Marlinespike – Hitches – Clove Hitch

Chris Riley by Chris Riley Updated on August 9, 2019. In marlinespike

Used to temporarily tie to a piling, this knot can come loose. You may add a couple of half hitches to make it more permanent. This knot is simply two loops with an end tucked under.


clove7.jpg (14616 bytes)
clove8.jpg (18514 bytes)
clove9.jpg (15080 bytes)


If you can reach the top of the piling, an alternative way to tie a clove hitch is to follow the instructions below and then slip the loop over the piling and tighten.
2new.jpg (4527 bytes)
3new.jpg (5686 bytes) 4new.jpg (4927 bytes)
5.jpg (9329 bytes) 6.jpg (10258 bytes)




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