Haswing has been making trolling motors since back in 1995. They offer a variety of sizes to meet the needs of just about any boater. Not every angler has been made aware of the benefits of these amazing tools, however. If you’re new to fishing from a boat, you may wonder why you need one at all. Especially if the boat already has a motor. Whether you’re in a pontoon boat or a dinghy, you can benefit from a good trolling motor.

A trolling motor is designed to give you enhanced maneuverability in a whisper quiet system. You can patrol your favorite lake with minimal noise and disruption. No need to worry about terrorizing the fish. A quality trolling motor can be operated with just a single hand. Sometimes just a foot pedal or even a remote control. Precise control, no noise, and better fishing.

On the flip side, if you have a wicked current or wind, you’re in luck. A trolling motor doesn’t have to only help you patrol. It can also keep you in your favorite spot without having to use an anchor. You can even get into places that otherwise would be too shallow for your outboard. Just tilt the outboard out of the way and go.

Haswing has several varieties of trolling motors available. These can be broken down as transom mounted or bow mounted. Let’s take a look.

Transom Mount Trolling Motors

Haswing has 9 different transom mounted models available. One of the most popular is the smallest size. The 20 lbs 12V model is their most cost efficient as well. Usable in saltwater or freshwater, it’s a solid choice for a smaller boat. Controls are hand operated, similar to a standard outboard. The only difference is this is much smaller and offers great maneuvering. It’s like the difference between a big marker and a fine tip one.

With 20lbs of thrust you’re obviously not winning races. But you’re not supposed to be doing that either. This is perfect for gentle maneuvering of a smaller vessel. There are two forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The large button controls normal speed. There’s a smaller switch to go for a speed boost. The depth is easy to adjust as well. You can operate the motor in almost no water at all as a result. Just be careful when you get too shallow to avoid getting it tangled or bashed on rocks. It’s made of durable aluminum but no need to take risks.

There’s a quick release lever lock. The battery has an LED light to indicate power levels. No need to wonder if the battery is going to die on you anytime soon. The handle folds to cover 110 degrees. That means you’ll find a comfortable position whether you’re sitting or standing.

In terms of technical specs, this model is rated for 200W and 17 amps. The shaft length is 23.6 inches. It features a 2 blade prop with a 5.9 inch diameter. That can get you to 1200 rpm in the water. Haswing recommends this for a boat under 10 feet max. You could try with a bigger vessel, but you’ll strain that motor too much. If you have a larger vessel, you need to bump up a size.

The Haswing 85

The 24V, 85 lb Haswing trolling motor is for a much bigger vessel. When you still need to finesse around on the water, this is a great option. The handle flexes 180 degrees to ensure control no matter where you sit or stand. It’s also a telescoping handle that extends out an extra 15.8 inches. The shaft length is 35.5 inches, giving it some added length that others can’t match.

There’s an easy to manage adjustable speed function. Go fast or slow with just a touch as you see fit. The machining is the same quality as the smaller models, it just packs more punch.

The gear lock bracket is made of aluminum alloy. It can handle the elements and still offer smooth operation. Whenever you need to raise or lower the prop, it’s a simple function with no hassle.

Haswing offers parts for up to two years if there are any quality issues. They also provide two years of quality maintenance on the motor.

The specs here are solid. It’s a 3 blade prop with a 9.3 inch diameter. 600w max power at 40 amps. You’re getting 85 lbs of thrust, so this is definitely the big boy of the group. It’s recommended for boats up to just shy of 22 feet.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, Haswing also has an even more powerful model. The 110 lbs motor operates at 1200 W and 50 A. It’s designed for boats just under 23 feet. But with 110 lbs of thrust, it’s as powerful a trolling motor as you’re likely to need.

If you need a midrange motor, Haswing hasn’t left you high and dry. Between the efficient little 20lb and the 110 monster, they have a number of options. The 55 lb model is ideal for boats up to about 18 feet. You can bump up to 65 lbs and mount it on a boat just under 20 feet.

Mounting equipment is included but keep an eye on those brackets. They seem to be made of plastic and may not be as durable as you need them to be. In addition, you only get one prop when you buy the motor. Of course you don’t technically need a second prop, but it’s always nice to have a back up. In time, any prop is bound to wear down. Also, the included wires may be a bit short depending on your set up. Take a look before you install, in case you need to buy longer wires.

Depending on which model you want, you can also get the foot control or a remote control. These are great features to have for added convenience. But be aware that Haswing’s warranty on those wears out much sooner than the motor warranty. You’re looking at only three months of coverage.

Bow Mount Trolling Motors

The bow mounted motors are very similar to the transom mounted. In fact, they’re pretty much the same thing in many ways. At least the hand controlled ones are. The difference is obviously just in how they’re mounted.

The Haswing Bow Mounted 55 lb Trolling motor is not too dissimilar from the transom version. It features a 35.5 inch aluminum shaft. There are five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. The handle folds to 110 degrees. It also extended to 13.7 inches for a wide range of control. The motor tilting bracket adjusts and locks to 10 different positions.

Like other models, this is designed to operate in freshwater and saltwater. The sacrificial anode helps prevent corrosion. As you’d expect, it runs quietly and offers superb maneuverability.

The Haswing Bow Mounted 80

For larger vessels, the bow mount 80lb model is available. It operates on 24V and comes with a wireless remote for added convenience. The remote can be charged via USB. It also functions up to 164 feet away. Overall function is very similar to the other models Haswing produces. The added power means you can maneuver a boat up to about 4,000 lbs. That should be around 21 feet.

The motor also offers variable speed, so you can have much more precision as you go. This model also provides some extra features like cruise control. Just remember, if you use that function, manual corrections are a must. Wind and current will throw you off eventually.

Benefits of Choosing a Haswing Trolling Motor

Noiseless Operation

This is the entire point of a trolling motor – quiet navigation through the water without spooking the fish. This Haswing trolling motor is stealthy and virtually noiseless. Crafted to produce only 55 decibels of sound, this trolling motor does not produce any heavy vibrations, nor does it disturb the calm serenity of the water around you as you navigate your boat to the perfect fishing hole.

Designed for Both Seawater and Freshwater

While some anglers swear by fishing in saltwater, some don’t mind switching between saltwater and freshwater. Unfortunately, not every trolling motor is designed for the harsh conditions that saltwater fishing can bring. Not this Haswing trolling motor.

It’s well equipped to take on both fresh and saltwater. It has a high capacity to withstand the kind of corrosion, rusting, and all other harsh effects that seawater loads on your boating equipment. All you would have to do is thoroughly clean it after fishing in seawater.

It’s Designed to be Tough

Haswing designed these motors to handle what nature throws at them. The cast aluminum case can stand up to a lot. The electronics inside are also well shielded. Not just from water but dust and other contaminants. Expect these motors to stand up pretty well over the long term.

Ideal Size and Power

While it might not be the biggest trolling motor in the market, it certainly punches well above its weight class. The motor itself has a 48-inch aluminum allow shaft, which works well for a wide variety of transom heights. Furthermore, it’s a 12-volt motor that can produce up to 55 pounds of thrust, making it ideal for moderate winds and currents.

Convenient Cruising

Not only does this trolling motor have cruise control, but it also has a convenient remote control that fits perfectly into the palm of your hands, making operating this piece of equipment extremely convenient. The remote controller can be worn on your belt or even a lanyard around your neck and can control the motor from as far as 164 feet. It has ideal USB charging, which makes it quite ideal.

Not only is this trolling motor easy to mount, but it’s also quite light, which makes it rather portable.

Haswing Trolling Motor Pros:

  • Suitable for both fresh and seawater
  • Has a remote control that can operate the motor for as far as 164 feet away
  • It comes with a 5 level battery status indicator
  • Light enough to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes from a trusted brand

Downsides of a Haswing Motor

As we’ve seen, there are a number of models to choose from. Do you want a bow mount or a transom mount? Knowing which to choose can be tough. Also, figuring out the power needed can be an issue sometimes.

For instance, if you have a 22 foot boat, is the 85 lb model right for you? It’s designed to handle just up to 22 foot long boats. So it may end up being kind of weak overall. But if you bump up a size, you could be spending a lot more money. So it’s a bit of a balancing act.

These technical details aside, there are a few downsides. Let’s check out the cons to Haswing motors in general.

  • Not every model comes with a foot control or remote control
  • No spare parts including, especially no extra prop
  • Parts aren’t numbered so ordering new ones may be a hassle
  • Wires may be short depending on your set up.
  • The warranty for foot and remote controls is pretty short

Things to Consider Before Buying a Trolling Motor

We all want to have the best possible equipment for our beloved hobbies and as far as fishing is concerned, having the right trolling motor is right up there with being able to land a 100 lb. Sailfish. That being said, here are some of the most important factors to consider before buying a trolling motor:


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider as it’s what will push your boat through the water. You will often hear experienced anglers talking about “pounds of thrust.” That’s because the thrust is measured in pounds. Therefore, it goes to reason that the bigger your boat, the more pounds of thrust it will require from your trolling motor to move forward.

While the 55 pounds of thrust produced by this Haswing trolling motor is good enough for the maximum 1240 kgs of boat that it can support, the truth is that the more thrust you have, the better, and to some people, 55 pounds isn’t quite good enough.


Trolling motors often come in three different voltage categories: 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt. Since the Haswing trolling motor is a 12-volt motor, it uses a 12-volt battery, perfect for people who do leisure fishing over the weekend. However, if you are a hardcore angler who likes to “tame the sea,” you will need either a 24-volt or a 36-volt motor.

Salt and Freshwater Rating

This is something that most people forget to look up. If you intend to only ever fish in freshwater, then pretty much any trolling motor will do. However, if you intend to take your boat out into the sea, you have to make sure that you have a trolling motor that can handle that harsh environment.

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Designed for recreational anglers who are looking for a trolling motor capable of getting their boat to their favorite fishing hole every weekend or so, this Haswing trolling motor is not only reliable but also affordable and quite ideal.

The Bottom Line

In general, Haswing has made some seriously good quality trolling motors here. They’re designed to fit on almost any kind of boat. Their versatility is really what sets them apart. But the performance is top quality as well. One of the most important things to look for in a trolling motor is sound levels. These are quiet motors. They get the job done and offer great control and maneuverability. Especially if you’re operating on a smaller boat.