this price. 
  • At the other end you can get a 2018 Merritt 86 convertible for $13,250,000. This is a custom yacht with room for 8 plus 2 crew in 5 staterooms.It features twin 2600hp MTU diesels, side thrusters, pop up TV, water purification systems, 4 heads, and much more to account for the price. 

Average 90 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

At 90 feet we’re starting to get to the end of what people consider “normal” yachts and are encroaching on the superyacht. Not quite yet as most people consider a superyacht to be 120 feet or more, but this is definitely the outer range of yachting and really deep into the luxury type vessels. At this size you can find yachts that reach over $15 million though there are still relatively good deals to be found if you are looking for much older vessels.

  • A brand new, 2024 Drettmann Bandido 100 boasts a price tag of just a few dollars shy of $16 million. 
  • A 98 foot Benetti 100 from back in 1973 clocks in at a respectable $290,000.Except that it’s been completely gutted of engines and fixtures and everything so it’s basically just a hull. This goes to show just how expensive these boats truly are when you’re paying over a quarter of a million dollars for a 50 year old frame.

Average 100 Foot Yacht Prices with Examples

When you reach 100 feet even a used yacht that is a few years old will likely be over $5 million with prices for newer yachts reaching $50 million or more. Boats of this size under $1 million can be found but they are generally unfinished or gutted and in need of a retrofit. Some like a 1975 Supercraft Superyacht can be found for under $400,000 but the vessel is extremely old and a difficult sale which is why the relative bargain presents itself. 

  • For an updated and ultra sleek 104 foot vessel, there’s a 2022 Gulf Craft Majesty 100 that will set you back $75 million.
  • A 1990 Azimut 90 Europa that measures 101 feet has a price tag of $507,000 with the acknowledgement that it may also require some additional refits to the over 30 year old boat.

Super Yacht Prices with Examples

Above 120 feet you are now in the superyacht territory. Some would also break this down further with megayachts at 200 feet and gigayachts at 400 feet. Regardless of the size breakdown, these are massive vessels that often include very luxurious features like swimming pools, spas, tender garages, game rooms and a lot more. These must have a crew, often of dozens of people, in order to run smoothly. The yearly maintenance costs for these yachts can be staggering and sometimes can reach up to $10 million to $20 million and even more, just for the crew, fuel, yearly harbor fees, yacht insurance and additional costs. While that does seem like a lot of money, it’s somewhat tempered by the knowledge that any yacht owner who can afford a $400 million yacht can properly just as easily afford what are relatively small in comparison maintenance and upkeep costs.

  • In 2022, Global Regal Yachting was offering a German built, 331-foot yacht to be built under the name Shatoosh and delivered in 42 months for a total price of $191.8 million. So you could have your own custom built mega yacht for just under $200 million, but it will take 3 and ½ years to get to you.
  • On the smaller end, a 1984 Canados coming in at just 121 feet would cost you about $830,000 US. No word on the condition beyond “good.”

Is Every Yacht a Luxury Yacht?

Not every yacht on the water qualifies as a luxury yacht, despite the fact that the word yacht tends to make us think of luxury when we hear it. Part of the problem here is that the language and terminology really doesn’t have a set in stone meaning. What may be luxurious to some is not luxurious to others. But it’s safe to assume that if you have a 35 foot cruiser it will probably not be as luxurious as Jeff Bezos’ $500 million yacht or some of the other most expensive yachts in the world.

Features that tend to make a luxury yacht different from a normal yacht which can increase the price:

  • Most luxury yachts are also super yachts (120 feet) or megayachts (200 feet) and even gigayachts which would be the biggest yachts in the world (400+ feet)
  • A crew is needed to operate most luxury yachts
  • Accommodations for multiple guests
  • Beach club
  • On board swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Cinema
  • Spa
  • Tender garage with water toys
  • Helipad
  • Library
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Dance floors/discos
  • Multiple dining rooms

Because most of these features won’t exist on smaller “normal” yachts, they can cost a significantly lower amount of money. A yacht used for day cruising or sport fishing that’s 50 feet or under will not have any of this but, as we covered, can cost a fraction of what these larger and more luxurious yachts cost.

Luxury Yacht Charter Cost vs Purchase Price

For many people the prospect of buying a superyacht is quite unattainable, but there’s always the possibility of chartering a yacht. That said, a superyacht charter can still cost a large sum of money. Yacht rental costs, especially on an all inclusive yacht charter, can be steep. Some superyacht charters can cost about $150,000 per week. The world’s largest charter yacht, the Flying Fox, which was once believed to be Jeff Bezos’ yacht, charges a stunning $3.1 million per week as the yacht charter base price. That said, it’s believed the purchase price of that yacht was around $400 million as well so, arguably, chartering it is definitely cheaper if you’re just looking to get a feel for it. 

Chartered yachts come with crews who are being paid to make your stay better as well. If you own the yacht outright, you pay the crew and therefore decide everything they are going to do so there are no surprises there. 

When you charter a yacht, especially when you’re paying over $1 million per week, you can expect a crew that can provide the following services:

  • Expert massage therapists and beauticians provide relaxation and associated services from massage to manicures, face masks, body treatments and hair styling as well.
  • Personal trainers to assist you with workouts in the gym and around the yacht as you like.
  • Trained chefs able to create unique dishes as well as recreate your custom ordered favorites at a moment’s notice. Many high end yachts will fly in ingredients if necessary. Many chefs on these yachts are the highest caliber in the world and run Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Use of that same helicopter to transport you and guests to and from the boat.
  • The absolute coolest toys you can use on the water including jet skis, Flyboards, trampolines, slides and scuba diving.

Essentially a yacht charter price asks you to pay for a resort at the sea while the purchase price puts you in charge of the resort and all of the potential jobs that might come with it. For some that’s not a big deal, of course.

Sailing Yachts vs Motor Yachts

In general, expect a sailing yacht to cost less than a motor yacht, especially over the long term. Engines are a big expense on yachts so they can often take a huge chunk of your upfront price right there. Then, over time, the expense of running the yacht should be factored in as well and that’s where a motor yacht will continue to hit your wallet. The price of fuel will always add to the costs year over year, plus repairs and retrotfits. On some of the larger superyachts, fuel costs can reach well into the millions over time. 

The Bottom Line

The price of a yacht can range from under $200,000  at the low end of things with older or smaller yachts, all the way up to tens of millions of dollars. Jeff Bezos is believed to have spent $500 million on his yacht and the yacht known as the Eclipse is thought to have cost well over $1 billion.

The average yacht cost in 2021 was $1.1 million and that’s for yachts that range from 56 feet to 79 feet. Superyachts and other more luxurious vessels will cost significantly more. Just chartering a superyacht can cost millions of dollars per week, but at least then you get full VIP treatment with none of the administrative hang ups involved in running such a large and expensive vessel.